I’m Scattering IQ to the Protagonist [Quick Transmigration]

Hey y’all, Wolf Translator here. I really enjoyed this novel and it’s been quite some time (over months!) since the previous translator made an update so I thought I’d continue this gem! If you are the previous translator and would like me to stop, then please message and let me know! There’s no ‘contact’ tab on your website so I couldn’t ask directly 😦 Readers, let’s embark on this journey together!


Title: I’m Scattering IQ to the Protagonist [Quick Transmigration] ; 我为主角播撒智商[快穿]

Author: 送君十里 (Song Jun Shi Li)

Status in Original Country: Complete – 192 chapters

Tags: BL, Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Raws: Official website click here

Update Schedule
: 1 chapter per week sometime around Tuesday/Wednesdays~

Official Synopsis:

System: You are the only human who meets the binding requirements of this system, please bind with me!

Su Yu: I have money, good looks, power and influence, why should I bind myself to you?

System: You haven’t fallen in love ye-

Su Yu: Aiya! My stomach is hurting all of a sudden!

Su Yu bound himself to a system; his only task is to scatter some IQ to the brainless male protagonists. The soft-headed male protagonist chases after the female protagonist, the male protagonist with some intellect chases after him. He feels that something is not quite right…

Su Yu: System, is there something common between these male protagonists?

System: Yes, they are all male protagonists.

Su Yu: …Suddenly I don’t feel like talking anymore.

Male Protagonist who has been scattered with some IQ: Then don’t talk, just kiss me.

Su Yu: …Suddenly I don’t feel like doing the task anymore

【Reader’s Guide】
1) Main character shou
2) 1V1, Su heavens exploding shou VS all-around completely unpredictable gong
3) Main character is satisfying, satisfying, all-around heavens exploding satisfying!

Table of Contents–

Arc 1: Scattering IQ to the Tragic CEO
Chapters 1-13 on Mistream Translations

Arc 2: Scattering IQ to the National Male God
Chapter 14      |      Chapter 15      |      Chapter 16      |      Chapter 17
Chapter 18      |      Chapter 19      |      Chapter 20      |      Chapter 21
Chapter 22      |      Chapter 23      |      Chapter 24      |      Chapter 25
Chapter 26      |      Chapter 27      |      Chapter 28      |      Chapter 29
Chapter 30      |      Chapter 31      |      Chapter 32      |      Chapter 33
Chapter 34      |      Chapter 35      |      Chapter 36      |      Chapter 37
Chapter 38a    |      Chapter 38b    |      Chapter 38c

Arc 3: Scattering IQ to the Lonely Emperor
Chapter 39      |      Chapter 40      |      Chapter 41      |      Chapter 42
Chapter 43      |      Chapter 44      |      Chapter 45      |      Chapter 46
Chapter 47      |      Chapter 48      |      Chapter 49      |      Chapter 50
Chapter 51      |      Chapter 52      |      Chapter 53      |      Chapter 54



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