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Untranslated novels I like~~


反套路逃生游戏 by 落雁城
Unconventional Escape Game
Tags: No CP, Adventure, Thriller, Games, Comedy, Black-bellied

Official Summary:


沈总 总在逼氪 by 大圆子
Title: Dashing President Shen is Always Smashing
Tags: Shounen Ai, Adventure, Romance, Game-Elements

Official Summary:


恐怖游戏逃生指南 by 糖糖妖儿
Title: Horror Game Escape Guide
Tags: Shounen Ai, Adventure, Romance, Thriller, Game-Elements

Official Summary:
Xin Meng woke up from his dream and found himself entering a horror game. He must work with five other people to struggle and survive in a terrible world. Every effort is made to get back to reality, and the name of the game… is “infinite reincarnation”…

Soon Xin Meng will realize that the human heart is far more terrible than the game.

Reader’s guide: 1V1 main subject shou and gong. Pure love – no emotional drama, abuse, love triangles, etc. Plot dominated.


他在看着你 by 一只团子
Title: He is Watching You
Tags: Shounen Ai, Romance, Thriller, Supernatural, Survival Game

Official Summary:
Shang Chi woke up to find himself standing alone in the dark forest, a voice sounding in his ear. [Game Player 030, welcome to this escape game. You are the forest keeper Bill. Today you received a call saying that someone entered the forest and is suspected of suicide. In order to find this person, you searched for the entire night. Mission requirements: Take him out of the forest.] Game: start. Wishing you a happy life.

CP: Ling Tingshen x Shang Chi


无限之回溯死亡 by 紫界
Title: Unlimited Cycles of Death
Tags: Shounen Ai, Romance, Thriller, Supernatural, Survival Game, Murder Game

Official Summary:
Six strangers met in a mysterious enclosed space.
One of them claimed to be a “senior” and stated that among them there was a “Devil” who does not bat an eye at killing. How to avoid the “Devil” and escape from the world is the biggest problem they face.

Mu Qin: I once had someone I really liked. He was very good to me, and always likes to dance in front of me with a knife. But one day, he went crazy.





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