Welcome to Lone Wolf Translations!

Hi it’s Roamer – your wolfy translator! I drift around, translating interesting novels that catch my attention. Roamer is bilingual (English and Chinese) (and conversational French, but nobody cares about that QAQ) and will try to deliver a high quality reading experience! This wolf hopes you enjoy these novels as much as she does(⋆^-^⋆)


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If you enjoy my translations, please check out the sidebar and leave me a donation! For every 40$, I will translate and upload an extra chapter as heartfelt thanks!
Thank you for your generosity ❤ ❤



Treat yourself to a classy timepiece, but don’t forget the discount code ‘LWTranslate’ for 30% off!! Wow! Roamer bought one and she is in love.

This wonderful Canadian company uses vegan leather in support against animal cruelty, and features chic and classy designs! You get lifetime warranty, as well as free shipping worldwide. Finally, EN has an amazing mission – for every 100 watches sold, EN will sponsor a child’s education in a developing country!! They are partnered with Save the Children. What a great cause!

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theSKIMM ~~

Have trouble keeping up with current affairs? Well, Roamer too, until this wolf started skimming! (now you can’t get the image of a wolf scrolling through an iPhone out of your head eh) theSkimm is a free daily newsletter that’s sent to your email inbox. It summarizes global news in fun, engaging, modern-speak! Roamer reads this every morning. Roamer is a Skimm’bassador so she’d like to share this amazing resource with you all as well!! Check it out – you won’t be disappointed!

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PICK-UP requests:
Roamer loves novels dabbling in Psychological/Thriller/Horror/Supernatural/Survival and this wolf especially loves Apocalyptic or Game-elements themed stories! She will translate both heterosexual and BL novels. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me and maybe I will translate it! (Only Chinese novels please, hahahaha, I can’t read anything else T___T ).






















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