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Scattering IQ —— Chapter 32 [2.20]

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Chapter 32 | Arc 2.

With the misunderstanding resolved and the epic display of love complete, Round Ball was also almost gagged to death. Ah, single dogs really have no power in this household!

After he hung up the phone, Su Yu was in a great mood and felt very refreshed. He waved his hand at the little ball which was still emitting flashes of pink light. “Keep an eye on the Zhao Entertainment stocks  – if anyone sells, then buy it at low prices. My goal is to obtain at least 29% of the shares.”

Su Yu currently held 22% of the shares. Only if he obtained 29% more shares would he have the majority and then become the controlling shareholder of Zhao Entertainment, with absolute power.

22% + 29% = 51%, this was a very simple math problem.

Round Ball forcefully smothered its pink lights and committed the task to memory, asking seriously, “What if the shares put on the market still don’t add up to 29%?”

Although the news of Su Yu coming out will greatly impact the stocks of Zhao Entertainment, this might not be enough of a drive to convince everyone to sell their stakes. Currently, Su Yu and Zhao Yuan’s shares combined added up to 60%. Therefore, the remaining 40% were scattered amongst various other small shareholders.

According to Su Yu’s wishes, Round Ball must collect at least 3/4 of the remaining shares…. this was not an easy task.

“If it’s really not enough, then isn’t this a wonderful oppourtunity to use all the blackmail I collected earlier?” Su Yu smirked, casting a contemptuous look at Round Ball. “You can’t even think of this solution, aren’t you a little too dumb?”

Round Ball cried, it just didn’t have the same horrible tastes as its black-bellied master, okay?? This was obviously a good trait!

But in the next moment, this kind and pure little ball decisively abandon its inherent goodness and embarked on the path of extortion, to scam people in all ways for its master. “Got it, I will definitely complete this mission!”

“I’ll give you three days. In this time, obtain at least 29% of  Zhao Entertainment’s stocks for me.” Su Yu held up three fingers, setting a deadline, “Also, don’t touch Lin Yan’s shares – I still want to keep him around, he could potentially be very entertaining.

At this, Su Yu mouth curled into a familiar smirk revealing his inherently bad nature. Round Ball shivered, and silently mourned for Lin Yan for three seconds.

As Zhao Yuan’s sworn brother, Lin Yan held a 5% stake in Zhao Entertainment. Although this figure appears quite small, it was actually already very significant in terms of shares in Zhao Entertainment.

Just as the person and system pair finished discussing this matter, Su Yu’s office phone rang. Su Yu looked at the number and patiently waited for the phone to ring eight times.

This was a call from Zhao Yuan, and Su Yu’s actions fully reflected just how petty and grudge-bearing he was.

As soon as the phone connected, a roar came from the other side. “Zhao Qingsong, you explain to me clearly what just happened on the Internet!”

Su Yu had cleverly held the phone away from his ear at the beginning, in anticipation of this. When Zhao Yuan’s roar was over, he brought the phone closer and replied succinctly, “Father, what’s online is true. I, your son, am indeed gay.”

Saying that, Su Yu once again moved the receiver away from his ear.

Probably because Zhao Yuan had completely not expected Su Yu’s straightforward admittance, the other side was silent for a good few seconds. Then, Zhao Yuan’s angry voice sounded again. “You unfilial, how can you… Don’t you know that this is abnormal? You want to anger me to death?!”

Su Yu’s opinion of Zhao Yuan was very poor, and he didn’t want to continue listening to the other’s rants at all. He simply replied, “No matter what Father thinks about this, or plans to do, I ask that you please wait three days. Three days later, I will hold a company shareholders’ General Meeting and discuss this matter in depth.”

When he finished saying that, Su Yu didn’t give Zhao Yuan the chance to reply and just hung up.

Afterwards, no matter who asked anything, Su Yu would put on a cold, haughty look and completely ignore them. The three-day time limit was also quickly passed in the busy outside world.

According to the bylaws of Zhao Entertainment, only shareholders with stakes totalling more than 3% were eligible to participate in the general meeting. At the general meeting, any decision made is based on the final cumulative number of shares, and the minority must obey the majority rule.

In order to participate in this general meeting, Zhao Yuan – who had not appeared in the company for a very long time – showed up, and he also brought along another person.

“Master Host, Zhao Yuan actually brought Zhao Qinglian with him! What do you think he is playing at?” Round Ball cheerfully floated next to Su Yu, who appeared completely unaffected by the shareholder meeting. The reason it was so lively was because over the last three days, it had successfully completed its assigned task. Although its methods couldn’t see the light of day, and the process was somewhat cruel and bloody, but at least it had achieved good results.

Su Yu now held 51% of the shares in Zhao Entertainment, becoming the true controlling shareholder of Zhao Entertainment. He has absolute power over every decision.

Su Yu put down his pen and raised his eyebrows, leaning back against his chair covered with a soft blanket. Don’t ask why he placed a fluffy blanket over leather seats, it is too tiring to explain.

“Probably because he wants to chase me out of the company, while establishing the son of his heart as president.” Su Yu said casually and then sighed lightly. “Didn’t he do this in the original plot too?”

In order to justifiably let the son of his true love become the successor, Zhao Yuan had cold-heartedly watched as his younger son plotted with Lu Manni, eventually pushing his older son to the brink of death.

What kind of use was this father?

Round Ball expressed its heartfelt sympathies and nodded along. “The original Zhao Qingsong was really pitiful.”

“Yes he’s pitiable, but he had faults too. Not realizing the sinister intentions of his father and illegitimate brother was already very blind of him. Then, he actually gifted his weakness to his enemies. If this isn’t stupidity, then what else could it be?” Su Yu sneered. He wasn’t deliberately ridiculing the other, it’s just that his own IQ and EQ were too high that he completely couldn’t understand the original’s thoughts and actions.

Zhao Qingsong is gay.

The “Zhao Qingsong” mentioned here refers to the original person, not Su Yu. Though, no matter who it referred to, it was true both ways.

In the original plot, the reason why Zhao Qingsong met his ruin in the end was due to the exposure of this fact. Therefore, it seemed Su Yu couldn’t escape the plotline after all? But, why did all this seem so familiar?

Round Ball also thought of this, and it swayed and laughed thinking that its Master Host seemed to have a special affinity with coming out of the closet.

Ten minutes before the start of the general meeting, Su Yu finally appeared, walking confidently into the conference room. At this time, the eleven shareholders – including Zhao Yuan and the unrelated person brought by Zhao Yuan – were already seated.

The shares held by these people accounted for 74% of Zhao Entertainment’s total stakes. Adding in the 22% Su Yu originally had, there was a total of 96% and the remaining 4% were held by many minority shareholders who individually had very few shares.

Su Yu ignored everyone’s assessing eyes and walked gracefully to the main seat before sitting down. Then, he silently drew a sharp breath because an unspeakable area on his body was still a little painful.

Su Yu subtly adjusted his seating posture, while cursing someone in his heart to the 10th pit of hell.

But, his actions seemed to reflect uneasiness and embarrassment to those around, watching him. Zhao Qinglian, who had no sense of existence sitting next to Zhao Yuan, developed a glint in his eye and he asked quietly, “Big brother, are you okay?”

Su Yu finally found a comfortable position, and then laughed without humour, saying, “Who is this? Wanting to cosy up to those in power? You can’t call me ‘big brother’ so lightly – after all, I am an only child. Otherwise, people might misunderstand and think that you are Father’s illegitimate child.”

When these words came out, Zhao Yuan and Zhao Qinglian’s faces immediately became ashen. The other shareholders adopted a look of anticipation of watching a good show. Of course, there were also some who were stewing in anger, because their shares had been forcibly bought off by a specific party.

The most hateful thing is that even though their shares were taken away, the other party had demanded that they attend this general meeting anyways! This was simply immoral!

Zhao Qinglian huffed a breath and was just about to speak when Zhao Yuan glared at him. With that, he could only remain silent and continue to stew by himself.

“The meeting can begin.” Zhao Yuan stated grandly.

Su Yu did not go with Zhao Yuan’s flow, but rather pointed at Zhao Qinglian and said, “Is this fellow also a shareholder in the company? I haven’t met him before. I wonder, how many shares does he control?”

“Big brother, I really am your brother! Acting like this, don’t you think you’re being too mean?” Zhao Qinglian couldn’t hold it anymore and burst out, his voice especially jarring and awkward in the conference room where it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

Su Yu slightly narrowed his eyes: “So you really are an illegitimate child that my father had after he was already married?”

The phrase “illegitimate child” is very unpleasant sounding, and the phrase “illegitimate child after marriage” is even more difficult to listen to, since it was clearly insinuating that Zhao Qinglian was the product of an adulterous affair. Zhao Qinglian was so angry that his face turned red, but he didn’t know how to refute it. He could only look to Zhao Yuan for help.

Zhao Yuan was cold-faced and didn’t look at either Su Yu or Zhao Qinglian. He just said sternly, “Let’s start the meeting, there aren’t any unnecessary people here.”

However, the phrase “no unnecessary person” already clearly indicated his view on the matter.

Su Yu scoffed and retrieved the scornful look which he was aiming at Zhao Qinglian. “Alright, the meeting will begin now. The main topic of tonight is……”

Su Yu suddenly stopped and lifted his head to stare at Zhao Yuan. “Father, what was the issue that we all met up to discuss today?”

Zhao Yuan – face ashen –  gave Su Yu a contemptuous look. ” Zhao Qingsong, this right here is the shareholders’ general meeting. It’s not a place where you can fool around!”

“But I really forgot ah! Father, if even you have forgotten, then how about we just cancel this meeting?” Su Yu asked, holding up his hands innocently, giving off a clear air of yes I’m deliberately making things difficult, but what can you do about it??

Zhao Yuan vaguely felt that the other’s demeanour seemed quite different from before, but when he thought of the rumours, he felt that this change was perfectly reasonable. Maybe he was trying to deliberately act insane and stupid, to avoid dealing with everything?

With such a thought, Zhao Yuan’s face became a bit better. “Qingsong, since things have already happened, then you should be brave enough to face it. This is a lesson I’ve always been trying to teach you, and you should show that spirit through this matter right now.”

This was quite a grand statement. If there was some guilty conscience behind the words, then only the person who spoke them would know.

Su Yu sneered again, and flipped through the files in his hand. “Everyone should have heard of the rumours about me floating around online? Right now, I will solemnly inform you that the vast majority of those rumours are false. However, there is one thing which is true.”

Su Yu’s gaze swept a circle around the people sitting in the room, and then he said clearly, “I am gay. This fact is true.”

With these words, the meeting room fell into a tense silence. No one spoke, and no one asked any questions.

“Well, it looks like no one has a problem with this. Then,” Su Yu put down the document and clasped his hands on the table. “Let’s start voting.”

Roamer @LoneWolfTranslations

Badass President Su takes the stage~~

See y’all next week!

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  1. Thank you for the update…

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    1. You didn’t miss much, the author was pretty subtle! I’m pretty sure its a ‘vote of no confidence’ thing where people decide if they still want Zhao Qingsong as their president. It will be explained more in the next chapter~~


  4. Lol…
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