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Scattering IQ —— Chapter 28 [2.16]

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Chapter 28 | Arc 2. <Sponsored>
This chapter is brought to you by อรภิยา and Tanya R!

At 5:30pm, Su Yu promptly left the company and he arrived at the Drunken Moon at 6 o’clock on the dot. Lu Manni was already waiting inside the private room. Su Yu had booked the same Dusty Moon Pavilion as last time.

Once Su Yu sat down, he didn’t even look at Lu Manni, but rather first asked Round Ball, “Is Qi Chen here yet?”

“Yes he is here, he’s next door in the Magnolia Hall.” Round Ball replied obediently.

This scene seemed very similar to the situation of the other day, ah!

Su Yu lightly chuckled, and then installed the “Eye of the Soul”. Even though the prop was named as such, it wasn’t actually installed in the eye, but rather, inside the head.

The activation of the “Eye of the Soul” was also not based on vision, but instead on consciousness.

Upon installation, Su Yu’s consciousness went straight to the next room. In the span of a moment, Su Yu found his answer.

His heart gave a little jump, and Su Yu silently retracted his consciousness and took off the prop. Although the “Eye of the Soul” is a high level prop that many users can only dream of – since it could see into people’s hearts and help one accumulate wealth – Su ‘Suave-bigshot’ Yu had no need of such props, because he had the skills himself.

He threw the “Eye of the Soul” into his backpack with a careless toss of his hand.

At this time, Su Yu’s gaze finally fell on Lu Manni. He smiled lightly and gave Lu Manni a once-over, and then said, “Miss Lu is very beautiful today.”

“President Zhao is exaggerating.” Lu Manni gave a forced smile – her heart actually wasn’t happy at all with this praise. She hadn’t slept last night and was still in a state of anxiety. Now, filled with guilt and fear, she already had a layer of cold sweat on her palms, and her whole being was extremely awkward.

Su Yu swept his glance across the cup of tea in front of him, and his eyes flashed a little. “Miss Lu has already poured the tea, how very thoughtful.”

Lu Manni felt her palms become even sweatier, and she tried to subtly wipe her hands on her clothes.  She lifted her own teacup and said, “President Zhao gave me a lot of face, agreeing to meet up. Manni is very grateful. I would like to toast you with my cup.”

Su Yu clicked his fingertips on the rim of the cup, and Lu Manni’s eyes followed his actions, until Su Yu finally smiled and picked up the cup. Lu Manni quietly let out a sigh of relief.

“Miss Lu saying it like this, you really are too polite. Didn’t you say that you wanted to share with me a secret concerning the two of us? With such an interesting incentive, how could I not come?” Su Yu mused, taking a small sip of the tea in his cup.

Lu Manni, seeing that Su Yu had drunk the tea, actually became more nervous. “Well, I still want to thank President Zhao for being willing to meet up.”

Su Yu raised his eyebrows and put the teacup down. “Now that I’m here, can Miss Lu let me in on this secret?”

Lu Manni carefully observed Su Yu’s face, but her heart was both a little more relaxed and a little more anxious. “Why is President Zhao in such a hurry? The food is coming soon, we should eat and chat at the same time.”

“Sure,” Su said nodded distractedly, reaching up to pull his tie loose. “Is this air conditioner in this room on? Why is it so hot in here?”

Lu Manni’s heart gave a violent jump, and her smile became even more forced. “Um, maybe? I also feel a little hot.”

Su Yu nodded and didn’t say anything more. In fact, at that moment, he was actually communicating with his system which had already exploded with anger.

“Master Host, you, you… Don’t you know that the cup of tea has been contaminated?!” Round Ball cried. It’s family’s overpowering host shouldn’t be this stupid, right?

Su Yu’s reaction was very calm. “I know ah.”

Round Ball wanted to cry even more. “Then why did you drink it!”

“Because Qi Chen is next door ah.” Su Yu raised an eyebrow at the little ball.

“……” Round Ball actually felt even more speechless. But something didn’t seem right? “Master Host, did you already determine the relationship between Qi Chen and Chu Chengyan? How did you do that?”

Chu Chengyan was obviously not in this world – even if its host had heavens defying powers, he couldn’t have run back to the last wold to check his partner’s soul right?

“This question…hmmm” Su Yu casually leaned back on the chair, a pair of pretty peach eyes flashing a little. “Well, let’s not talk about it right now. I really am feeling kind of hot.”

Round Ball, who had already prepped all of its lights to flash with excitement, directly wilted. Why was its host so mean! Why was such a host its own! Ying ying ying.

Without even waiting for the dishes to appear, Su Yu was already hot to the point that he undid the top two buttons of his shirt, and his peach blossoms eyes uncontrollably began to dilate, and showing a hazy water-vapor like appearance.

Lu Manni had been staring at Su Yu closely with a glint in her eye. When she saw that the medicine she had set was beginning to work, she wiped her sweaty palms and then leaned a bit closer to Su Yu. “President Zhao, what’s wrong? You look a bit uncomfortable?”

Su Yu tilted his head and looked at Lu Manni, silently watching without a single word.

Clearly those eyes were very hazy, and couldn’t even focus property, but Lu Manni felt that her back was ice cold. She clenched her fist and then worked up the courage to touch Su Yu’s arm. “Since President Zhao is uncomfortable, why don’t I send you back home first? We can eat together some other time.”

Su Yu blinked his eyes, and dazedly replied after a while, “Okay.”

Lu Manni took on the role of a big man and pulled up the nearly incoherent Su Yu with some struggle from the chair and wrapped his arm around her neck, walking him out the room.

Who knew that as soon as she opened the door of the private room, the two were blocked by a tall figure. Lu Manni looked up and was instantly stunned with shock.

Could someone tell her… Why was Qi Chen standing there?!

Thinking of the fact that the reason she was currently in this situation was all because of this man, Lu Manni’s heart festered with resentment, but also with some panic. But she soon forced herself to calm down. She must not show any abnormality. Otherwise, all that she had worked so hard for could collapse.

Lu Manni subtly took a deep breath, tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear, and put on a smile which she thought was quite perfect. She said half-jokingly, “How coincidental, we meet again right here. But, why is Senior Qi standing right here? Did you also go to the wrong room?”

Qi Chen’s gaze swept over the two of them, eventually landing on Su Yu’s face.

At this time, Su Yu was already quite incoherent, and his fogged peach-blossom eyes had no focus. Paired with his blushing face, a small carefree smile on his lips, and the hints of a delicate collarbones peeking out from under his shirt, he seemed especially alluring and enticing. Qi Chen, amidst his rage, actually had a reaction which was not entirely appropriate.

Qi Chen swallowed, and then he asked with a scowl, “What happened to him?”

Lu Manni’s back began to sweat again. She looked at Su Yu and said softly, “President Zhao is a bit tipsy. I’m just about to send him home. Senior Qi doesn’t need to worry about us.”

“Give him to me.” Qi Chen coldly stated, his tone very commanding.

He had always been very gentle and courteous in front of outsiders. And yet, the only two times he’d broken this mask were due to this man who had seduced him so thoroughly, unbeknownst to himself.

Lu Manni was stunned, and the hand holding onto Su Yu’s arm tightened subconsciously. “There really is no need. Senior Qi must have other things to do, we won’t waste any more of Senior Qi’s time.”

Having said that, Lu Manni intended to walk by Qi Chen from the side. However, she hadn’t even taken two steps when she suddenly felt her shoulders lighten and her hands become empty. When she turned back around, she saw that Su Yu was already in Qi Chen’s arms.

Lu Manni tried to control her panicked heart, and frowning, asked, “Senior Qi, what is the meaning of this?”

“I will send him home. You can leave now.” Qi Chen held Su Yu’s waist with one hand, and put the other over Su Yu’s shoulder. Su Yu’s head rested on Qi Chen’s shoulder. With these positions, the two men holding each other really looked very intimate.

But Lu Manni didn’t have the heart to care about that at this time. She had ghosts in her heart, and she didn’t dare to delay any longer here. What’s more, she really could not let Qi Chen take Zhao Qingsong away.

Why was it that everything was going so smoothly, but then suddenly this person slaughtered his way through the masses?? Lu Manni was both annoyed and flustered, and her eyes were beginning to turn dark.

Qi Chen was much taller than her – She couldn’t fight the other. She could only hold back her resentment and mixed feelings, and put on a shy face. “Senior Qi, We… we had agreed to go back to President Zhao’s home together. So you see…”

“I see that you are dreaming,” Qi Chen’s veins were beginning to show on his forehead, and the expression on his face was cold and fearsome. “Lu Manni, Zhao Qingsong is not someone you can entangle. Before trying to lie, why don’t you first look in the mirror and see if you are even worthy? It’s best that you leave by yourself right now, otherwise I won’t mind helping you.”

These words really were too direct, and Lu Manni’s face turned pale. Her lips trembling, she almost fainted but managed to reply, “Senior Qi, I respect you as a predecessor in the circle, but you can’t humiliate me like this! President Zhao and I had agreed to meet on of our own volition, why do you insist on interfering with our affairs?”

“Because he is my man!” Qi Chen responded forcefully.

Lu Manni was completely stunned. What was the situation? Is there a problem with her ear? Or was there an obstacle impeding her comprehension ability?

Su Yu, who was held in Qi Chen’s arms, couldn’t help but quirk the corners of his mouth up, and he twisted his buttocks a little and found a more comfortable position.

This twist was inconsequential, but it caused Qi Chen’s condense fiery momentum to directly dispel, and he exasperatedly gave Su Yu’s butt a swat, and then turned back at Lu Manni: “If you were going to play games with me, then maybe you could still live. But since you’ve set your sights on him…. Lu Manni, you’d better watch your back.”

After saying that, Qi Chen held Su Yu and directly stepped around Lu Manni, leaving the Drunken Moon.

Lu Manni stayed still for a long while before she came back to her senses. When she recovered, she only felt that everywhere was ice cold, and her back was already drenched with cold sweat. She took two steps back and leaned against the cold wall, finally stabilizing herself.

Since her rebirth, this was the first time that Lu Manni had felt so cold, so scared… why did things become like this? It shouldn’t be like this. As someone who’d been reborn, she clearly should be taking the lead… so why was this the result!

If Zhao Qingsong ever finds out what she had just done, then she really is finished!

Lu Manni covered her mouth and tears fell down in disappointment, but she did not dare to cry out. A waiter passed by and saw Lu Manni like this, but she did not dare to say anything either.

After nearly ten minutes, Lu Manni’s emotions finally calmed down. She wiped her eyes, and tidied up her clothes and hair. Then she stepped out into the hateful world and gracefully left the Drunken Moon.

At this time, her eyes flashed with endless resentment and conviction. Qi Chen, you dare to humiliate me, then I will never let you off!

Qi Chen, didn’t you want to be with Zhao Qingsong? Then I will let you do so…. let’s see if you have the courage to keep walking down this path!

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