Scattering IQ 62 [4.6]

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Chapter 62 | Arc 4.

Round Ball slowly gave two spins. When a lover forgets everything and only remembers you, acting like a little hamster rushing over to hug your thigh, this thought really was a bit exciting! But then a question arose… “How can Master Host ensure that once the Male Protagonist loses his memory again, he won’t forget you like he did in the original plot?”

“You should ask yourself this question. Don’t you have a prop as simple as this in that item mall of yours?” Su Yu gave a light glance at the little ball, a hint of challenge in his voice.

Round Ball simply wanted to cry. Props that can tamper with memory, how could that be a normal-grade prop?! It was on a completely different level from that unable-to-get-hard prop okay??

But Round Ball did not dare refute the words of his ferocious beast of a host. It could only run to the item mall – full of grief and anger – to search through the inventory. “There are two props which meet Master Host’s requirements. This first one is a potion that permanently modifies the human memory. After it is used, the effect cannot be recalled or changed. This requires 10 000 IQ points. The second is a short-term memory modification potion. This prop has a time limit of 3-10 days, and within that time you can adjust the target’s memory, as well as modify the duration of the memory change. However, once the 10 days are up, then the effects will directly disappear. This prop needs 1000 IQ points to redeem.”

Su Yu lifted an eyebrow. “Round Ball, don’t you think that there’s a big problem with the price of the second prop?”

For a second, the little ball didn’t understand. However, its body subconsciously began to tense up because it had the premonition that its host was digging a large pit for itself again.

“Clearly the times limits of the two props are akin to ∞ : 1, so why is the price difference 10 : 1? This is such a strange ratio, don’t you think there’s a problem?” With a straight face, Su Yu began to hoodwink the little ball.

Round Ball began to form tears again. Okay, its IQ wasn’t very high, but it also wasn’t that dumb alright? Also, the actual strange thing here should be its host’s divine logic, right?

This feeling of ‘not being that dumb, but being treated like an idiot’ was simply too infuriating to bear with. Round Ball intimately felt like it wanted a long vacation right now, the long-term sleep kind.

Su Yu, however, seem to have not sensed the gap in logic of his words, and continued on in a serious manner, “Such a serious problem must be corrected, but since your IQ is not enough, then I shall step in to help you. Seeing as you’ve already spent 3 worlds with me, I’ll be nice and not drop the price too low. Therefore, for the [Short-term Memory Modification Potion], I think 100 IQ points is a good price. You should have no issues with this right?”

I do have an issue with that, and it’s a particularly large issue! If I voiced it, it’s even big enough to cause a data overflow! But, would you even listen to my opinion?!

Even though it knew that its host would not listen, Round Ball couldn’t help but complain, “Last time Master Host promised me that you weren’t going to act like this again.”

What happened to following the rules and setting a good example? What happened to being nice little angels to each other? Why are you hurting me? QAQ

Su Yu still had a calm expression, and he smiled, “Of course. This time, I am only kindheartedly pointing out the error in your ways. Or, are you now arrogant to the point that you won’t accept any contradictory opinions? In that case, I’d like to go back to my home world please.”

Round Ball thought of before when its host had threatened to return to the real world, and felt a shudder run through it. Even though it knew its host was unreasonably lowballing the prices, what could it do? It was desperate ah!

“Master Host, as long as you’re happy.” Round Ball emitted a grey glow, and don’t even ask how bitter it was feeling at the moment.

“Since you don’t have any issues, then this matter is happily settled,” Su Yu completely ignored the little ball and flicked his sleeves, directly lowering the price of a 1000 IQ points prop to a mere 100 IQ points in a rough and brutish way. “Now help me exchange for a [Short-term Memory Modification Potion].”

The little ball had never felt so deeply about the hardships of life as it was feeling now. Perhaps from the very beginning, its existence was a beautiful mistake?

Being forced to sell a prop at one-tenth of the original price, Round Ball was simply speechless. It had never seen such a shameless host before!

Su Yu, who had gotten the prop he wanted, smiled with satisfaction and  launched a new topic, “Just now, that tiger demon who was seeking death, how did he leave here?”

The little ball cried bitterly, mourning its tragic fate for all of three seconds before it was forced back to work again. It answered honestly, “I think he was carried away by the other demons, I didn’t look too carefully.”

Su Yu lightly tapped his slender fingertips on the jade table and issued a small task, “Check the original plot to see if that tiger demon showed up before too.”

Although it felt that this task was somewhat trivial, Round Ball still rushed to complete it through its tears. “Master Host, this tiger demon did appear in the original plot. He showed up after the Original accepted the Male Protagonist as his disciple, but he had very little screen time, and remained a non-important servant.”

Su Yu raised his eyebrows, and let out a smile, “Is that so, then things will definitely be interesting.”

A young tiger demon with adequate cultivation rushed in recklessly to disrupt the honoured ceremony. This seemed like the other was just seeking death, but Su Yu was aware that when he had put the other demon in his place, there had been a thread of killing intent leaking out from the audience. But ultimately, whoever it was did not act on it. This in itself was very interesting.

“What importance does this information have?” Round Ball couldn’t quite follow its host’s thoughts.

“Not much, but at least it can tell us that the events earlier aren’t quite as they appeared” Su Yu shook his head and then laid down on the jade platform. “This Elder is going to rest. Keep a careful eye on Mo Han, and make sure you do not disturb This Honourable Elder.”

“……” I’ve already taken my pants off, and yet you’re telling me this?!

Su Yu took a lazy nap, and when he woke up, proceeded to find and flirtily harass his new apprentice. What he didn’t know was that his actions during the Master/Disciple ceremony had already spread throughout the whole Beast Demon cultivation world, and was even making its rounds in the Taoist and Demonic cultivation worlds.

The beast Demon Elder has accepted a mortal as an apprentice!

The beast Demon Elder personally crippled a beast demon’s cultivation, all for the sake of that mortal!

The beast Demon Elder actually gave his demonic Spirit Bead to his mortal disciple!

One by one, the news was spread. Even Mo Han, who was at a small no-name restaurant near a border, heard about the news.

Beast Demon A: “Have you heard? Demon Elder accepted a human apprentice. He even crippled the cultivation of a beast demon who had tried to oppose the master/disciple ceremony!”

Beast Demon B: “So what? There’s something even more terrible! Demon Elder actually gave his own Spirit Bead to that mortal! How is this an apprentice, he seems more like a lover!”

Beast Demon C: “Don’t say things like this so casually! If Demon Elder heard what you just said, then say bye-bye to your cultivation too.”

Beast Demon D: “But he said the truth ah! In our demon world, exchanging the demonic Spirit Bead is only done by lifelong companions! What other reason could Demon Elder have for giving his spirit bead away? To heal the other? No way, I won’t believe it.”

The gossipers were careless, and the eavesdropper was attentive. Mo Han unconsciously tightened his grip on the teacup as his mind flashed with a terrible thought. Could it be…. that Ling Tian had not died, but was instead rescued by the elder of the Beast Cultivation world, and accepted as the other’s disciple?

But when he had thrown Ling Tian into the Beast Cultivation world, the other had clearly been seriously injured, with his ribs broken and his Dantian destroyed, so how had anyone saved him?

Unless…… That beast Demon Elder gave his demonic Spirit Bead to Ling Tian to heal him?!

Just now, what those beast demons had said seemed very much in line with his thoughts, so Ling Tian really hadn’t died?

Mo Han’s gaze turned cold, and his fingertips turned white as he squeezed the cup he was holding. A moment later, he stood up and walked over to the group of beast demons, asking with a gentle smile, “Hello Seniors, sorry for the disruption, but could I ask if any of you know the name of that mortal who was accepted as the beast Demon Elder’s apprentice?”

When these beast demons saw that it was a Taoist cultivator who had spoken, they all showed looks of contempt. Beast Demon B snorted and said, “Boy, don’t you Taoist cultivators all value etiquette the most? Don’t you know that eavesdropping is very rude, and inconsistent with your core values?”

Mo Han also looked down on these beast demons with contempt in his heart, but since he needed an answer from them, he could only politely respond, “I was indeed out of line, but I have been anxiously looking for my missing Senior Brother who was last seen in the Beast Cultivation World. Seniors, if it is not too much trouble, could you please answer my question?”

Beast Demon C looked Mo Han up and down and seemed to be satisfied with his attitude. He answered, “I’m pretty sure it was something Tian.”

“Was it Ling Tian?” Mo Han clenched his fist, his eyes flashing.

These beast demons hadn’t personally seen  Ling Tian – all that they knew was heard from the other beast demons – and so naturally they were not too sure. They could only give a vague answer, “Seems to be? Wow, could he really be that missing Senior Brother you’re looking for?”

Mo Han, though, had no mood to say anything more. He gave a forced smile, quickly gave his thanks and then hurriedly left the restaurant.

Why didn’t Ling Tian just die!

Why was his luck so good, that not only was he saved by the Demon Elder, he even became the other’s sole disciple?!

Mo Han walked down the street, his face dark and gloomy. Intense hatred spread throughout his heart, but at the same time, a strange thought appeared. Since Ling Tian hadn’t died, then why did he choose to stay in the land of the Beast Demons, and not to return him to the Qi Sect? Why did he acknowledge a Beast Demon as his Teacher?

Is it because his body was so riddled with holes and injuries, that he could only survive by staying around the Demon Elder?

Or did he hold such intense hatred for himself, and also to the Taoist cultivation world, that he refused to come back?

Regardless of the reason, Ling Tian’s continued existence was a great threat to himself, Mo Han couldn’t allow this eyesore to stay alive!

Mo Han slowly let out a cruel smirk, his eyes flashing with hatred. Since he had already ruined Ling Tian once, then he could do it again. And this time, the other will definitely not survive.

Translator: Lone Wolf Translations

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  1. “And this time, the other will definitely not survive.”

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