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Scattering IQ 52 [3.14]

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Chapter 52 | Arc 3.

Hearing this, Gan Qi’s face immediately darkened. “What do you want to see him for?”

Looking at the other’s face, Su Yu knew instantly that this person was jealous. He couldn’t help but seriously reflect on his actions a little – had he led the other on too much, to the extent that his lover got jealous this easily?

He had to admit, this result really was… quite pleasant. Su Yu happily decided to carry on as he were.

Su Yu’s heart was quite happy but outwardly it appeared as if he were facing a difficult dilemma. “This servant cannot tell Your Majesty the reason, but this servant can guarantee that I will never have any rebellious thoughts against you. I hope that Your Majesty can please grant this request.”

Gan Qi stared intently at Su Yu, but Su Yu wasn’t timid – he stared back, innocent and wide-eyed. In the end, Gan Qi finally relented. He let out a long sigh, his heart so stuffy that he wanted to kill something, but he couldn’t utter a single harsh word to his object of affection. “Tomorrow, Zhen will accompany you there.”

“Your Majesty doesn’t have to come, right?” Su Yu directly refuted. Seeing Gan Qi’s face instantly darken again, Su Yu felt very happy. “This servant means, since the 7th Wangye is plotting to usurp your position, then if Your Majesty went, you might be putting yourself in unexpected danger. This servant hopes that Your Majesty won’t take unnecessary risks.”

Gan Qi put down his teacup, letting out a crisp sound. As he spoke, although the voice was majestic, there seemed to be a hint of grievance. “Since you also know that the 7th Royal Palace is dangerous, then why do you still want to go? Don’t you know that Zhen worries for you?”

Su Yu seemed to be startled by this sudden movement and hurriedly stood up, bowing to admit his wrongs, his voice humble, “This servant has done wrong. Since Your Majesty does not want this servant to go, then this servant will not go. Please do not harm your dragon body out of anger for this servant.”

But when Gan Qi heard this, his heart only felt more stuffy. What he wanted was not Lil Shun’s bowing obedience – he wanted the other’s heart and body!

Although this person constantly thought of him and talked about him, this wasn’t the kind of ‘thinking’ and ‘talking’ Gan Qi wanted! In fact, this kind of deference and humility only made Gan Qi more depressed and annoyed.

Gan Qi stared at Su Yu’s low-hanging head, green veins showing on the hand that tightly gripped the armrest. He almost could not control the primal, animalistic urges within, but in the end they were forcefully suppressed.

He absolutely must not hurt the person he cared most about.

Gan Qi closed his eyes and slowly stood up from the dragon chair, brushing his sleeves as he headed outside. It was only when he was about to step out of the main doors that he paused. “Tomorrow, Zhen will send someone to escort you to the 7th Royal Palace.”

Having said that, Gan Qi didn’t even give Su Yu the chance to respond before he stepped out and left the imperial study.

Su Yu slowly lifted his head, the corners of his mouth curved up into a pleasant arc. Round Ball looked on anxiously from the side and asked worriedly, “Master Host, why do I get the feeling that the Male Protagonist is on the verge of blackening?” [T/N: Blackening in Chinese novels/culture means the descent into darkness. When someone blackens, they fall into darkness/insanity, they can become yandere, and basically use all means to achieve their goals no matter the morals. Usually there will be a strong fixation on the target that caused their blackening as well.]

Just now, Round Ball as a bystander very clearly saw the look in the Male Protagonist’s eyes. It was so full of complexity that even its huge database was hard-pressed to analyze it. As a high-level intelligence system, Round Ball felt extreme terror at that glance – that look was simply too scary!

“Is that so? That would be great.” The happy curve of Su Yu’s mouth became more pronounced.

The little ball was almost scared to death by Su Yu’s reaction. Why does it suddenly feel that even compared to a Male Protagonist on the verge of blackening, its family’s host was even more scarier?? QAQ

Early the next morning, Su Yu left his dwelling to head to the 7th Royal Palace. Along with him were 40 martial arts experts of the highest caliber, the Dragon Guards. With this huge party, even Su Yu himself felt like he was rather favoured.

On the way, Round Ball bounced around in the carriage, “Master Host, why did you insist on going to see Gan Shen? This way, the Male Protagonist definitely won’t be happy.”

“I did it to make him unhappy, ” Su Yu glanced at the little ball with a smile, “and of course, I’m also curious about what Gan Shen has experienced.”

“…” It really doesn’t understand it’s host’s wicked tastes. Though, Round Ball had to admit, even it was quite curious about this development which had not been in the original plot.

After the little ball went quiet, Su Yu sat there with his eyes closed, a meaningful smile hanging on the corner of his mouth.

Gan Qi had deliberately mentioned the matter of land to Gan Shen – there was indeed the purpose of forcing the other to show his cards, but wasn’t there something else as well? Wasn’t this Gan Qi providing the other with another choice, another way out?

So in the end, Gan Qi probably didn’t truly want to act against his blood brother, right?

Since his lover didn’t want to, then naturally he will solve this problem for him. After all, if his lover were to waste too much time and energy on this matter, then he wouldn’t have time to fully appreciated being teased by him – Su Yu was still greatly anticipating the day his lover devolves into a hungry, mindless wolf.

Thinking of the cute scene that may appear when his lover blackens, Su Yu felt a little excited. If Round Ball were to know that its host actually had such heavy tastes, then it might directly faint out of terror and shock.

Because Su Yu had come under the banner of Gan Qi, he was accepted very respectfully by the 7th Royal Palace. Gan Shen still looked the same as the last time, but his eyes had a faint green tint.

“Han Gong Gong came today, what did Royal Brother wish to say?” Gan Shen held a folding fan in his hands, a smile on his lips.

Su Yu waved his hand, eyeing the various servants standing around, “I have some words I’d like to speak privately with the 7th Wangye about, is your highness willing to accommodate this request?”

Gan Shen’s eyes flashed slightly, but he sent away the servants without much hesitation. Su Yu also naturally forced out the people whom he had brought.

“Whatever Han Gong Gong wishes to say, please feel free to do so.” Gan Shen sat casually, a cup of tea in his hand.

“What does the 7th Wangye think the meaning of life is, once one has been reborn?” Su Yu also casually sipped at his tea, but the words he spoke were so stimulating that Gan Shen’s expression changed immediately, almost spitting out his tea.

Gan Shen gripped the cup in his hand, staring at Su Yu as if he had just seen a ghost. For once, he was completely speechless.

“Rebirth probably means that everything can start over, what was once unsatisfactory can become something good, what once had not belonged to you could all become yours,” Su Yu blew on a tea leaf floating in the water, before pinning Gan Shen with an inexplicable gaze. “Take revenge on those who have offended you, let those who were loyal to you reach new heights of glory. This is probably the meaning of rebirth, isn’t it?”

Gan Shen gulped uncontrollably, his eyes fixed on Su Yu, his voice already no longer calm and gentle, “What exactly are you trying to say?”

“What if I were to say, I’m a reborn man, too?” Su Yu winked, watching the expressions on Gan Shen’s face change again. Su Yu couldn’t help but chuckle out loud, “but even though you and I live in the same world now, we probably hail from a different origin world. So, would Wangye like to hear my story?”

Gan Shen didn’t speak. He just stared at Su Yu in a complex and indescribable way.

Su Yu really didn’t care for a response. He just sipped his tea and then began lightly and dismissively, “In my past life I was also the loyal servant of His Majesty, since childhood. I was very much valued by the Emperor, but for some reason, ever since Consort Yi entered the palace, this servant no longer enjoyed the emperor’s favour. Although I was unhappy, I let it go because ultimately, I am but a lowly servant. What my master does is not something I can intervene in. However, one day, I inadvertently heard a conversation between Consort Yi and the 7th Wangye….”

‘Pa’ – a crisp sound interrupted his words. It was the sound of Gan Shen’s teacup  shattering under his tight grip. The tea splashed out and onto the mahogany stand, shards of glass flying everywhere. Gan Shen was startled out of his thoughts by this, and as if just noticing, hurriedly moved back a little. However, his white robe was inevitably stained with the tea, as well as hit by some of the glass shards.

“Why is Wangye so panicked? It is so rare to meet someone who has experienced something this similar, shouldn’t you be happy?” Su Yu looked up at Gan Shen, slightly crooking his head. Then, his gaze hardened and his mouth suddenly curved up into a strange smile. “Or, could it be that this servant’s words just now scared your highness?”

Gan Shen stared at Su Yu, eyes full of panic. His countenance was filled with disbelief and resentment, his lips were clenched so tightly together it was almost a straight line. At that moment, his mind was a mess. Countless theories and suspicions overlapped and entangled together, to the point that he could not form a coherent thought.

“Speaking of, I really was quite unlucky. Not only did I overhear such dangerous information, I was also discovered by the Wangye. As for my outcome, well, you can probably imagine.” Su Yu slowly put down the teacup and continued to lie calmly. The angle of his smile became more pronounced and strange-looking. “Now that Wangye has heard my story, isn’t it time to share yours? This servant is naturally very curious.”

Gan Shen’s gaze spun around wildly, but after a while he managed to forcefully calm himself down. “Han Gong Gong‘s story is truly spectacular, but this prince doesn’t quite understand. What is rebirth? What different world? Han Gong Gong, is your head muddled by witchcraft?”

Wangye’s reaction is really admirable, I have already spoken to this extent, laying out the cards, and yet you continue to pretend ignorance?” Su Yu gave a ‘tsk tsk’. “Or, was Wangye trying to remove me through these means? Well this idea certainly has merit, but what if I said that before coming here, I’ve  already informed His Majesty of all this?”

Gan Shen’s gaze instantly narrowed, a strong surge of rage arising in his heart at having his plans destroyed.

Even if Han Shun was the emperor’s personal servant, he was still just a servant. One accusation of sorcery and witchcraft was enough to send him to death. However, if His Majesty already knew about all this, then the situation would be very different.

Gan Shen bit his teeth, the viciousness in his eyes finally unabashedly revealed, “Han Shun, don’t you forget, right now you are in the 7th Royal Palace.”

Su Yu brushed his clothes and slowly stand up. The original Han Shun wasn’t too high, so even though he stood up straight, Su Yu still had to slightly look up to stare at Gan Shen. “Of course I know where this place is. But if you’re going to phrase it that way, then everything under the heavens, including this 7th Royal Palace, belongs to the emperor.”

And whatever is the Emperor’s, is mine.

“This Prince won’t play this kind of verbal games with you. Since you’ve dared to appear here today, then you should naturally know of your outcome.” Gan Shen snarled out through clenched teeth and was just about to clap his hands to summon some servants when he was stopped by Su Yu’s raised hand.

Wangye, please hold your actions. ” Su Yu raised his hand, “I am but a lowly servant, what harm could I bring to you the powerful Wangye? Why are you so eager to get rid of me? At least let me finish saying what I have to say first.”

Despite the doubts in his mind, Gan Shen vaguely felt that what the man before him had to say could be of great importance to himself. Therefore, he paused his movements. “If you have any final words to say, then this is probably your last chance.”

Wangye, aren’t you tired of standing? Let’s sit down and talk?” Su Yu found a nearby chair and sat down. Even though he didn’t lose to the other in terms of aura, he still didn’t like the feeling of having to look up to the other while talking.

Gan Shen paused for a moment, and then sat down on a chair near the door.

“Does Wangye already know of Yue Lian’s death?” Su Yu threw out the first question.

Gan Shen didn’t reply, as if he couldn’t care less about this subject.

Su Yu did not mind, and continued to state lightly and dismissively, “I heard that both Yue Lian and Yue Liu have served Wangye since youth, so why is it that while your highness does not seem to care for Yue Lian’s death, you made the decision sent Yue Liu out of the palace 3 days prior?”

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