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Scattering IQ 53 [3.15]

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Chapter 53 | Arc 3.

Gan Shen’s expression underwent a sudden change, a sharp contrast from his previous calm. Su Yu looked on – interested – and then gave a sigh, “Yue Lian and Yue Liu – two very similar names, and yet two very different lives.”

Gan Shen was in no mood to listen to this. All he could think about was that three days ago, he had acted with utmost care to send Yue Liu out of the palace. Not only had he thought of a legitimate crime to pin her with, he’d also sent her away with several other guilty maids… so how did Han Shun know about this matter?

Was the other just bluffing, or did he really know something?

Su Yu became very unhappy, being stared at in this way, and so he sneered, “Wangye, stop looking at me like that. My heart already belongs to another, so even if you plead with me I will not sympathize.”

Gan Shen’s panicked thoughts instantly came to a halt. As if he’d just swallowed a fly, he managed to bite out, “Han Shun, don’t you be too arrogant! Remember your place!”

Although Su Yu enjoyed playing this master/servant roleplay with his lover, the words uttered from another made him very unhappy. It seemed he needed to bring out the big guns. “Wangye, it seems I forgot to mention to you – even though we are both reborn, we are not equals. Even in rebirths, there exists large differences between individuals – when I woke up in this world, I also opened my Heavenly Eye.”

Hearing this, Gan Shen’s expression became even more ugly, as if he were forced to swallow another fly.

Round Ball hovering on the side also had a face full of black lines. Look at its Host, spewing nonsense like this! Even if it included the family discount, it could at most only give its Host 22 points for this performance… the lines were just way too dumb and cringe-worthy!

Even just by hearing these words, Round Ball felt a deep sense of shame and embarrassment. It really could not understand how its Host managed to put on such a cool expression while saying such words!

“Looking at Wangye’s expression, it seems you don’t fully comprehend what I mean?” Su Yu did not feel embarrassed at all from his cringe-worthy words and so continued in a contemptuous manner, his tone slow and melodious, “My so-called Heavenly Eyes means that all which happens in this world cannot escape my sight. So, no matter how stupid Wangye is, you should be able to understand now, right?”

Round Ball silently back up a little. I really want to go into hibernation, what should I do??

However, with Su Yu’s performance, Gan Shen’s mood actually stabilized a little. He sneered with contempt, “It looks like Han Gong Gong really has fallen under sorcery? To be able to sprout such nonsensical drivel.”

Su Yu was not annoyed, and instead started listing lightly and dismissively, “Five days ago, at 21:30, you stayed in the secret chamber under your study and wrote a love poem to Yue Liu; Three days ago, at 15:10, Yue Liu was in your study grinding ink for you. You knocked over the ink slab but blamed this incident on Yue Liu, and ended up banishing her from the palace; Last night, because Yue Liu had left the palace, you experienced insomnia and went back to the secret chamber and composed two more love poems to release your heartache. Then, you…”

“Enough is enough!” Gan Shen’s face had become white after hearing these words, but it was also vaguely red, “You don’t need to say any more!”

Su Yu smiled ambiguously, and leaned back casually against his chair, “So to speak, Wangye is finally willing to believe my words? Then shall we continue – Yue Liu is currently living in a small mountain village hundreds of miles to the east of this city, right? Wangye, you wouldn’t want to see her suffer because of you, right?”

“What are you trying to say!” Living his second life, Gan Shen had initially thought that he could live coldheartedly, not caring about anyone. However, this didn’t apply to Yue Liu, because in his first lifetime, even when the whole world had forsaken him, Yue Liu had stayed by his side, never once abandoning him.

Such a loyal and dedicated woman, how could he not care about her?!

“The literal meaning.” Su Yu waved his hand and continued to sprout nonsense, “Oh, I also forgot to mention, in addition to my Heavenly Eye, I also obtained another ability in my rebirth, called the Hand of Fate.”

Having said that, Su Yu extended his little white palm and gave it a few waves. “This hand looks fragile, but it has the power to judge a person’s life and death. Wangye, don’t you think this is very interesting?”

If you want to win a war simply by means of a verbal battle, then you must make the other person believe that you can kill them at any time and without much effort. And on the flip side, they must believe that they would not be able to kill you no matter how hard they try.

This truth seems quite impressive, but as the system bound to Su Yu, Round Ball felt that it simply didn’t have any face left to see the world. It was so embarrassed!! Clearly it remembered its Host to be very mature ah, so what was this idiot standing in front sprouting this nonsense!

This is totally collapsing your personal settings, okay?!

However, at this time, Gan Shen had been already successfully fooled by Su Yu. Although his expression remained strong and calm, his heart already subconsciously believed Su Yu’s words. A master who has already opened the Heavenly Eye, then wasn’t it completely logical that they would obtain the Hand of Fate next?

There are some things in which once you accept one belief, then you will very naturally accept all the results that follow after.

But even though his heart had already accepted this, his mind was still   struggling on the surface, “Is Han Gong Gong making a joke? If Han Gong Gong really is this powerful, then why are you still a servant?”

“That’s why I said that there is a big difference between you and me despite our mutual rebirth. Wangye was reborn, and thought of nothing but killing your enemies and taking power, whereas all I thought about was how to better serve the Emperor, to become his confidant. My wish is so much more simpler than yours.” Su Yu replied with an enigmatic smile.

He didn’t know why, but as soon as he heard this, Gan Shen’s heart became very stuffy and his palm itched to deliver a few slaps to Su Yu’s face. Ever since he had been reborn, he’d been sleeping late, working hard, taking all risks in order to further his plans. Why was it that he had to meet Han Shun this monster!

And also, what was going on with this other man?!

Clearly the other was also a reborn person, and had unique abilities too, but he was content with the life of a servant and carried about everyday life with a smile, when he could do much greater things. Facing Su Yu’s smiling face, Gan Shen was so angry even his teeth were itchy. He wanted to take a bite out of the other!

What was this feeling of hatred and disappointment!

“The reason I didn’t directly use my Hand of Fate but instead personally came to find you was all out of consideration for His Majesty. This servant did not want to see His Majesty worry and lose sleep over this matter with you. Otherwise, did Wangye really think I would be this merciful?” Su Yu really enjoyed the hateful gaze the other was aiming at him, this kind of ‘I hate you but there is nothing I can do’ look. He continued, “As for that Yue Liu girl’s life and death, well, it all depends on Wangye’s decision. I don’t mind using my Hand of Fate to solve this problem.”

Gan Shen stared dead-eyed at Su Yu. He was very reluctant to believe the other’s words, but there was a voice in his heart telling him that even if he doesn’t want to believe it, the facts laid out were true.

What’s more, the person whose life was in question was Yue Liu. He couldn’t afford to make any bets on her life.

There was a long silence between the two. Su Yu had already said everything he wanted to say. He didn’t mind giving Gan Shen more time to make a decision – this way, he could also appreciate the other’s dark, twisted expression a little longer.

In the end, it was Gan Shen who gave in. He closed his eyes and quietly took a deep breath, “Han Gong Gong, it’s as you say – you are my Royal Brother’s most trusted aid. Naturally, this Prince wouldn’t dare to doubt your words.”

“Is that so, then I am naturally very happy, ” Su Yu patted his hands in a good mood and slowly crossed his legs. “His Majesty has always treated Wangye well, I hope that Wangye can do the same in the future.”

Gan Shen clenched his fists and bit his teeth –  to be forced into changing all his plans just due to a few words from the other… this was a really bad feeling! Even though he was reborn, he was still being repressed… he needed some alone time right now.

But Su Yu was obviously not an empathetic person. There was one thing that had been bothering him ever since he arrived, and so he asked, “Now that the matter is finished, how about we chat a little? I am very curious about Wangye’s story from the first life.”

“This Prince doesn’t want to speak of it!” Gan Shen felt that he was on the verge of erupting in anger.

Su Yu swung his legs and reached out his hand before slowly clenching it. “But I am very interested ah, if Wangye doesn’t wish to see my Hand of Fate used on that Yue Liu girl, then….”

“Enough is enough!” Gan Shen was about to explode out of anger from Su Yu’s absolute shamelessness. Gritting his teeth, he uttered, “Since Han Gong Gong is so curious, then this Prince will humour you.”

And so, Gan Shen began to recount his tragic and short life in a biting tone.

In Gan Shen’s former life, he grew up sheltered under his brother’s love and at age 14, was allowed out of the palace and given his own dwelling. He was in a position respected and admired by the world, but it was also in that year that Gan Shen met his life’s enemy – Qin Yiran.

Qin Yiran was one year younger than Gan Shen – 13 years old – and had a flower-like delicate appearance. Upon their first meeting, Gan Shen was charmed by her innocence and petite appearance and slowly, she became an unforgettable presence.

Qin Yiran also seemed to develop feelings for this kind prince who always looked out for her, and the two grew closer together. This was supposed to be a touching story of two young lovers, but who would expect that in Gan Shen’s 17th year, all would be shattered.

When Gan Shen was 17, Qin Yiran met his Royal Brother Gan Qi. It was an ordinary afternoon, but it was the beginning of all of Gan Shen’s nightmares and misfortunes.

After that day, Qin Yiran started to avoid Gan Shen. She sent back all of the gifts that Gan Shen had given her previously, and just as he thought he’d done something to upset her, a royal decree was suddenly sent out.

Gan Qi was going to take Qin Yiran into the palace as a consort!

This royal decree was like a sudden lightning strike on a clear day – Gan Shen was completely blindsided. He had no idea that in just a short while, things would develop to this state!

Learning of this matter, Gan Shen naturally rushed to find Qin Yiran, but she only called upon servants to relay a few words. She conveyed that the past was in the past, and it was nothing but the naivety of children playing together. If they meet again, then she wished that they would treat each other with the courtesy of strangers.

She ended with this: I hope out of consideration for our past love, you will not ruin my life out of vindictive jealousy. Thank you.

At that time, Gan Shen only felt self-ridicule. If what they had in the past was nothing but children playing around, then what even was true love between two people?

But even though he felt frustrated and cold, Gan Shen did consider their past relation and despite being very depressed, he didn’t inform Gan Shen of him and Qin Yiran’s past.

However, Gan Shen did not expect that after Qin Yiran entered the palace, she herself would go to Gan Qi and informed the other of various lies, effectively terminating the two’s brotherly relationship.

Having fallen under Qin Yiran’s calculations, Gan Shen naturally could not stay silent. He finally appeared before Gan Qi and attempted to clear the air, but he was pinned with the crime of ‘longing for an imperial consort’ and banished from the palace. In the end, he was completely unaware of what he’d done wrong and was instead cast out, living a pitiful life until he died a miserable death.

Gan Shen could clearly remember – that year when he had lost everything, when only Yue Liu was willing to stay by his side, he had only been 19 years old.

Translator: Lone Wolf Translations

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  1. Woah? Qin Yiran is such a green tea bish. Poor Gan Shen who gave his whole trust for her said ‘love’ but is just being used by her to get into the palace. 😢
    Su Yu’s shamelessness reached the top this chapter 😂😂 I sympathize the system …. ahh so embarassing xD

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