Scattering IQ 64 [4.8]

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Chapter 64 | Arc 4.

It was only when his neck was severely choked, and he found that he couldn’t move his body at all that Mo Han realized the severity of his situation. However, at the same time, he couldn’t help but exclaim in disbelief, “How can this be! How is it that you still have your cultivation?!”

“Why is it a surprise that I still have my cultivation?” As Ling Tian said this, a thought suddenly entered his mind and his eyes flashed. “So you already knew I had lost my cultivation. What did you have to do with this? Or, perhaps you were the one who caused it?”   

Mo Han shirked away and hurriedly put away his look of shock. Adopting a pure and harmless expression, he replied, “How could this have anything to do with me? I was just looking for Senior Brother. I heard this news from passersby. Otherwise, I didn’t even know where Senior Brother was, so how could I have had anything to do with your loss of cultivation?”

Saying that, Mo Han put on a wronged expression, “Senior Brother, put me down. I really didn’t want to act against you, I just wanted to bring you back. I really do not have bad intentions.”

Ling Tian couldn’t help but sneer, “Do you think I look like a fool who will be tricked by your words?”

Su – Eating melon seeds – Yu: From a certain perspective, dear, you are indeed a fool who has been tricked over and over again.

Fortunately, I am here. Otherwise, you’re such an idiot, what can you do?

“Senior Brother, how can you say that?” Mo Han was completely forced into a passive situation. Even though his heart was angry and bitter, he still had to temporarily surrender. “Just now, I was really forced into action ah. I just don’t want to see you bearing the offense of abandoning and disrespecting your teacher. Don’t you know that this is a crime of the highest order in the Taoist Cultivation world?”

Mo Han hid his emotions well, but this  Ling Tian was no longer the dumb fool of the original plot. With just a cold glance, he easily saw through Mo Han. “You’re really not planning on telling the truth?”

Mo Han cried out anxiously, “Senior Brother, I really did not deceive you… Ah!”

He didn’t even have a chance to finish his pretend-innocent words when countless thin wires appeared before him and started to tighten. Then, these strands slowly began to seep into his flesh, the intense pain making him cry out.

“Senior Brother, what are you doing!” Mo Han grunted in pain, his face pale and cold sweat gathering on his brow. Through gnashed teeth, he complained, “How can you do this to me, I am your… Ahhhhh!”

Once again, his sentence was cut-off halfway and it changed into a low-pitched, penetrating wail. It was as if the pain was cutting into his veins, tearing his bones, not even giving him a chance to breath!

“Stop it! Stop it!” Mo Han’s voice had changed, “Senior Brother, please stop, I’m begging you…”

Ling Tian very cooperatively stopped, and also helpfully retracted his spiritual energy which was pinning Mo Han in the air. Losing his support, Mo Han immediately fell to the ground, his body uncontrollably twitching, looking very pathetic.

“Want to say the truth now?” Ling Tian looked down at Mo Han without any sympathy, showcasing the highest degree of coldness. This stance was very similar to what Su Yu was like in front of outsiders.

Su – eating melon seeds – Yu changed his handful of seeds into dog food and happily scattered them. “Ling Tian is worthy of being my apprentice (lover), this move just now was very much my style.”

Round – eating melon seeds – Ball deftly rejected this bowl of Su Yu-flavoured-dog-food, twisting out of the way and saying, “This is probably just imprinting, like how baby ducklings will follow after the first thing it sees once its born, treating it like its mother.”

“…”Su Yu’s face turned black and he glared at Round Ball, emphasizing one word at a time, “You can choose to shut up, or I can help you shut up.”

Round Ball hastened to close its mouth, while silently feeling very wronged. It was just stating the truth ah! QAQ

Over on the floor, Mo Han took a long time before he recovered a little from the pain. Face pale, he gritted out through clenched teeth, “Senior Brother, what on earth did I do wrong that you would torture me like so? I already said earlier, you losing your cultivation has nothing to do with me, and I don’t know what… Ah!”

Mo Han had just said half of his words when that familiar pain came again, and even more ferocious than before. It tore into him, as if determined to tear him into two. Mo Han curled up, his white robes drenched in sweat. Even his hair which had previously been neatly combed was now a scattered mess.

“I don’t want to hear your nonsense. Just think about one thing: do you want to tell the truth? However, I must remind you, I am not the ‘Senior Brother’ that you call out to. Even if I kill you, I will have no hesitation or guilt, do you understand?” As he was saying this, Ling Tian did not stop his actions, his voice cold and somewhat terrifying.

Mo Han half bore with the torture of his body, and half laboriously thought about what he should do next. If it was the former Ling Tian, then he had a hundred ways to coax the other, spinning him in circles, but now it was like Ling Tian had completely changed, like he was another person! Even if he could come up with a strategy, there was no good opportunity to implement it!

“Senior Brother, even if you do not remember me, you still shouldn’t be so suspicious, I am your Junior Brother ah,” His brain working overtime, in the end Mo Han could only think of one strategy – act pitiful! He endured the pain in his heart and said, “Also, the way you are acting right now is no different than extracting a false confession under torture!”

“Since you are insistent on not telling the truth, then…” Ling Tian slowly extended a hand, hovering in mid-air. However, just as he was about to deal the finishing blow, a familiar figure suddenly walked in.

Ling Tian’s pupils contracted and he immediately dropped his hand. “Master, why did you come?”

At the thought of Master seeing his previous behavior, Ling Tian inexplicably felt very panicked and guilty. He really didn’t want the other to see this dark side of him.

Ling Tian wanted to remain pure and honest in the eyes of his Master, to seem entirely dependent due to his amnesia. He didn’t want Master to see this cruel and ruthless side of him.

Feeling the constrictive force loosen around himself, Mo Han fell to the ground with a ‘bang’. He raised his neck with great difficulty and laboriously looked up at Su Yu who was slowly approaching. Before, this person would have brought him great disdain and revulsion, but now it was as if he’d seen his life-saving straw.

“Demon Elder… He’s going to kill me, please save me!” Mo Han’s voice was hoarse, and his tone was filled with panic and fear.

These words caused Ling Tian’s face to ashen. He opened his mouth to explain, but he didn’t know what to say. He really did want to kill this person just now.

Su Yu did not heed Mo Han’s words, but rather walked to Ling Tian’s side and looked at him with gentle eyes, “Ling Tian, can you tell Master what happened just now?”

“I…” Ling Tian felt that his voice was a little dry, and if felt like the words were choked in his throat.

Mo Han did not hesitate like Ling Tian though. He believed that this was his chance to live, and very eagerly spoke in a hoarse voice, “Demon Elder, I am Ling Tian’s Junior Brother. We were separated before and I have been looking for him ever since. This time I finally found traces of his whereabouts, and came to see him, but who knew that as soon as he heard he already had a Master from before, he immediately wanted to kill me to keep my mouth shut!”

It has to be said that Mo Han’s skill in raising conflict between people really was quite astonishing. He did not specify what the two of them had discussed, but rather pointed out subtly that Ling Tian had already acknowledged a Master from before, and even wanted to cover up that fact. Unfortunately though, the person he was trying to play these games with was Su Yu.

Having already eaten lots of melon seeds and watched the show, Su Yu chose to show up at this time so that he could help abuse the scum. Therefore, how could he let this unflattering person so easily provoke the relationship between him and his lover?

But there was actually another reason as to why Su Yu appeared at this time. Once again ignoring Mo Han, he turned to Ling Tian and asked, “Ling Tian, you are my apprentice. Is there anything that cannot be said between you and I?”

Ling Tian’s performance from before really was very handsome and dashing. Even Su Yu – who is always very handsome and dashing – had felt impressed. However, at the same time, Su Yu could not help but feel a little distressed.

Everyday in front of him, his lover was well-behaved, honest, and pure. However, in front of others, he was like this. And the ease and comfort with which he acted this way was enough to show that the other had meticulously hidden away this part of himself when he was with Su Yu.

Because of his amnesia, because of this strange new place he’d woken up in, and because of the fear that his true self would be hated by his Master, he had carefully hidden his inner thoughts. This was because he was very clear on the fact that this side of him was cold, dark, and cruel – a side of him that his Master would probably hate.

Ling Tian felt fear in his heart, but he summoned up the courage to look Su Yu in the eye. In those clear vibrant hues, Ling Tian saw tolerance, helplessness, sadness, and obvious pain.

This kind of expression stunned Ling Tian.

“As far as I’m concerned, you are the person who is closest to Master, and my most trusted person. Otherwise, Master would not have given you my demon Spirit Bead.” Su Yu spoke carefully and looked deeply at his lover’s eyes.”So, what about you? Am I a Master that you can trust completely? Or, are you in fact still on guard against me?”

“That’s not true!” Ling Tian denied anxiously, looking even more worried. “I just … I’m just afraid that Master will drive me away. After all, I’m just a mortal, i don’t even know who i am. And Master, you are the highest of all beast demon cultivators. If I am not good enough, not perfect, then… Would Master still want me?”

Su Yu slowly smiled, his pale fingertips tracing a cool pattern over Ling Tian face, gentle and patient, “Of course. No matter who you are, good or bad, I will always want you by my side. Therefore, you don’t need to be so afraid, and you also do not have to worry, understand?”

At this time, Su Yu did not know that in the near future, when his lover would everyday drag him to dual cultivate endlessly, he would so regret the words he had spoken just now, wanting to travel back in time to slap himself and swallow back these words.

Ling Tian lifted his hands to grasp Su Yu’s, his eyes faintly shining, “Really? No matter who I am, Master will not turn your back on me, will not forsake me?”

“Of course that’s true.” Su Yu smiled and nodded.

The two people only had eyes for each other, and Mo Han lying on the ground was so angry he almost spat out blood. Excuse me, you two lovebirds, but I’m still here!

Translator: Lone Wolf Translations

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