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Scattering IQ 50 [3.12]

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Chapter 50 | Arc 3.

Yue Lian’s pupils dilated – she had hid the items away so diligently, how had this person found them so easily?!

But Su Yu had already exposed her hiding spot, even if Yue Lian wanted to refute she had nothing to say. She could only stand there with an ashen face.

Over…. It’s all over!

Although Qin Yiran was rather dumb, even she began to realize what was going on after observing for so long. Seeing Yue Lian’s reaction, she finally realized that she had been betrayed. She stared in shock at Yue Lian – she still couldn’t believe that someone wanted to poison her, let alone her trusty maidservant Yue Lian!

When Qin Yiran finally digested this matter, she angrily slapped Yue Lain across the face. “You ungrateful wrench, this Consort has always treated you well, and this is how you repay me?!”

Just now, if Lil’ Shun hadn’t appeared in time, if she really ate that bowl of pudding… Qin Yiran simply did not dare to continue thinking down that path. She had really been enlightened, to think that the Yue Lian who had served by her side for over three years was actually a white-eyed wolf!

Qin Yiran’s long fingernails scratched across Yue Lian’s face, leaving a few bloody marks. Yue Lian’s head turned from the force of impact, but her eyes reflected  a thick sense of killing intent. Since she was already finished, then she was going to bring this person down with her!

Yue Lian grabbed Qin Yiran’s wrist and her other hand withdrew a sharp needle from her sleeve. The needle glinted coldly with a deadly black and blue sheen, and Yue Lian thrust it towards Qin Yiran. The other directly froze on the spot, unable to react.

However, just as Yue Lian was about to succeed, a pale hand appeared from one side and effortlessly grabbed onto Yue Lian’s hand, ceasing its movements.

“Wow, it really is poisonous.” Su Yu remarked casually as he inspected the poisoned needle, and then he jabbed it into Yue Lian’s neck.

Yue Lian was utterly overpowered and could only watch in horror as her own poison was used against her!

In an instant, all the strength left her body and she directly collapsed onto the ground as soon as Su Yu let go. Her mind blanked and her breathing sped up to a rate that was frightening.

At the same time that she fell to the ground, another also fell with her. This naturally was Qin Yiran, who had been scared witless. She stayed like that for a moment, before suddenly realizing and scrambling without dignity away from Yue Lian’s prone form, desperately scared that the other would act against her again.

Su Yu clapped his hands and sat back on a chair, looking down on the two people. The first one he smiled at was Yue Lian. “Yue Lian girl, aren’t you happy? You got to experience your own poison first-hand!”

“Han Shun, you will suffer a wretched death!” Yue Lian used her trembling hands to cover her neck; her body had lost all its strength, but her mouth actually became more vicious.

Su Yu lifted an eyebrow. His heart actually was a little happy because this was the first time since he crossed over to this world that someone had addressed him by his name, and without that hateful Gong Gong honorific attached.

“It’s a pity, even if that sentence were to come true, you won’t live to see it. Perhaps you can use your last few moments to dream about it?” Su Yu smiled and waved at Yue Lian, “Well, goodbye.”

Yue Lian glared at Su Yu full of resentment and unwillingly closed her eyes.

Round Ball looked on from the side, feeling a little panicked. It believed that even if Yue Lian hadn’t been poisoned to death, she would have been angered to death by its Master Host. “Master Host, was that really necessary?”

“Do you think she’s pitiful?” Su Yu glanced at the little ball.

Round Ball immediately began to squirm, “I just… I just felt her death was a little scary.”

Su Yu pinned the little ball with a ‘you’re still too naive’ look. “No matter what her death was like, death itself is a relief for her because if she had lived, she would only be tortured more.”

In fact, according to Su Yu’s wicked tastes, his treatment of her just now wasn’t so simple. After all, although Yue Lian hadn’t directly offended him, she had killed his lover in the original plot with her poison. Therefore, it was only fitting that she died from her own poison this time around.

When the little ball heard this, it became scared again. Its eyes couldn’t help but drift to the still form lying on the ground, and then to Qin Yiran who still didn’t have the strength to stand up. A strong sense of sympathy arose.

Su Yu instructed several servants to carry out the body, and then sent the others away. After Qin Yiran finally got up and sat down, he asked, “Esteemed Consort must have been terrified just now, correct?”

Qin Yiran’s hand on her cup began to tremble, and her face was unnaturally pale. At this moment, she was still rather speechless.

“Does Esteemed Consort perhaps know why Yue Lian girl would act against you?” Su Yu also lifted his teacup, sipping it calmly.

Qin Yiran took two sips of her tea and then began in a hoarse voice, “This Consort has always treated that ungrateful servant well, how could this Consort know what that wrench is thinking?!”

“Has the Esteemed Consort considered who sent Yue Lian to you in the first place?” Su Yu had a good understanding of Qin Yiran’s IQ and did not expect her to find the right direction by herself.

Qin Yiran was quiet for a moment, and then she emotionally denied, “It can’t be him!”

“It can’t be who?” Su Yu asked with a knowing smile.

Qin Yiran then realized that she seemed to have subconsciously revealed something, so she clenched her lips and refused to speak. Su Yu smiled at her and put down the teacup, “Was the Esteemed Consort referring to the 7th Wangye?”

Qin Yiran stared dumbfounded, completely conveying the question ‘How did you know that?!’ with her expression.

“The 7th Wangye sent Yue Lian to the Esteemed Consort’s side when you were 13 years old. In these 3 years, she has diligently served you, but do you really think that she will forget her real master in just this short period of time?” Su Yu said slowly under Qin Yiran’s shocked stare. “Today, Yue Lian acted so boldly. Who else besides the 7th Wangye would have the power to order her to do so?”

Qin Yiran stared in disbelief and desperately shook her head. “Impossible, it can’t be him! He clearly loves me so much, how could he let Yue Lian do that? That is impossible!”

Su Yu couldn’t help but laugh out loud, Qin Yiran was really full of surprises! If his motive had been to find out the relationship between Qin Yiran and Gan Shen, then this sentence just now would have revealed everything without him even having to ask.

“Whether it’s a yes or a no, it seems that the Esteemed Consort has already come to a decision in your heart. This servant won’t say anything more.” Su Yu loved creating chaos, and seeing Qin Yiran’s emotional turmoil made him especially happy. “If the Esteemed Consort and the 7th Wangye have been lovers since young, then why did you still enter the harem? Perhaps the 7th Wangye is acting against you because you betrayed him?”

“Not at all!” How could Qin – No Brain – Yiran be Su Yu’s opponent? As soon as she was stimulated by the other, she spilled everything. “The reason this Consort came to the palace in the first place was all for Ah’Shen!”

Qin Yiran only regained her senses halfway through, when she had already exposed everything. She covered her mouth, horrified. “You… You’re deliberately baiting this Consort!”

Su Yu sneered. He gave a casual wave of his hands and then stood up slowly. “The Esteemed Consort is worried for nothing. This servant is only goodheartedly reminding you of all the possibilities. If you are content with being someone else’s puppet, then so be it. Since the Esteemed Consort has already decided, then this servant will not bother to coax any more.”

Having said that, Su Yu walked out with a faint smile. In her shock, Qin Yiran wanted to chase after him but she was stopped by the two guards by the door and could only stand there in anger.

Su Yu strode out of the Joyful Palace, but he wasn’t in a hurry to leave. Instead, he walked over to the attached side palace, where Gan Qi had already been waiting for quite some time. The other’s brows were furrowed, and it was difficult to tell what he was thinking.

“Your Majesty has waited long. This servant has already done what needed to be done, and disposed of what was necessary.” Su Yu gave a respectful bow and smiled.

Gan Qi looked at Su Yu with complex emotions, and then finally stood up, saying, “Let’s go.”

Afterwards, Gan Qi did not mention what he had overheard, and Su Yu didn’t bring it up either. To find out the the woman he cherished gave him a green hat to wear, as well as the betrayal of his own little brother, no matter which one is talked about, it would all be a source of shame. Su Yu was actually quite sympathetic to Gan Qi’s feelings at the moment.

That evening, taking into account Gan Qi’s mood, Su Yu very helpfully did not bring out those tiles which included all of Gan Qi’s detested foods. While he helped the other change, he also didn’t deliberately feel the other up – all in all, he was very well behaved.

But just as Su Yu was about to head back to his own residence after finishing his duties, he was called back by Gan Qi. “Lil’ Shun, come sit with Zhen for a bit.”

“Alright.” Su Yu decided be a caring lover and listen carefully to Gan Qi’s depressed thoughts.

Su Yu was about to sit on the stool nearby but just before he sat down, he was dragged onto the bed by a strong arm. Su Yu shook at it, but the hand wouldn’t let go, so he could only let it be.

His lover just had such a big blow, he should probably be a bit more considerate. Though, he still wasn’t finishing settling all accounts between them yet.

Su Yu and Gan Qi sat side by side for a long time, and then Gan Qi’s low voice sounded. “Why did you take Yue Lian’s life?”

“Ah?” Su Yu was already planning to take his pants off, and yet this was what his lover wanted to discuss?

Gan Qi stared straight into Su Yu’s eyes and said slowly, “Even though Yue Lian is Qin Yiran’s maidservant, she hasn’t done anything to offend you. Why did you kill her?”

Su Yu made move to look away, but Gan Qi held his face in both hands, preventing him from doing so. In the end, Su Yu had no choice but to smile and say, “What is Your Majesty saying? At that moment, this servant was acting under impulse from seeing Consort Yi about to be harmed.”

“Not so.” Gan Qi denied Su Yu’s explanation in a single sentence, and he also did it very confidently.

Su Yu felt very helpless at Gan Qi’s one-track attention. At the same time, he also felt a bit surprised that Gan Qi could tell he held true killing intent towards Yue Lian based solely off his tone of voice. He gave a sigh in his heart. “Probably because I thought I couldn’t leave such a woman in the palace. If she were to continue to stay, then Your Majesty’s safety would be jeopardized. That’s why this servant acted the way I did.”

Even though what had happened in the original plot could be regarded as something that had yet to happen, as long as Su Yu thought about the fact that his lover had died under the hands of that women, he couldn’t tolerate it.

Thinking to here, Su Yu couldn’t help but show a bitter smile. He probably is sick as well, isn’t he.

With Su Yu’s face in his hands, Gan Qi looked at him very carefully, “So it was for the sake of Zhen ah. Hearing you say all this, Zhen is very happy.”

Translator: Lone Wolf Translations

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