Scattering IQ 58b [4.2]

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Chapter 58 Part 2 | Arc 4.

“Mn. Well, I understand you forgot your memories, but what should I call you in the meantime?” Su Yu was in a very good mood – he was very happy he could tell his lover his real name, and not risk getting caught if someone else calls him something differently! It seems he needed to thank Round Ball for giving him such a plain and yet widely addressed chicken ribs name! [T/N: ‘chicken ribs’ can also mean ‘something of little value or interest’]

Ling Tian thought for a while and then replied with difficulty, “I really do not know the answer.”

“When I was healing you earlier, I found this jade tablet on you. It says ‘Ling Tian’ on it, perhaps that’s your name?” Su Yu picked up a piece of jade from the side table and handed it over. Since his lover still didn’t know who he was, he didn’t feel it was very appropriate to just name the other.

Ling Tian accepted the jade piece and looked it over a few times before nodding. “Then, Ah’Yu, you can call me Ling Tian for now.”

“Alright. Ling Tian, you should rest up. I won’t bother you any longer.” Su Yu got up and smiled, stepping out and leaving under his lover’s reluctant gaze.

Round Ball asked very curiously from the side, “Master Host, why didn’t you accept the Male Protagonist as your apprentice?”

According to its host’s wicked tastes, the other should really like this kind of kinky master/apprentice play?

Su Yu threw a glance at the confused little ball and his lips quirked up into a mysterious smile, “I’ve got my plans.”

Round Ball sighed. After sparing a second to lament the fact that it’s host’s fox spirit appearance really was too alluring – it was almost captivated by that smile just now!! – the little ball then began to consider what kind of bad ideas its host was thinking of.

In the days that followed, the amnesiac Male Protagonist could always hear whisperings and gossip from the lower beast demons reverberate through the caves, and the content was always surprisingly similar.

Little beast demon A: “You know that mortal that the Demon Elder brought back?”

Little beast demon B: “Naturally. The Demon Elder specifically commanded us to take good care of that mortal, but that person seems to be amnesiac. He can’t even remember who he is.”

Little beast demon C: “I really can’t understand. Why would the Demon Elder bring back a stranger, and even give up his own demonic spirit bead to save his life? Isn’t this very dangerous?”

Little beast demon D: “Of course it is! If that person has any evil intentions, then the Demon Elder could be in great danger! If only we weren’t specifically told to take care of that mortal ah, I really want to drive him out of the demon world!”

These kind of targeted words, even if one only heard it once, was still enough to feel self-blame. As for Ling Tian who heard it every day, he simply felt that he was the worst of all burdens, and also the kind with hidden dangers. Eventually, after several days of hesitation, he finally took the initiative to go find Su Yu.

Su Yu had been consistently monitoring his lover’s movements, and so when he say that the other was finally coming to find him, Su Yu flicked his sleeve and ran to the bath. Therefore, when Ling Tian – under the directions of a little beast demon – found the right cave and walked in, all he saw was vapour and fog, dripping locks of long black hair, and a seductive, bare back stained with crystal beads of glistening water.

Ling Tian’s throat locked up, and heat began to rise from all over his body. This raging feeling was both strange and difficult to suppress.

Su Yu glanced over his shoulder, tossing his hair slightly, as if just noticing the arrival of Ling Tian. He gave a light smile and then said, “You’ve come? Give me a moment.”

Saying this, Su Yu calmly began to walk towards the edge of the pool, uncaring that a his body – and a certain part – were becoming more and more revealed. Ling Tian knew that he should leave immediately, but his eyes were glued to Su Yu’s body and nothing could tear them away.

It was only when Su Yu slowly lifted a jade-white leg out of the water that Ling Tian regained his senses, as if waking from a dream, and hurriedly looked away. His heart was beating more intensely, and his body seemed to be consumed by waves of heat, completely uncontrollable.

Su Yu acted as if he were completely unaware, and casually draped on a flowy white shirt before walking over barefoot, his voice soft and relaxing, “I didn’t know that you were coming, and hence you caught me in this disrespectful state. I hope you don’t hold this against me.”

Ling Tian quickly shook his head – even though his face wasn’t as pale as it was before, having undergone several days of cultivation, the current blush on his cheeks was still more than obvious. Su Yu made a note of this, his heart darkly happy but outwardly, he put on a puzzled expression. “Ling Tian, you seem troubled by something. Does your body still hurt somewhere?”

Ling Tian quickly averted his gaze and gave a cough. “My body is fine. I came to find Ah’Yu this time to discuss something else.”

Su Yu led Ling Tian to the side where a jade seating platform laid, looking both soft and gentle, “What is the matter?”

Being watched by Su Yu so intently, Ling Tian’s face reddened some more. “I came to ask if my continued presence will bring Ah’Yu a lot of trouble?”

Su Yu admired Ling Tian’s pure expression of bewildered shyness, and thought wickedly in his heart, Ah, even though the setting of being cold on the outside while passionate on the inside is very interesting, being able to seduce a pure soul into a red-faced frenzy with only a slight smile still suits me more!

“Hmm, trouble. Yes, this is indeed a bit troublesome because after all, you are not of the same race as us. You are also an unknown entity with an unidentified background, so there is naturally some impact.” Since Su Yu had deliberately set the stage like this, he obviously would not deny these facts at this time. When he said this, Ling Tian’s face droop with sadness and self-blame. “But since I have already saved you, and even gave you by spirit bead, then I naturally will not cast you away because of these reasons. Therefore, you can rest assured.”

Having said this, Su Yu added on as if the thought just occurred to him, “But who was it that said these things to you, causing you to have such thoughts?”

Ling Tian did not feel comforted at all. He stated in a sad, low-pitched tone, “No one. I just don’t want to bring you trouble, and even though I might seem harmless right now, who knows. Even I have forgotten my own past. Maybe one day, I might…. anyways, maybe I should not stay here.”

“Then you can rest assured that with my high cultivation, you probably won’t pose a threat to me. After all, the only reason you’re alive right now is because of my spirit bead. If I wanted to take your life…” Su Yu paused here, and then continued a moment later, “Well, let’s hope that day never comes.”

“But in any case, if I stay here, in the end you will be troubled.” Ling Tian said with a lowered head. He was facing a deep struggle – on one hand, he did not want to cause Su Yu any difficulties, but on the other hand, he really did not want to leave the other. This problem was causing him intense heartache.

Su Yu looked around and then softly proposed, “If you want to stay here without any issues, then I have an idea.”

“What is it?” Ling Tian looked up with hope, raising his head.

“Although I have cultivated for thousands of years, I have never accepted any apprentices. How would you like to become my only disciple?” Su Yu smiled and threw out the bait, “If you become my disciple, then naturally no one can say anything about you being beside me.”

In the original plot, the Original had accepted Ling Tian as his disciple out of guilt, and therefore Ling Tian played a passive role.

However, Su Yu did not intend to take that route. If he was going to do something, then he will do it magnanimously, and his lover had better remember this kindness for all his life!

Ling Tian was stunned silent and his eyes lit up. If he could become this man’s apprentice, and sole apprentice at that, then could he have a closer relationship with this man?

Ling Tian’s eyes brightened and he stood up eagerly. Then, with a solemn face, he declared, “This one acknowledges Ah’Yu as Master!”

Translator: Lone Wolf Translations

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    1. Thank you so much for the update! Haha, these two are so sweet. Su Yu and the Little Ball crack me up! Two quick questions of you don’t mind:

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      1. I’m glad y’all caught up and are enjoying this translation! Ah (啊)is basically a sound. It can be used like ‘um, uh’ or it can be used as an exclamation of surprise. When placed in front of a name, it transforms that name into a nickname, so kind of like adding ‘y/ie’ to the end of names, ie Ken –> Kenny, Rose –> Rosie. It’s not particularly funny, it’s just that Su Yu dislikes all the other nicknames that ML gives him lolol. So ‘Ah’ is very versatile. As for updates, basically it’s normally 1/week and if you check out the righthand sidebar, as soon as the tip jar reaches 40 I update another extra chapter!


  1. This ML is so cute… That part where the actor ML got kissed on the cheek and had a ‘slightly surprised yet adoring expression’ melted my heart, I can see a bit of that in this ML, adorable!


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