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Scattering IQ 56a

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Chapter 56 Part 1 | Arc 3.

Su Yu slept soundly until early afternoon of the next day. Due to some soreness in an unmentionable part of his body, he laid still for nearly another hour before reluctantly climbing up from the dragon bed.

“Round Ball.” Su Yu called out hoarsely.

The little ball immediately woke up from hibernation and glanced at its host who was slowly and gingerly putting on some clothes, before it silently moved its gaze away. This kind of weak and battered host…. it had better not look anymore. It was really scared it might laugh out loud!

Wicked people will get their retribution, the information in its database does not deceive!

“Give me yesterday’s props – I’m going to use them today.” Su Yu managed out through gritted teeth. Last evening his lover was too passionate, doing him all night, and now with every move a soreness emanated throughout his body. He really regretted that last night, due to his own stupid soft-heartedness, he hadn’t used that prop!

The little ball shook a little and inexplicably felt a bit of sympathy for the Male Protagonist. “Does Master Host really want to use that prop? You’ve just gotten together with the Male Protagonist. If that… that state were to happen right now, then it would give the Male Protagonist great emotional trauma, wouldn’t it?”

Su Yu closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm down before finally waving his hand, “Alright forget it. What time is it?”

“It’s almost lunchtime, ” Round Ball gave the answer and then asked haltingly, “How does Master Host feel physically right now? Should I redeem a physical restoration item for you from the mall?”

Su Yu looked over the red traces left on his body by his lover and subconsciously shook his head, “No.”

After saying that, Su Yu froze. Was he actually unwilling to remove these traces from his body? Had he been acting as a servant for so long that it actually brought out his hidden M attributes?

Thinking to here, Su Yu’s face became full of the black lines. Yes he was always on the bottom, but by no means did that mean he was the weaker one!

To prove this point, when Gan Qi came hurrying back to spend time with his lover after handling his court duties, Su Yu didn’t even wait for the other’s loving greetings and instead directly stated, “Your Majesty, did you say before that you were willing to give everything you have to me?”

Zhen has said that, and Zhen still feels the same,” Gan Qi brought his beloved into his arms and subconsciously started massaging Su Yu’s waist, just like he had done in the previous worlds. “How do you feel? Do you need to see a doctor?”

Last night’s frenzied madness was deeply imprinted into Gan Qi’s mind. That great sense of satisfaction in both mind and body was not something he could easily forget.

Su Yu, who got a satisfactory answer, secretly let out a breath of relief. However, relaxed in the gentle embrace of his lover, he was completely willfully disregarding that him even asking this question in the first place totally incriminated him in his newly found M attribute. Had he really wanted to rid himself of any potential M status, then he would not have asked that question.

Round Ball who was floating off to the stand couldn’t stand to see these two mushy people embraced together. It could only silently lament in its heart, Master Host, your personal setting has just collapsed again!

Gan Qi and Su Yu cuddled for a long time, and seeing that his lover was coaxed into a good mood, Gan Qi finally dared to say what was on his mind. “Ah’Shun, now that Zhen has you, Zhen will naturally not need any others. However, Qin Yiran is still in the harem…..”

Hearing this, Su Yu’s entire body froze over. “Ah’Shun” – what was this devil! When did he get such a name!

#This Nickname Haunts Me From World to World#

#You might not believe this, but I suddenly want to abandon my Quick Transmigration tasks just because of a name#

#My Lover is an idiot who has terrible, stupid tastes in nicknames. Even if the world itself changes, his structure for nicknames never change#

#Every world, my Lover’s name is much, much, much cooler and powerful sounding than mine. Inquiry: please confirm, the person with the ultra-cool and handsome setting, is it him or me?#

“Round Ball, I have a very small request. I hope you can help me.” Su Yu – emitting a scary black haze – turned to address Round Ball.

Poor Round Ball who was suddenly pinned with such an aura shook violently. “Master Host, please say it.”

“In the next world, please make my name more in line with my personal setting, Make it as cool and handsome-sounding as possible, will you?” Su Yu asked through narrowed eyes.

The little ball hurriedly agreed, “This is absolutely no problem!”

Gan Qi had no idea what caused his sweetheart to fall into such a bad mood. He thought it was because he mentioned Qin Yiran, and this caused him to feel both guilty and empty. He hurried to console, “Ah’Shun, back then Zhen was absolutely muddleheaded to have invited Qin Yiran into the palace. Zhen promises that Zhen will definitely be better and think more clearly in the future.”

“Of course, ” Su Yu gave a light snort. As long as he was around, there was no way Gan Qi would look at Qin Yiran again. “This servant has a request. Can Your Majesty please give Qin Yiran to this servant to deal with?”

As a good husband who follows his wife’s orders, Gan Qi naturally had no complaints. “Yes that works.”

“What does Your Majesty think of sending Qin Yiran directly to the 7th Royal Palace?” Su Yu slightly narrowed his eyes, his mouth curving into a small smirk and revealing his bad personality.

Su Yu’s first step in dealing with Qin Yiran was to make her lose that sense of pride and superiority which Gan Shen had carefully cultivated. Now, Su Yu had to let her see some hope in the midst of her great despair. Finally, the crushing blow would be delivered by the person she cared about most, smothering those hopes, and then she would plunge into the abyss.

As for Gan Shen, taking away the chance for him to ascend the throne and forcing him to remain an idle prince already seemed rather fitting, but Su Yu had no qualms about adding a bit more excitement and chaos into his life.

Gan Qi’s eyes flashed and he immediately thought of the day before when his lover had gone to visit Gan Shen. “That sounds good.”

Gan Qi was well informed of all that had occurred the day before in the 7th Royal Palace. However, whether it was out of an emperor’s pride, or his jealousy and possessiveness towards his lover, Gan Qi could no longer treat Gan Shen with the same trust and tolerance as before.

“Then this servant will arrange things as so.” Su Yu got up from Gan Qi’s embrace. He loved when pieces fell together perfectly like this.

Along with the emptiness in his arms came a feeling of emptiness in his heart as well. Gan Qi gently held on to Su Yu’s hands. “If there is anything Zhen can help with, Ah’Shun, make sure you let Zhen know.”

“Your Majesty can rest assured, this servant will not hold back out of politeness.” Su Yu smiled and lowered his head, inadvertently exposing a red mark left on his neck. Gan Qi’s eyes immediately darkened.

Seeing this, Su Yu deliberately leaned in, rubbing against Gan Qi’s body and wrapping his arms around the other’s neck. However, he whispered into the other’s ear, “This servant’s body is rather uncomfortable. These days, I’m afraid I cannot serve the emperor in bed anymore. I hope Your Majesty does not hold this against me.”

Translator: Lone Wolf Translations

Wolf Translator:

Gan Qi who has just tasted the joys of spring for the first time, but is now kicked to the couch: ….. QAQ

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    1. Ah’Shun, you play too much! You are really asking to be pushed down again. I really like how every time the ML receives another part of his soul, it seems that so does our Su Yu! He is slowly unlocking the parts of himself that know how to be cute and soft~ While our ML learns all the best qualities, so does our Su Yu!

      Really, they are the best pair. I cannot wait for the next arc and to see how their personalities develop! Next time, we forgo modern sensibilities once again in exchange for magic! And demons, oh no! Su Yu, you must protect Husband!!

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  1. Thank you so so much! I can’t believe this arc is ending *sobs*
    Anyways, I’m very excited for the next arc. Wishing you the best of luck. Please take care of your health, thank you again for translating for us!

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  2. Hahaha poor Gan Qi he seduces you but left you hanging 😂
    Also, poor Gan Shen .. you became the target of Su Yu’s plots 😂
    I’m sooooo excited for the next arc ~

    Thank you for the chapter! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. Sending her back to her ex makes sense. The prince made this mess, so he should clean it up!

    This poor ML, though… Seriously, what kind of twisted pervert did he fall in love with?

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  4. Thanks for the chapter! I truly love your translations. Your one of my favorite translators! ///>_<\\\

    Quick question, would you ever consider picking up a 3rd novel with a really cute cp just like Su Yu and Gan Qi? The novel is called: Every World Seems Not Quite Right.

    It was being translated, but the translator is sleepy ant and she dropped it months ago. I seriously adore you, thus as you are already translating one of my favorite novels, I was sincerely hoping you would consider this desperate and humble request from a loyal fan. *hides face*

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    1. Awwww thank you for these kind words! Hmmm this is the first pick-up request I’ve gotten! I will read through that story and see what I think of it! No promises though, I would love to translate more but I’m pretty busy right now :/


      1. Naturally your real life always goes first!
        Therefore, if you have time to translate and are willing to, we all appreciate it.
        And at times where you’re to busy, it doesn’t matter. All of us have times, where we don’t even touch the ground while hurrying from one point to another.
        That being said: Thank you for your hard work! And thank you for being awesome!

        And regarding Eden’s request. I’ll join in! EWSNQR is so cute!
        As of now 52 chapters have been translated by little ant. That is to say, the first 4 arcs are completed.
        After you got time to read it through, I really would love to know your opinion.


  5. “Your Majesty, did you say before that you were willing to give everything you have to me?”
    …I was half-convinced he would have asked for Gun Qi’s chrysanthemum.


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