Scattering IQ —— 32 [2.20]

Chapter 32

And here y’all go, another busy week for this wolf so I apologize for the delay, but yay it’s still Wednesday is my PST time zone!

Since I won’t see y’all until afterwards, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody!!



5 thoughts on “Scattering IQ —— 32 [2.20]

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  1. I can’t read this chapter on my phone, because the page keeps redirecting to an add website to “win a Walmart gift card.”
    I had to write this comment in notes and copy-paste it because I can’t stay on your page long enough ;-;


      1. Hmmm this is so strange, no one else has mentioned this problem before :/ I’m sorry about that. Unfortunately I have no idea how to fix this, it’s probably a wordpress issue… I hope it gets better… but keep me updated. If it persists I’ll try to send in an IT request or something~


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