Scattering IQ —— 31 [2.19]

Chapter 31

Lately this wolf has fallen into the Madara/Tobirama fanfiction pit. Any Naruto fans here?



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  1. I was a Naruto fan for several years, but all the filler kind of ruined it for me. I finished the manga, but haven’t felt interested enough to start the sequel. I still support SasuNaru, but the majority of doujinshi I’ve seen lately are NaruSasu…

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  2. Huge fan of Madara! Blackkat dragged me into RarePair Hell of MadaTobi, but Palingenesis by PitchBlackMagpie (now xx_bittersweet_merlin on AO3) has made me love MadaHashi to death. The slow burn in it is awesome, and /agony/ to read. I wanted to scream at them and hit them for those many chapters of pining, but it was great lol

    Thank you for translating 🐺 !

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  3. I love MadaTobi!!! Blackkat was also the one who dragged me into this rarepair hell through her tumblr and AO3. I also have some stories not from her that I recommend: (this is actually completely drawn fic, a comic)
    Hope this helps! Enjoy)))

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