Scattering IQ Arc 3, Chapter 47

This is last week's chapter - I got a bit delayed by life. This week's chapter is still coming. . Chapter 47 .


Scattering IQ Arc 3, Chapter 46

Another sponsored chapter!! This extra chapter is brought to you by your generous sponsors Kolap S and Samantha H!!!!! ❤ ❤ Readers please thank your sponsors 🙂 . Chapter 46 .

Scattering IQ Arc 3, Chapter 45

Special thanks to Kolap S for your continued support! ❤ Our extra release meter is now at 30$/40$ so hopefully there will be an extra chapter soon. Sorry about the delay in this week's update, next week should be back to a normal-ish schedule. . Chapter 45 .

Scattering IQ Arc 3, Chapter 42

Today's chapter is brought to you by your generous sponsors: Michelle O, Jennifer L, Caitlin H, Ashley E, Teresa P, Kailey L, Jessica L, and Kolap S! Together, they have filled up the 40$ meter and provided this extra treat for everyone ❤ Thank you! Chapter 42 [3.4]

Scattering IQ Arc 3, Chapter 41

Chapter 41  [3.3] Happy Tuesday! Just overheard on the radio that apparently Tuesdays are the saddest day of the week, since Mondays you still have that 'weekend high' whereas on Tuesday, the rest of the week and the weekend is still so far away.... so here's something to brighten your day! ❤

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