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Scattering IQ Arc 4, Chapter 62

So I realized I previously hadn’t differentiated the different ways of cultivating as clearly as I should have. Su Yu is a Beast Demon (Fox Demon) and he is part of the Beast Demon Cultivation world. The other two factions are the Taoist Cultivation world, and the Demonic Cultivation world. Both of these are humans, who are cultivating either in the Toaist way or the Demonic way, as can be seen in many of the other wuxia novels.

I had been referring to Su Yu’s faction as the Demonic Cultivation world since they are beast demons, but this chapter actually referenced the real Human Demonic cultivation world, so I have gone back and changed all the terms in previous chapters to ‘Beast Demons’ and ‘Beast Demon Cultivation World’ etc. Hope this lessens the confusion.

Chapter 62

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