Scattering IQ Arc 4, Chapter 57, Part 1

Hey y'all, New arc!! And new terms too, so be sure to read my notes at the bottom of the chapter. This is now 'Scattering IQ to the Toaist Apprentice"~~ This chapter's been split into 2 parts because it was longer than the usual chapter. Here's part 1.  


Scattering IQ Arc 3, Chapter 56b

This fast update is a gift to my dear sponsors over the last 3 months in particular, who've donated and supported me even though I've been updating sporadically due to real life! Thank you for your support! ❤ ❤ Much love ~~You know who you are~~ Finale of Scattering IQ to the Lonely Emperor .

Scattering IQ Arc 3, Chapter 56a

Guess what, two-part finale!! Chapter 56 is the last one in this arc!! Ladies and Gents, please prepare yourself to embark on the next journey - Scattering IQ to the Toaist Apprentice!! We will fall into the land of cultivation..... which I've always found so hard to translate LOL rip wolf translator. Anyways, Chapter 56... Continue Reading →

Scattering IQ Arc 3, Chapter 55

Wow would you look at that, our next sponsored chapter is here already! Thank you to Kolap S, Sue C, Christine S, Samantha H, and Janna B who filled up the meter together earlier today! (Wolf Translator, what's with this release speed... can you keep it up?? 😒) Thank you so much for your support! <3... Continue Reading →

Misplacement Game Arc 1, Chapter 15a

Chapter 15 is pretty long so I've split it in half. Also, I've gone back and added in the Author's Notes for chapters 6, 9, and 10. I love the Author's little theaters! Anyways, here's the first portion of Chapter 15!  

Scattering IQ Arc 3, Chapter 54

Double update today! If you haven't already, read Chapter 53 first. . Kay so lemme tell ya, this chapter's about to get *ahem* spicy. This chapter is sponsored by dear Kolap S! Kolap, thank you so much for your constant support. I really appreciated the little note you left me, it was very heartwarming! I... Continue Reading →

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