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Scattering IQ Arc 4, Chapter 63, Part 1

Chapter was longer than usual so I've chopped it in half. Here's part 1, and this week's update!! Also, REJOICE because yall have amazing readers amongst you who are kind enough to sponsor this poor wolf :') and so the next chapter will also be out in a day or two! Chapter 63 Part 1... Continue Reading →

Scattering IQ Arc 4, Chapter 62

So I realized I previously hadn't differentiated the different ways of cultivating as clearly as I should have. Su Yu is a Beast Demon (Fox Demon) and he is part of the Beast Demon Cultivation world. The other two factions are the Taoist Cultivation world, and the Demonic Cultivation world. Both of these are humans,... Continue Reading →

Scattering IQ Arc 4, Chapter 60

Hi there!! Hope you had a wonderful week 🙂 Happy Saturday! Someone asked about my updating schedule so I thought I'd clarify - I generally try to update 1/week, but I don't have a set schedule. For me, 'week' starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday, so I might update on any day of the... Continue Reading →

Scattering IQ Arc 4, Chapter 59

Extra chapter! Extra Chapter! This chapter is sponsored by Sue C, Samantha H, Alinda K, and Sleepymango123! Thank you to my dear sponsors for your support! 🙂 Whenever the tip jar reaches 40$ I upload an extra chapter as thanks. For other readers who are interested, you can check out the righthand sidebar! Here have the sponsored... Continue Reading →

Scattering IQ Arc 4, Chapter 57, Part 2

Wolf Translator's Life Hacks: Honey is the BEST EXTENSION for web browsers! Do you like shopping online? Honey helps you find the internet’s best coupon codes! So you don’t have to search/try them yourself~~ Save money!! Try now. Seriously, I actually use this and it's super useful. . Anyways, hope you guys had a wonderful week 🙂 Here's... Continue Reading →

Scattering IQ Arc 4, Chapter 57, Part 1

Hey y'all, New arc!! And new terms too, so be sure to read my notes at the bottom of the chapter. This is now 'Scattering IQ to the Toaist Apprentice"~~ This chapter's been split into 2 parts because it was longer than the usual chapter. Here's part 1.  

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