Misplacement Game Arc 1, Chapter 13

Thank you to everyone who gave this story good reviews on Novelupdates! It warms my heart that y’all like this as much as I do ahahahaah


Chapter 13


4 thoughts on “Misplacement Game Arc 1, Chapter 13

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  1. Hi sorry~ can i have your email? I need talk with you because i need your permission for TL this novel
    I like your posted and i hope can be tl in my language (Indonesia).


    1. Hi! As stated on my main page, you can feel free to translate this translation to any language you want without asking 🙂 Just keep in mind my translations probably aren’t 100% accurate. There have been a few other ppl who’ve asked about translating this to Indonesian, but I haven’t followed up so I don’t know if anyone is doing it. If you google and don’t already see a translation out there – or if you don’t mind – then go ahead.

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