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Scattering IQ Arc 3, Chapter 48


So life and work got a little too busy – I’m sorry about that. Please enjoy this latest chapter! More sponsored chapters to come very soon, thank you so much to my dear sponsors for supporting me! It’s not easy translating, and although I do enjoy it, it’s easy to get bogged down by how long it takes, and then I feel depressed about how far behind I am and then I start avoiding it. But thank you for supporting me through it all and waiting for me to come back ❤

Anyhoo, I haven’t checked all my emails yet but I will get through and sort out your donations soon! And I will do my best to crank out chapters 🙌🏻 I’ll also throw in an additional chapter somewhere as an apology or the delay, so

TLDR: lots of chapters coming soon.

Chapter 48

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