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Scattering IQ —— Chapter 27 [2.15]

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Chapter 27 | Arc 2.

Of course, this problem couldn’t stump Su Yu. In fact, before he even bought the “Eye of the Soul,” he had already thought of this issue and had formulated his own guesses and plans.

As for the results, well, he could only wait until he sees Qi Chen again.

After purchasing the prop, Su Yu’s IQ points fell back to 0 and he went to sleep with a peaceful mind.

The next morning, Su Yu woke up and opened his phone to find 20 missed calls from Lu Manni. Furthermore, there was also a text from Li Hang.

“President Zhao, I’m in your care in the future.” Li Hang had obviously chosen to reply to Su Yu this way to show off his hacking skills.

Su Yu only raised his eyebrows and then deleted the text. He had only just deleted the message and hadn’t even put the phone down yet when the phone rang again from Lu Manni.

He had to admit, this woman is really dedicated.

Su Yu gave a low chuckled and accepted the call. “Miss Lu, good morning.”

Because of the online storm, Lu Manni hadn’t slept all night, but she didn’t seem to care. Her whole being was strung tightly, extremely nervous. However, like this, she also appeared very fragile, as if she would snap under the slightest wind.

Lu Manni hadn’t thought that the other would pick up, so when she heard Su Yu’s voice, she had an unreal feeling.

But she quickly returned to her senses and said with a hint of caution, “President Zhao, I hope I didn’t bother you?”

Having called more than 20 times overnight, and then again first thing in the morning… to not be a disturbance would be strange.

And yet, Su Yu replied with a good temper, “Did you have something you needed to talk about?”

Lu Manni bit her lip. To reveal that she had been reborn, she was actually very nervous about it. Just like she despised the fact that Zhao Qingsong had been reborn, she was scared the other would feel the same way and not accept her own existence.

This is also the reason why Lu Manni hadn’t mentioned this matter to Su Yu earlier, but now, she was at a dead end and even if she was afraid, there was no other way.

Lu Manni clenched her teeth and said reluctantly, “President Zhao, I have something to discuss with you, concerning a secret that ties us together.”

Hearing this sentence, Su Yu gave a subtle smile. Lu Manni had unexpectedly thought of himself as her last saving grace…. should he applaud her innocence and naivety?

“Okay.” Su Yu smiled broadly, seemingly in a great mood.

Lu Manni breathed a sigh of relief, but then she quickly tensed again. The fact that Zhao Qingsong agreed so quickly made her feel very uneasy.

“Since it is a secret that connects the two of us, then of course we need to have a good discussion. I think things will be very interesting.” Su Yu continued to smile.

These words caused Lu Manni to shiver slightly. She always feels like Su Yu’s words were full of chilling malice, but she also knew that she had no other options at this time, so she could only give a strained smile and say, “Then President Zhao set a time please, I am free whenever.”

“It’s better not to procrastinate, let’s just meet today.” Su Yu tapped the table and immediately picked a random time and place. “How about tonight at 6 o’clock, at the Drunken Moon.”

“Okay, I will definitely be on time.” Lu Manni bit the bullet and agreed.

Once the phone was hung up, Round Ball who had already been scared stiff by its host’s laughter tentatively asked, “Master Host, what are you planning by meeting with the woman right now? Perhaps, are you going to get rid of her?”

“Very smart.” Su Yu nodded approvingly.

“But didn’t you say before that if you got rid of the female protagonist immediately, then things would be very boring?” Round Ball really didn’t understand its host’s eccentricity – it had only been one month!

Su Yu fell silent for a moment, as if he were thinking about something intriguing, and his lips quirked up. “It’s because I’ve found something even more interesting.”

Round Ball instantly understood Su Yu’s meaning, but also felt like it was tricked at the same time.

“Do you know what Lu Manni wants to discuss with me at night?” Su Yu brought the conversation back on topic.

Round Ball didn’t know, but after being with its host for such a long time, it had also become a bit smarter. “Lu Manni wants to confess her identity of being reborn, right? But wow she is really bold. She’s not familiar with you at all – isn’t she scared that you will make things difficult for her?”

“She should be scared, but she has no other way, right?” Su Yu took the pen and started spinning it around. “But if we help her think of a less risky method, then she will surely change her approach.”

“But why should we help her?” Round Ball was starting to understand its host less and less. Clearly just five minutes ago, its host was talking about getting rid of the woman. But now they were helping her?

“Because I want her to die more thoroughly,” Su Yu blinked innocently and did not elaborate further. He directly gave the little ball another immoral task with no lower limits. “From your database, find a quick and effective way of approaching the male god – one that’s straightforward, passionate, and shameless – and then find a suitable time to send it to her.”

Lu Manni had just returned to a new life, and hadn’t experienced much yet. There was little to gossip about, and she didn’t have a black history to uncover. Even the recent online storm wasn’t enough to fully bring her down.

While Su Yu can directly block her using his status, he felt that it wasn’t thrilling enough, and so he decided to set a trap for Lu Manni.

This kind of idea fully reflects Su Yu’s bad tastes, but it also makes the little ball so infuriated it just wants to flip a table. It was the only [I’m Scattering IQ to the Protagonist] system in the world, so why did its host always make it do these kinds of immoral things which can’t see the light of day? This was simply overkill!  (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

However, even if it was madly flipping tables in its heart, Round Ball still had to follow Su Yu’s instructions and it found a very embarrassing method detailing a very shameless approach and sent it in the form of comments and articles to Lu Manni.

Although she knew the comments on the Internet were all cursing herself, Lu Manni still couldn’t help but read over them. She was very nervous at the moment, and needed something to do. Otherwise, she could very well go crazy!

It was at this time that several comments caught her attention.

Husband, kiss kiss: In the end, it’s still Lu Manni herself who’s too useless. If she could cling to someone rich and powerful, then how could she be wronged like this?

Plum blossom apricot blossom: You’re speaking too lightly, do you think that the rich and powerful are so easy to entangle? With Lu Manni – a little-known starlet – how could someone like her catch the attention of someone like that?

Vitamin K: You know, I actually know a little 18-year-old star who’s in a relationship with someone in the upper tiers of Zhao Entertainment. They have it so good, they’ve already officially debuted to start filming in projected blockbuster hit.

Uncle, love me again: I know who you are talking about, isn’t it just by relying on climbing into someone’s bed? So shameless!

Your eyes are too small, stop talking: What’s wrong with bed climbing? Do you think just anyone can accomplish this? That’s too naive. Nowadays if you want to climb someone’s bed, you still have to see if you’ve got the skills!


These were just a few of the many comments, and they weren’t even connected, but Lu Manni saw them all. What’s more, she was actually moved by these.

The reason why she took initiative to contact Zhao Qingsong was originally to seek shelter under the other. Lu Manni was also very clear that if things didn’t go her way, then she might have sought her own death even faster.

If it weren’t for the fact that she was out of options, then Lu Manni would definitely not have brought out her rebirth as a bargaining chip.

But even though she had already decided to act this way, Lu Manni still felt some reluctance and couldn’t control her fears, wanting to just give up on all this.

‘If there were other ways to save herself, then that would be so good,’ Lu Manni’s mind kept repeating such thoughts. And now, it really seems that there was such a way!

Climbing into someone’s bed, this phrase once brought contempt to Lu Manni’s heart, but now she saw it as a lifesaving straw!

Lu Manni clung to her head in despair, letting out an anguished cry. It sounded so painful, because she had to make a painful and difficult choice. This choice would impact the kind of life she leads now, and her life path in the future.

After constant struggle and hesitation, Lu Manni finally chose the “climbing into someone’s bed” option, which she had once shunned with contempt. At least it was relatively safe, and most importantly, she believed she had the charm to pull it off.

Although she was now infamous, Lu Manni had never doubted her charm as a woman.

She constantly comforted herself. She was just doing this to prevent herself from falling off the precipice and becoming dust. She was forced into this. This could be forgiven.

What’s more, she and Zhao Qingsong were both single, so why couldn’t they be together?

Once the decision was made, things seemed to become a lot easier. Lu Manni wiped her tears, took a deep breath, and began to research on how to seduce a man and showcase her full beauty.

Round Ball’s “quick-and-effective” method also entered within Lu Manni’s search scope. Although it couldn’t guarantee that Lu Manni would actually follow its instructions, at least its assigned task was complete.

“Master Host, the female protagonist has already seen the article,” Round ball reported dutifully to Su Yu, and then couldn’t help but complain. “Master Host, I really am a pure and clean system. Next time, could you please stop assigning me such immoral tasks?

“Why don’t you make a list of all the bad information stored in your body and databases?” Su Yu gave the ball a contemptuous glare. Such a system, and it still dared to think itself pure and innocent?

“……” Round Ball actually felt a little speechless.

Su Yu retracted his gaze and issued a new task to the ball. “Contact Qi Chen anonymously and tell him to go to the Drunken Moon tonight to catch two people in action.” [1]

“Why do I need to contact Qi Chen anonymously? Also, what’s he there to catch?” Halfway through its questions, the little ball realized something and suddenly, its whole body started flashing with colourful lights of gossip. “Heh heh heh, Master Host wants him to go there, and catch you and Lu Manni together?”

[1] – literal translation meant ‘ to catch a couple in the act (adultery, illicit sexual relations)’ but I wasn’t too sure how to translate it.

Roamer @LoneWolfTranslations

Ms ‘Seeks-death-FL’, are you sure you wanna make a move on SY, his hubby might not approve…….. *looks offstage to QC*  ML come quick, your wifey is about to be eaten 😂

See ya next week~

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    This novel would be more interesting if the MC did everything himself….
    I have never seen such an easy system that does everything.
    It kind of just makes MC look like a rich entitled brat. But you can’t hate him because the systems the biggest idiot.

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