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Scattering IQ 54 [3.16]

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Chapter 54 | Arc 3.

After listening to the story, Su Yu gave a faint smile. “So in this world, you approached Qin Yiran early and successfully changed her from a manipulative white lotus into a fool? I have to say, your strategy was very effective!”

Having been forced into confessing his tragic life experience, Gan Shen’s mood at this point wasn’t too good. He didn’t want to talk to Su Yu at all, but thinking of the other’s Hand of Fate, he managed, “Han Gong Gong doesn’t need to praise me.”

“At the same time, I must admit, you had a really miserable past life, ” Su Yu bounced a little and then changed into a more comfortable posture, “I’m quite relieved to hear that you had lived so wretchedly.”

Green veins popped up on Gan Shen’s temple. How could there exist a person this shameless!

“But speaking of, I can understand why you’d try to sabotage Qin Yiran and the emperor, but why do you seem to hate me? I am just a servant, I shouldn’t have had the chance to offend a prince?” Su Yu remembered how Gan Shen had looked at him so warily before.

Gan Shen bit his lips and snarled, “Back then, the person who informed me of my demotion to a commoner status was you, Han Gong Gong. And your words were quite discriminating as well.”

“Is that so? I feel quite honoured,” Su Yu raised his eyebrows.

Gan Shen gave a cold grunt. He was so angry right now that he could faint.

“Don’t be so angry, I have some good news to tell Wangye, “Su Yu smiled and stated slowly. “In your previous life, His Majesty was indeed quite muddle-headed and was deceived by Qin Yiran, making the wrong judgment. However, in this life, he has me to accompany him and so Wangye you can rest assured and just continue to be an idle prince.”

Gan Shen’s eyes flashed, only realizing at this time that something was quite wrong. “ Han Gong Gong had stated earlier that your heart already belongs to someone… Is that person….”

Although this Han Shun was completely different from the one he knew, this was still too far of a stretch. It couldn’t be what he suspected, right?

But as soon as he thought so, Su Yu gave a high-impact response, “The person in my heart is naturally the Emperor. Therefore, Wangye can rest assured.”

Gan Shen did not feel reassured at all. He only felt liked he’d been hit by 10 000 points of fear. Han Shun actually had those kinds of thoughts for his Royal Brother, this was simply… blasphemous!

Wangye, please rest easy. The matters between the Emperor and I naturally do not need your input.” Regarding his feelings, naturally he was his own master. Su Yu was just stating a fact – he didn’t intend to hear Gan Shen’s thoughts on this. “If Wangye has free time, then you should hurry and pay Yue Liu girl a visit. I’m sure she’s feeling devastated at being banished from the palace.”

As soon as Yue Liu was brought up, Gan Shen’s mind was naturally pulled over and away from the topic at hand.

Su Yu stood up slowly, “Since we’ve already said everything that must be said, then I will not disturb Wangye and your official duties anymore.”

“Take care on your way out – this Prince will not send you off.” Gan Shen also stood up, but he had no intention of sending the other off politely. After all, he was almost angered to death by this scoundrel. Naturally he had no wish of seeing this person for even a second longer than necessary.

Su Yu sat back in the palace carriage and only just realized that since the beginning, the little ball had been completely silent. It was a strange, pensive silence too. In a rare bought of kindness, he took initiative to speak to Round Ball, “What’s the matter? Were you shocked by something?”

“No, I just suddenly thought that I should change my name.” The little ball shook itself. It still hadn’t recovered from the idiocy it had just witnessed.

“Oh?” Su Yu lifted an eyebrow, and then deliberately teased, “Are you planning to change it to Host Scatters IQ to Me system?”

The little ball gave a helpless glance at its wicked host and then refuted in the same wicked manner, “Nope. According to the debacle I just witnessed, I think the name Saving the World is more suitable for me.”

For some reason, Su Yu inexplicably felt like after teasing Round Ball for so long, he had just been hit back with a taste of his own medicine. But, that could only be an illusion. And so, Su Yu smiled very cooperatively, agreeing with sincerity, “This name really is very suitable for a naive little ball like you.”

“…..” Round Ball who had initially thought it won this round has been defeated by its host’s scary shamelessness.

When Su Yu returned to the palace, Gan Qi was still working in the imperial study. According to the servant who was currently on duty, Gan Qi had spent a full two hours in there, not allowing anyone to enter.

When the servant saw Su Yu, he was so relieved he almost cried. “Han Gong Gong, you’ve finally came back!”

“It’s alright, I’m here now. You can go rest.” Su Yu waved the servant away and then stood outside the study. However, he did not go in to see Gan Qi, but rather turned around and headed directly for his own dwelling.

Now that his lover was on the verge of blackening, how could he take any chances of lessening the impact??

On the inside, Gan Qi had been carefully paying attention to what was happening outside. When he heard Su Yu’s voice, his irritability and depressed mood finally eased. However, no matter how long he waited, his object of affection didn’t come in to see him.

Once he thought of his heart’s darling staying so long at the 7th Royal Palace, only just now coming back but not even coming in to see him, the barely repressed negativity and dark mood instantly came back. “Pah” – the brush in Gan Qi’s hand snapped in half.

Within Gan Qi’s dark eyes surged all kinds of complex and difficult emotions, but soon these emotions were pressed down until only an unfathomable depth remained. At this moment, Gan Qi finally made a decision.

“Servants, come.” Gan Qi threw away the broken brush in his hand, his voice dark and low.

When he arrived back at his own dwelling, Su Yu had no idea of the storm he’d just left behind, and that his actions actually led to the direct blackening of his lover. Having exerted so much energy, he felt very tired and so, after a little washing up, Su Yu directly went to bed.

When he finally woke up from his refreshing nap and was preparing to give a lazy stretch, he suddenly realized something was wrong.

Su Yu shook his wrist and a crisp noise sounded.  He squinted his eyes and his face became pensive.

If his eyes did not deceive him, then right now he was wearing a silver cuff on his wrist. The cuff was connected to a silver chain that glinted faintly in the dark, and Su Yu could see that the silver chain extended past the dragon carvings and onto one of the sturdy bedposts of the dragon bed.

Also, it seems that it wasn’t just his wrist – there was a chain on his ankle too…..

“Master Host, you’ve finally woken up! Do you know just how scary it was, the Male Protagonist, he actually…” The little ball jolted up at the sight of Su Yu’s awareness and immediately began crying and weeping. However, just as it was really getting into the mood, it was interrupted by Su Yu’s hand swatting it away. Round Ball almost choked itself to death.

Su Yu gave Round Ball a profound look, and then said with a little excitement, “It’s just the Male Protagonist blackening and then chaining me to his bed, what’s there to scream about?”

Round Ball swayed, and then had to admit that it was true. But why did this scary thing suddenly seem so trivial coming out of its host’s mouth?

So in the end, why had it worried for so long just now?

“I’m going to redeem a prop.” Su Yu broke the silence with such a sentence.

Round Ball immediately regained its senses and asked excitedly, “Okay! What type of prop does Master Host need? I can help you find the best one very quickly!”

Round Ball was very happy to see this kind of behavior. Before, Su Yu never showed any interest in the item mall’s props. The only time he had purchased a prop had been to verify the Male Protagonist’s identity.

Now that its family’s host actually took initiative to redeem a prop, Round Ball suddenly felt the hallucination that it was actually quite useful. But… why was it that something didn’t seem quite right?

“Find me a prop that makes it impossible for one to get hard. However, it can’t have any lasting harm to the body, and the effect should go away in 3-5 days.” Su Yu slowly lifted the corner of his mouth. It was finally time to settle all accounts with his lover, and he will certainly take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Round Ball was still considering what could possibly go wrong when it heard Su Yu’s words, and it directly fell to the ground. It rolled around, making a ‘guu’ sound. What, what, what! What had it heard just now!!

“Hmm? You didn’t understand my words? Is this the extent of your usefulness? You should be able to understand such simple words,” As Su Yu teased the little ball, he shook his wrist and examined the cuff. It was a delicate silver ring, with two butterflies engraved on it. He had to admit, even though this ring was cuffed to him, Su Yu was very satisfied with the design. “Or is your item mall actually so lacking, it doesn’t even have this kind of everyday prop?”

The little ball struggled to get up from under the dragon bed, and felt that its three worldviews were once again completely refreshed. Heavens, Earth, ah, what a terrible host it had!!

But even though its heart was completely collapsed, Round Ball still dutifully answered Su Yu, “I… I just searched. There are 5 props in the mall which meet Master Host’s requirements. Of them, there are 2 that don’t have any side effects. One must be ingested orally, and the other is applied, cough, externally. They both have the same duration – 3 days – and cost the same amount, 5 IQ points.”

Su Yu thought about it seriously. “Give me the oral one, it’s more convenient.”

The little ball flashed through a series of chaotic lights as it helped Su Yu exchange for the prop. Its brain was a mess and it felt it really was about to be killed by its own host.

After getting the prop, Su Yu checked it over to ensure that there were no problems. Then, he applied it on his lips and turned around, going back to sleep.

Don’t ask him why he dares to apply this thing so boldly and casually on himself. Even without it, he probably wouldn’t get hard in this lifetime.

When Su Yu once again woke up, it was the the bleary confusion of being touched by Gan Qi’s big hands. Those hands were so hot that it was very difficult for Su Yu to ignore.

Gan Qi sat on the edge of the bed and looked down at the sleeping face of his heart’s darling.  Seeing the other open his eyes confusedly, his hand gave a start and stopped its movement, his heartbeat also sped up.

Although he had made a decision, actually carrying it out was still a bit nerve-wracking. It was inevitable that he felt rather panicked, to the point that he couldn’t quite meet the eyes of his beloved.

“Your Majesty?” Su Yu’s voice was a little hoarse, as if he didn’t completely understand his situation.

“You’re awake? How does your body feel?” Gan Qi swallowed uncontrollably, but his face displayed a calm look.

“This servant is alright, how did I end up….” Su Yu shook his head in bewilderment, and just as he was about to climb up from the dragon bed, a crisp sound rang out. He looked down and immediately froze at what he saw. “This… What’s going on here?”

Gan Qi reached out his hands and slowly lifted Su Yu’s chin up, his voice which was always calm actually carried a slight tremor, “Lil’ Shun, if Zhen says that Zhen has always cherished you in my heart, what would you say?”

Translator: Lone Wolf Translations

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  1. Yay double update~╭( ・ㅂ・)و
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  3. Will Su Yu’s plan to make ML unable to get hard for 3 days succeed? I really want to know.

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    1. Nee, I think you’re right. Our Male God is definitely tormen-*cough* teaching his ML! The psychological stresses of not being able to get it up for his sweetheart + Su Yu’s provocations… *silently lights incense for Gu Shen* 🕯🕯🕯🕯

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  4. Demon! …Demon!
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  5. Gan Shen: Heh, my golden finger is that I don’t have to do anything to take revenge on my brother. Goodbye, brother, I hope you live happily with that manipulative monster forever!


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