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Misplacement Game —— Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 | Arc 1.

Even though people had already died, this was still the first time that someone actually died in front of everyone. For a moment, everything was in disarray.

It was a good thing that Zhang Jing had a rather powerful presence, because he quickly began herding out the players who were running around like headless chickens.

They went back to the classroom on the first floor.

There were no clues left behind on the body of the player who’d just died, and in the end, the only thing they could think of was the sentence he hadn’t completed.

Xu Ziyue thought about the blurry image of the man he had seen in the mirror….

He raised his hand and stated, “I saw someone in the mirror before too, but he didn’t talk to me.”

Zhang Jing hurriedly asked, “When was this?”

“Remember how Sun Mo helped us retrieve the mirror fragment? After that I pulled him to the washroom to wash his hands.  Then when I raised my head, I saw the figure. But it happened too fast, and the other didn’t say anything to me.”

“What did that man look like? Did he have any expressions or discerning movements?”

Xu Ziyue shook his head, “He was covered in blood stains, and his clothes look dirty and old…. It looked like a school uniform, but not like ours. As for expressions, I didn’t see any, and I don’t think he made any movements either. Everything happened so fast, and I was really scared so I immediately closed my eyes.”

“I think you probably saw the same figure…” The player who spoke then pointed to the body on the ground, “he was probably going to say something that the evil spirit didn’t want us to know, and that’s why he died.”

Xu Ziyue stroked his chin, “Could it be that those two girls who had died earlier also saw something in the mirrors and found out something they weren’t supposed to know, and so they…..”

Everyone thought about it. “That’s actually very likely.”

Zhang Jing thought some more and then suggested, “We can go to the library storage room and look through the graduation yearbooks. That way, Xu Ziyue, you can look at the uniforms and see if one matches what you saw in the mirror.”

Xu Ziyue nodded, “Okay, I can do that.”

And so the players were reduced to 16 people, but included an outsider – Sun Mo.

The journey to the library was very calm, and the hidden ghost did not obstruct them in any way, so Xu Ziyue began to wonder if their current actions actually had nothing to do with what the player was about to say when he had died.

They had spent most of the night running around like this, and quite a bit of time had already passed.

It was around three o’clock in the morning when Xu Ziyue and the others reached the school storage room.

The door to the storage room was locked, but fortunately it wasn’t a set of iron anti-theft doors, but rather, a very ordinary wooden door.

Zhang Jing didn’t bother looking for the keys, and instead instructed several players to go up and kick the door. After a few kicks, the lock hung loosely, half on and half broken.

With that, the group of players successfully managed to get in.

Xu Ziyue asked, “Won’t the NPCs come after us? This can be considered breaking and entering, right?”

“Rest assured, in these types of worlds, the NPCs usually sleep very deeply. After all, it is a game. If they didn’t give us any time to explore, then this game would be unsolvable. All games can be cleared, it’s just up to you if you can live until the end of the game.” Someone explained for Xu Ziyue.

“Oh, I see…”

The storage room looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in a very long time. There was a thick layer of dust on every surface, and if one were to run their hands through it, it would leave a very obvious mark.

“Look and see if there’s anything useful.” Zhang Jing glanced around, and then started digging through a drawer.

Compared to the library, things were packed more densely into this little space, and it also looked like it would hold more useful information than the library.

Someone found an album of graduation photos over the years, and quickly brought it over to Xu Ziyue.

Flipping through a few pages, Xu Ziyue suddenly pointed at a photo, “This is the uniform!”

Someone glanced at the year written on the upper-lefthand corner and shouted out in surprise, “That’s the same time as when Shangyang High School was abandoned!”

Xu Ziyue didn’t know which year Shangyang High School was abandoned, but it looked like everyone else knew, so he decided not to ask any questions.

The players began to chat animatedly, discussing the fact that the mirror man must have been a student before the school was abandoned.

Xu Ziyue grabbed at the hair and looked over at Sun Mo. Sun Mo’s expression was very bland, and didn’t seem to be affected at all by what they were discussing.

The fact that the other wasn’t bothered at all by their non-student-like-actions…… Xu Ziyue began to feel that this was a little strange.

Xu Ziyue asked, “Aren’t you curious about what we’re doing?”

Sun Mo replied, “Aren’t you guys looking into the reason why Shangyang High School was abandoned?”

“Yes… But as you can see, some of our team members have died.” “Xu Ziyue didn’t know if he should be glad or not about Sun Mo’s calmness.

“Well, it’s not a big deal.”

Xu Ziyue felt very strange. Normal people would not react to people dying with such calmness, or such matter-of-fact-ness. But Sun Mo was an NPC of an abnormal game world, so was it actually normal of him to act this way?

Xu Ziyue grew even more confused.

Xu Ziyue saw Sun Mo start to look around the storage room, and so he sidled up closer to Zhang Jing.

One of Zhang Jing’s hands was hurt, so he was slightly slower than the rest in picking up and looking through the various documents. Therefore, Xu Ziyue took the initiative to bring things over and flip them open for him to look at.

“Why are you being so helpful?” “Zhang Jing gave Xu Ziyue a sideways look.

Xu Ziyue ‘heh-heh’ed and smiled, “I just want to ask since this is my first time playing this game… what have your interactions with the NPC been like in the past?”

Zhang Jing looked at Xu Ziyue very strangely. “In the past, we’ve had very little communication with the NPC, unless it was to clear the game. I can’t recall much about them. You’re the first I’ve seen who actually drags an NPC along to everything they do.”

“I like him. I was just wondering if it was okay to let him know all these things? And he’s acting like everything’s normal… that makes me feel like everything is really strange.”

Zhang Jing stared at Xu Ziyue in surprise. “You like him?!”

“Hey, hey, I think you’re focussing on the wrong point?”

“No, if you really like him, then I actually don’t think he’s strange. The strange one here is you.” Zhang Jing turned his head back down and started looking through the documents again. Now he finally understood why Xu Ziyue’s actions were so different from everyone else’s.

The other was just a love-sick fool. Everybody else just wants to survive, he fucking wants to chase NPCs!

Xu Ziyue felt his impatience rise as he awaited the answer to his question. Tugging on Zhang Jing’s sleeve, he asked again, “You haven’t answered my question ah. Is it okay for an NPC to know so much? He’s not afraid of dead people or anything!”

Zhang Jing rolled his eyes. “You know of the NPCs in games? The kind in the computer or mobile games you play? If you tried to interact with an NPC and it had no task for you, then no matter how much you try to chat with it, it will still give you a fixed sentence that’s been programmed by the system.”

“So you’re saying that these things we’re doing aren’t programmed into his settings?”

“Pretty much.” Zhang Jing nodded. He turned around to look at Sun Mo. “Though, I haven’t seen an ordinary NPC that’s as handsome as he is. But, it’s all data that’s been automatically generated by the system, so anything could happen I suppose…”

Xu Ziyue privately thought to himself, it could also be that his Love-Attack! system had made some programming changes for him.. Maybe this NPC doesn’t belong to that horror game the others were playing?

Xu Ziyue couldn’t figure it out, he had never been the most cleverest one in the room. Well, if he couldn’t figure it out, then he’ll just leave it. Maybe everything will clear up sometime in the future.

Adopting this attitude, he left Zhang Jing’s side and ran back to Sun Mo, pulling Sun Mo along as he began to search around.

“Come and see this!” Someone shouted suddenly.

Xu Ziyue immediately pulled Sun Mo over.

The player had found a newspaper clipping, which basically stated that after someone had died from the Shangyang High School class of 3-7, paranormal activity had started happening in the classroom. The ceiling fan couldn’t be installed, and the students couldn’t pay attention to the lectures under the hot, stifling conditions. Then, one student disappeared. After that, the school had invited some professionals to come take a look and things had gotten better, but it didn’t take long before another two students died in the classroom. The school then closed for a while, until the fan was successfully installed and no longer fell off, before it finally reopened.

But on the first day of classes, the ceiling fan spun out of control and flew down, killing everybody including the teacher.

After that, Shangyang High School decided to seal off the entire building.

“So that’s what had happened… How many people had died during this whole process?

“And everyone who had died was in class 3-7.”

“We’re also in class 3-7 right now…. and isn’t strange things happening to us too?”

“Did the mirror man also belong to class 3-7?”

“In any case, we must find out who the mirror man really is.” Of course, we cannot easily believe what he says, but at this point, he’s the only source of information we have.”

Xu Ziyue felt like his head was filled with glue, all the clues were coming together and yet he still couldn’t make out what was happening. At this moment, he felt that his IQ… really wasn’t that high ah.

Xu Ziyue let out a yawn. “Aren’t any of you sleepy?”

Zhang Jing frowned and then replied, “At this point, we probably can’t find anymore clues. Everyone, head back and rest. If something bad is to happen later, then we’ll all need the energy.”

Xu Ziyue nodded his head, fully agreeing with Zhang Jing’s words.

Wait a minute…. Sleeping, doesn’t that mean he’ll be able to sleep together with Sun Mo??

Xu Ziyue looked excitedly at Sun Mo.

Sun Mo glanced at Xu Ziyue who wasn’t doing anything to hide his enthusiasm. “Let’s head out first?”

Xu Ziyue nodded and yelled back to Zhang Jing, “Sun Mo and I are leaving first! You guys take care on your way back!”

Green veins popped out of Zhang Jing’s forehead. “If you end up dying somewhere, don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

Xu Ziyue waved his hand dismissively, “Nah no worries, I won’t blame you!”

Zhang Jing: “……….” Usually, those who liked to run off alone typically died first, so why was it that Xu Ziyue was living so well, without a care in his life?

Zhang Jing was utterly confused, and began to feel acute liver pain from all his irritation.

Wolf Translator~


‘Xu Ziyue privately thought to himself, maybe this NPC doesn’t belong to that horror game the others were playing?’ — LOL yah…. he has absolutely ~nothing~ to do with that horror game the others are playing.


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  1. The other players are so tolerant of MC roping in the ML, lol. If it were me, I’d be suspicious of an NPC being draggable and still up unlike the other NPCs.

    If only Zhang Jin and the other players knew, they would have even more liver pain. And being fed dog food too, lol…

    I wonder if their horror system are chatting or cooperating with MC’s system.

    Thanks for the chapter! Looking forward to the sleepover!

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  2. I really curious of who the player of the horror game that overlapping with the game XZY and Co play. Is they hiding within the group or… The mystery! Then the mirror man will spout nosense like SM killed him bla bla bla. Ahhh, i hope there’s any plot twist or any surprise!

    And my head hurt just trying to place every pieces I found, but can’t come out with any conclusions. I didn’t read the raw too far, just until chapter 9 maybe? I lost the link. But, at least this is so very my cup of tea to drink. Thx for the chapter! I’m so eager to read the next chap!

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  3. LMAO… If Zhang Jin knows that XZY is playing love sim game, I’m afraid that he’s not only get acute liver pain, but a heart attack or die from excessive blood loss from throwing up. That is if Sun Mo decided to keep him alive of course.

    Thank you for the update.

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      1. I want to but I already procrastinated some homework, 1 of them due today and 3 due tomorrow…. As it’s already past 3am I’ll just rest a little then continue. I’ll mtl….maybe on friday. 😀

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  4. “Though, I haven’t seen an ordinary NPC that’s as handsome as he is.” ZJ, you’re a veteran, you should know better. He’s going to spit blood if he ever finds out MC is playing a different game! MC is so excited to sleep with ML, lol.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  5. Ah…. when I was younger I never really liked ceiling fans since I was afraid that they would fall and kill someone (cough me cough), and now this reminds me why I didn’t like ceiling fans. Not afraid much anymore but… they scary

    Lol poor Zhang Jin. He has to deal with such a shameless and unafraid teammate, and try to keep everyone alive… it’s funny though. Let’s laugh at his confusion.

    Thanks for translating!

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  6. Im gonna give ML one more chance.. and benefit of the doubt..

    But im highly suspicious the mirror man was ML’s reflection…

    Bruh it must suck to be shipped by a system to a ghost.. like whod be able to be erect or feel aroused at the prospect of fudging a ghost/murderer. .__.

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  9. zhang jing actually seems like a very reliable leader. he just doesn’t the other players to die and himself to die, so i understand why he’s so serious and angry with xzy. i hope he survives and they meet again in another world.


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