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Misplacement Game —— Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 | Arc 1.

The more Xu Ziyue looked at Sun Xuebao, the more he didn’t believe what the other had to say.

Every time this man appeared, he scared people half to death. Looking at his expression, he seemed to really hate Sun Mo, but Xu Ziyue felt that it was a little exaggerated.

Nevertheless, Xu Ziyue was afraid that the other would resort to physical harm if he didn’t get his way, so he just nodded very seriously. “I understand. So what do you want me to do?”

Sun Xuebao’s eyes suddenly hardened, “Kill him!”

Xu Ziyue: “……” He’s just a newly graduated high school student who hasn’t even killed a fish before!

But to appease Sun Xuebao, he had to play along. “At least you’ll have to tell me what to do then?”

“All I know is how to seal him up. Before, I had asked someone to seal him, but even so, he didn’t die.” Sun Xuebao replied through gnashed teeth.

“So how do you seal him then?” Xu Ziyue felt that talking to this person was so tiring; they kept going in circles and not getting to the main point.

“Find a jar filled with ashes, and then burn those ashes. After that, he should be successfully sealed.”

Xu Ziyue nodded, half-understanding, and then asked, “Okay, I understand. Can I leave now?” He couldn’t wait to leave this room with Sun Xuebao in it.

“You must help me! You’re the only one who can help me!”

Xu Ziyue pushed open the door, not even looking back as he ran out.

Sun Mo sat at his desk, and when he heard Xu Ziyue come out, he turned around to look at him.

Xu Ziyue hurriedly urged, “You should quickly go and wash up, I have something to say to you.”

Sun Mo raised an eyebrow, but didn’t ask what the matter was. Calmly, he strode into the washroom and went to bathe.

By the time he came back out though, Xu Ziyue was still hovering there, acting very secretive and mysterious.

Sun Mo’s bed was on the top bunk. As everyone who’s lived in the dormitory would know, a student’s single bed is not that large. It can easily fit one person, but if there were two people on it, then it would be a little cramped. To fit both people comfortably, one would have to lie on their side, either leading against the wall or the handrail.

Xu Ziyue cared deeply about beautiful people and didn’t want them to suffer any discomforts, so he took initiative to sleep on the outside. However, he was also careful to not move carelessly lest he accidentally falls down. Although the bunk beds weren’t too high up, if he actually fell, he still might fracture a bone.

Once he was certain that Sun Mo had laid down comfortably, Xu Ziyue couldn’t suppress his impulses anymore and directly pulled the quilt over their heads, covering them both entirely underneath.

“What are you trying to do?”

Sun Mo made a move to flip the quilt off over their heads.

“I have something I need to tell you secretly!” Xu Ziyue tightened his hold on the quilt, refusing to let Sun Mo throw it off. He also made a point of lowering his voice, in case he was overheard.

Then, under the quilt, Xu Ziyue proceeded to whisper to Sun Mo everything that the mirror man Sun Xuebao had said. Midway through, the air under the quilt became too stuffy and he had to stick his head out for some fresh air lest he be suffocated.

“I don’t think he’s a good guy, but…. He seems to hate you so much. Do you know him?” Xu Ziyue thought about what Zhang Jing had said to him earlier, that the players could only communicate with NPCs who held important plot points. Perhaps Sun Mo was one of these NPCs?

“So you think that I’m a good person?” Sun Mo inquired.

Xu Ziyue flipped the quilt off their heads so that Sun Mo’s head was also exposed. “Okay, let’s stop crouching under there. Don’t you feel rather breathless?” Then he replied to Sun Mo’s question,” How can you be a bad person? You’re so handsome!”

In the dark, Sun Mo’s lips twitched up into a grin. “Go to sleep.”

It was almost dawn and if he were to sleep now, he actually wouldn’t be able to sleep for long. However, as soon as Sun Mo told him to sleep, Xu Ziyue felt strong drowsiness begin to drift in.

Dazed, Xu Ziyue groggily clutched onto Sun Mo’s pajama sleeves. “You still haven’t told me… whether you and him know each other… “As soon as he spoke those words, Xu Ziyue fell asleep.


The next morning, Xu Ziyue was awakened by a loud sound. Because of the stimulating and frightening experiences from the day before, his dreams were quite muted. Not to mention, he couldn’t sleep for long because he still had classes to attend.

He opened his eyes and laid in bed for a long while, but once he fully awoke, he realized he couldn’t hear any sounds.

Ah…. It was probably something spiritual, having to do with those unclean things again. Well, he thought as he sat up, as long as those things didn’t appear before his eyes, then everything was good and he could pretend they didn’t exist.

Xu Ziyue finished washing up but he couldn’t find Sun Mo anywhere. Shrugging slightly, he changed into his clean underwear which had dried and then headed outside.

Last night, he had thought that he would be too excited to fall asleep. And yet, he’d truly fallen asleep. Xu Ziyue sighed as he lamented the fact that he didn’t even get to fully enjoy the experience of sleeping together with Sun Mo. What a waste!

It’s just that he had no idea where Sun Mo ran off to.

Xu Ziyue walked down approximately three flights of stairs – thinking absentmindedly about all the places Sun Mo could have gone to – and then ran into a familiar player. It was Lu Renjia.

Xu Ziyue went up to greet his comrade, but found that he other had a grim face.

Xu Ziyue asked curiously, “What’s going on?”

“S-someone died again.”

This early in the morning… how unlucky ah. But Xu Ziyue was quickly growing accustomed to these kinds of things.

In one breath, Xu Ziyue posed several questions. “How did they die? And how many? Also, where did they die?”   

“They all died after returning to the dorms earlier this morning,” Lu Renjia replied, shivering hard. “A total of three people, and all, all of them died in the washroom.”

In the washroom… Wasn’t that where the mirrors were??

Xu Ziyue swallowed thickly, beginning to get a bad feeling. However, if he were to follow that train of thought, then why was it that he was still okay?

Soon after, the 13 players all gathered together. Each had a weary face, evidently no one got a good night’s rest. There weren’t that many hours to sleep to begin with, and then came the news that people had died too.

The group walked to the classrooms together, and in order to liven the atmosphere slightly, Zhang Jing casually asked, “Xu Ziyue, where did you and that NPC sleep yesterday?”

“Just a few floors above you guys… It’s probably the top floor I think.” As Xu Ziyue thought about it, he realized that he hadn’t seen any stairs heading up when he came down this morning, so he was probably on the top floor.

“Wait…” Xu Ziyue’s face became a little stiff. Turning around, he face the dormitory building which was now behind them. “I, I, I… Yesterday I was… I was sleeping on the 6th floor!”

“What did you just say?!”

“When I went downstairs… I didn’t see any stairs heading up because the floor I was on was already the highest.” Xu Ziyue’s heart gave a start. It couldn’t be, is Sun Mo really a ghost?! Yesterday, he seemed to be…. Well, if Sun Mo really is the ghost, then wouldn’t that mean the mirror man had spoken the truth?

So he actually already learned of the way to seal the ghost of this world, and was told of the CLEAR conditions? Then why didn’t Sun Mo kill him after he was told the truth?

This wasn’t reasonable!

He must have understood something wrongly.

“Let’s go! Hurry up and take a look!”  Zhang Jing tightly gripped onto Xu Ziyue’s wrist, intent on pulling him back to the building they had just left.

“Wait, don’t, I still need to think about this.” Xu Ziyue shook his head and flung off the other’s hand “There are many things that don’t make any sense.”

A player who had a quick temper couldn’t help but exclaim, “Then hurry up and say it! This suspense is killing me!”

“Let’s go to class first. Something else also happened last night. I’ll tell you all about it later once I’ve sorted it out.” Xu Ziyue shook his head and determinedly started away walking towards the lecture hall.

“Why can’t you say it now? Why do you have to wait? Not that I want to curse you, but what if you die later?!”   

Xu Ziyue heard the voice behind him, but he gave no reaction. He was too caught up in his own thoughts, distressing over exactly what kind of person his ‘White Moonlight’ really was. [T/N: White Moonlight = beau, apple of his eye, object of his affections, light of his world, etc.]

When the other people saw that Xu Ziyue refused to say anything, they could only helplessly leave him be. Because, no matter how much they itched to push it out of him, if Xu Ziyue really refused to open his mouth, then there was nothing they could do ah.

Xu Ziyue walked at the front of the group, followed by the 12 other players.

As soon as he entered the classroom, he saw the Sun Mo sitting at his desk.

Xu Ziyue’s eyes brightened and he hurriedly dragged his chair over to the edge of Sun Mo’s desk. “How come you got up first and didn’t wake me? I was looking for you everywhere! What if I had overslept and missed class? Do you not care if I’m late?”   

Sun Mo replied dismissively, “You were going to get up.”

On the other side of the classroom, Zhang Jing stared suspiciously at Sun Mo. He was the one who had taken Xu Ziyue onto the 6th floor, which was closed off. Therefore, his identity in this game world must not be simple. Perhaps they would have to do a little digging to find out exactly how this NPC was special. Zhang Jing decided that they should investigate this later.

Looking around at all the players who were more or less staring at them, Xu Ziyue made a decision and slowly leaned forward, putting his mouth close to Sun Mo’s ear. Quietly, he asked, “Yesterday, did you bring me up to the 6th floor?”

Xu Ziyue leaned back and then looked with dissatisfaction at Sun Mo’s ear which was not red at all.

This…. this effect wasn’t the same as what he’d heard it should be?

The Author has something to say:
After a long discussion, in order keep this text harmonious, even though our ML is the big BOSS, he’s one of those harmonious big BOSS who doesn’t kill people, okay? [slight smile] This will keep me from being reported.

Translator: Lone Wolf Translations

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