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Misplacement Game —— Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 | Arc 1.

When Xu Ziyue opened his eyes, he noticed that this ‘Love-Attack!’ game had a rather generic main interface. There was a platform for saving and loading game files, as well as another for selecting new Worlds.

It’s just that the buttons for saving and loading game files were completely greyed out – the hand that Xu Ziyue placed on them had no effect. The button to exit the game was also greyed out. Only the ‘Select Game‘ button seemed to work.

Of course, this was inevitable because Xu Ziyue could no longer leave this game; when he had bound to the system in his spiritual body, his physical body had died.

This was because Xu Ziyue had died in a car accident – the kind where even if an ambulance had arrived, he would still have died. And so, he had finally agreed to bind with the Love-Attack! game system, a system which had been entangling him for over two years now.

He had then entered into this illusory space, which was also the main interface of the Love-Attack! game.

The system began to dutifully explain the rules. “The number of players in each game can vary, but the number of available targets is set, so Host must grasp all opportunities and capture your target!”

Xu Ziyue absentmindedly poked the greyed out ‘Exit Game‘ button and replied, “Whether I capture them or not is entirely dependant on their appearance. Are your available targets handsome?”

“Of course! We’ve consulted and integrated many data packages for the target NPCs’ appearance, drawing only upon what is most popular. Therefore, as for their appearances, Player can feel reassured!”

At this, Xu Ziyue finally showed some interest but he still didn’t know if the system’s words were trustworthy.

In the end, the final evaluation had to be given by Xu Ziyue himself. Even if the system were to equate the available targets to beautiful flowers, Xu Ziyue would still remain a little skeptical until he saw them for himself.

“Player, have you adjusted your mindset and mentally prepared to enter the first World?”

Xu Ziyue took a few deep breaths, banished the scene of the car accident from of his mind, cursed the taxi driver who had been driving drunk, and finally felt his heart ease up a little.

“Okay, let’s start the game.” Let him see how good-looking these supposed ‘ultra-good-looking’ targets really were! Xu Ziyue didn’t set his standards too high – if the other was a man, then they should at least be on the level of his high school basketball team’s school prince. If it’s a woman, then at least as pretty as that long-haired school idol in the neighbouring district. Only like that would he actually have the interest to chat with and pursue the other.

If the target is good-looking, then even if their temper is a bit bad, he can still bear with it… but in general, every available target in dating simulation games had some sort of an attractive, endearing side to them so Xu Ziyue wasn’t too worried.

Even if he failed the game and couldn’t obtain the affections of the most handsome target, then at least he could still admire their beauty! Xu Ziyue half wanted to slap himself for his tendency to focus only on the superficial outer appearance, but his other half was also filled with excitement and desire for what’s to come.

Even though he didn’t fully believe in the system’s promises, his heart was still filled with anticipation.

Ah… could he really experience love in a game with attractive people who have wholesome personalities? Just thinking about it made him very happy heh heh.

The system intoned, “Selecting the game – introductory level: novice difficulty.”

Xu Ziyue nodded and then felt his vision black out, his body beginning to fall. Following, he came into contact with something firm and he sat down.

He opened his eyes and found that he had appeared inside a school classroom.

Class was currently in session and the teacher at the front was lecturing about math modules. Xu Ziyue looked around excitedly at his new classmates.

System: “Those with green symbols on their heads are players; this game has 20 players. Your available targets are all the NPCs of Shangyang High School. Please explore the game by yourself, there is no tutorial. Once you successfully capture your target’s heart and obtain their affections, you will clear this world and the game will end.”

Xu Ziyue stroked his chin and started to evaluate his classmates with a sense of expectation.

70 points, 60 points, 85 points… There were a lot of good-looking people – one of his fellow players even achieved a high score of 89 points. However, in terms of those people who are so handsome that one can’t help but want to jump on them… Xu Ziyue still hasn’t seen one yet.

Suddenly, he noticed that the male player sitting next to him inexplicably had a very ugly expression on his face. After realizing this, Xu Ziyue observed the other players and saw that most too had similar grimaces.

Xu Ziyue grew a bit curious, and the sense of novelty and excitement also grew. He took out a small eraser and threw it at the table of the player beside him.

Lowering his voice, he asked, “Hey, what’s your name? Did you also die and then come into this game world? My name is Xu Ziyue. Have you picked a target yet? If so, I will avoid them. After all, the significant others of friends are off limit– ”

“Xu Ziyue!”

Xu Ziyue was startled and quickly looked up at the teacher who had just shouted his name. Trembling slightly, he stood up. Caught so quickly by the teacher ah… He had thought that the NPC teachers would ignore the actions of the players… It seems that he had guessed wrong.

The math teacher standing at the podium did not directly start to reprimand Xu Ziyue. Instead, he said, “You come up here and solve this question.”

Xu Ziyue wordlessly opened his mouth – he didn’t know what to do. He looked at the fellow player beside him, only to find that the other’s attention wasn’t on him at all. Instead, the other player’s face was pale, as if he was afraid of something.

Xu Ziyue could only temporarily dismiss the idea of seeking help from this comrade.

He took out a pen and poked the back of the male sitting in front of him.

The male flinched abruptly, and then turned around to pin Xu Ziyue with an unfriendly glare.

Xu Ziyue, however, was stunned, and his eyes lit up with joy.

“Don’t ask other students for help!” The math teacher knocked on the podium with a pointer, his tone severe.

“Teacher, I’m sorry.” During his life, Xu Ziyue was the kind of student that always knew how to get on another’s good side. Although he was not the most academically inclined – only being about average in his classes – he was the type of person who could liven any atmosphere. “I wasn’t listening just now so I don’t know the answer. But, I promise! I will pay attention from now on!”

“Sit down. Listen carefully.” The teacher indeed did not continue to make things difficult for Xu Ziyue, and after seeing him take a seat, continued to lecture.

Xu Ziyue let out a breath of relief and started to fiddle with the pen he had just used to poke the student sitting in front of him.

He had found his capture target – it is the male sitting in front of him!

He is so handsome ah… It’s just that his face seems a little pale, and his body seems a little weak, as if he hadn’t been eating properly lately.

If you ask science-inclined-Xu Ziyue to describe the student before him, then the most poetic he could think of is ‘beautiful with light and delicate features’. After all, the other was still young and his features hadn’t fully developed yet.

It’s just that his eyes were slightly darker than that of a normal person, and seemed rather listless. If he had a bit more spirit, then he perhaps he would be even more eye-catching.

Xu Ziyue mentally assigned this classmate an ultra-high score of 93 points.

Xu Ziyue wanted to talk to him and chat a little, but unfortunately the teacher up front was still keeping a close eye on himself and so he could only sit straight and continue to listen to the lecture.

There was a seating chart located on the upper lefthand corner of his desk. Xu Ziyue noticed that all the players had this chart whereas the NPCs didn’t, so he concluded that this was probably a prop meant to familiarize the players with the current game. The student sitting in front of him was called Sun Mo, and the other player whom he had designated his comrade was Lu Renjia.

Sun Mo… Xu Ziyue repeated that name in his heart. It seems this character won’t be very easy to approach. He had merely poked the other’s back and then was glared at with such fervour… but alas, he was not disheartened!

If this was reality then Xu Ziyue might have cared a little more, but… He had already died once, and this was also a love simulation game. Add in the fact that he’s a single dog without any attachments… If he really wants to fall in love, then what’s wrong with being a little bit shameless?

Yes, what is face? In front of his target, he didn’t need any of that! [1]

After the dismissal bell rang, Xu Ziyue didn’t notice the unspoken communication and subsequent congregation of the other players, and instead walked over to Sun Mo’s table and began to chat.

“Sun Mo, how could you not help me earlier, the teacher was so fierce ah.” Xu Ziyue whined, squatting beside Sun Mo’s desk and resting both hands on the table, even proceeding to rest his chin on them.

Sun Mo glanced faintly at Xu Ziyue, but didn’t appeared inclined to speak.

“Did I poked your funny bone just now? Then I will apologize, okay? Can you talk to me, I want to hear your voice ah.”

As Xu Ziyue was talking to Sun Mo, the other 19 players gathered in a remote corner of the classroom.

Someone asked, “Should we call that person over?”

Another replied, “We can’t help those who choose to seek death. He doesn’t even read the Beginner’s Guide, and doesn’t understand the importance of meeting with us to exchange information. If he were to join us, then he would just bring us death flags.”

The person who had spoken before fell silent.

If there weren’t any specific tasks triggered, and if they didn’t actively talk to the NPCs, then the NPCs generally wouldn’t take any notice of the players; therefore, these players weren’t too worried about visibly gathering together.

“I’m sure everyone’s already read the background information regarding this World. After Shangyang High School changed principals, the old abandoned Lecture Hall was renovated. We are students who’ve just entered into our third year, and we were relocated to this classroom here. The reason this building had originally been abandoned is very likely the key to our escape. Also, we were all placed together in this classroom and not spread out amongst the other classes, so that’s another important clue…..”

“Oh? What are they talking about?” Xu Ziyue turned his head slightly and looked curiously at the large group of players gathered in the corner.

Sun Mo, who had been ignoring Xu Ziyue’s existence until now, also turned to follow Xu Ziyue’s gaze.

“What are they talking about?” Sun Mo asked quietly.

Xu Ziyue’s eyes lit up. “As expected, your voice sounds really nice!” Sun Mo’s words had a strange rhythm and there was a sense of emptiness, but his tone was very crisp; Xu Ziyue’s only complaint was that the other spoke too little. He himself had said so much, and yet Sun Mo had only said one sentence, which was actually just a repetition of Xu Ziyue’s own question!

Xu Ziyue met Sun Mo’s gaze and puffed out his cheeks. “I don’t know ah, I asked you this question first.”

If he had to, he would guess that they were discussing and distributing the various NPCs as personal capture targets. Though, with so many people in the school, there shouldn’t be anyone rude enough to come fight him for Sun Mo right? He saw Sun Mo first!

Even if they couldn’t be lovers, he still wanted to be together with Sun Mo in this world… Look at his wonderfully clear and smooth complexion, and his fine facial features!

Ah… He’s so handsome!

[1] – 面子, “face” – there’s a lot of literature on the Chinese concept of Face, you can google it for more in-depth explanations, but basically it’s personal dignity. You can’t act shamelessly because it’ll cause you to lose face, and then you will be shunned and mocked by society etc. Something like that. It’s very complicated~

Wolf Translator~


Hello everybody!!! I am SO excited to be starting on this new novel with y’all – I’ve been following this one for quite some time and I must say, I really like this story! I will try to release the first five chapters within the next few days so that you can get a feel for it, so please stick with me for a few chapters at least and try it out 🙂


 Table of Contents | Next Chapter
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