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Misplacement Game 20b

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Chapter 20 Part 2| Arc 1.

But if it weren’t for him carelessly dragging this Big BOSS Sun Mo around everywhere, then Sun Mo would not have known about these things, and would not have had any idea regarding how to deceive the system.

“Why didn’t you disappear with them?” Sun Mo confusedly raised his hand and pinched Xu Ziyue’s earlobe.

Xu Ziyue realized that after he successfully captured his target, Sun Mo actually became more physical and casual. But he didn’t feel annoyed about this at all….

“That’s because… I’m not like them.”

“What’s different about you?”

Under the glow of Sun Mo’s beauty, Xu Ziyue dazedly blabbed all about his own target-capture system… after all, there was no rule in the system that he couldn’t tell anyone… right?

Xu Ziyue stared pitifully at Sun Mo. “You won’t be angry at me, will you?”

Sun Mo thought for a moment, “Are you pretending to like me?”

Xu Ziyue shook his head, correcting Sun Mo’s statement, “I genuinely like you. By that, I mean your face.”

Sun Mo nodded, “That’s right, you really like me.”

Xu Ziyue: “…” Seems like there’s no use in correcting him.

“I’m running out of time. In a little bit, I’ll disappear too.” Xu Ziyue’s eyes remained glued to Sun Mo’s face, deeply afraid that in the next game, there wouldn’t be someone as good-looking as Sun Mo.

Sun Mo nodded, his eyes profound, “Okay.”

“Then, before I go, could you tell me what’s going on between you and Sun Xuebao?”

Sun Mo bowed his head and gave a light kiss on Xu Ziyue’s forehead.

As Xu Ziyue’s vision faded to black, he heard Sun Mo’s final words.

” As you wish.”


A few decades ago, in the remote town of Shangyang there lived a family with the surname ‘Sun’.

In order to give their eldest son Sun Ping a wife, the elder generation bought a girl from the hands of human traffickers. The girl was called Wang Xiuqing and she was very pretty. Because she was abducted at a young age, she could not remember where she came from.

Later, the Sun family gave birth to another son. This younger son Sun Jie was the apple of everyone’s eye, and he grew up like this.

When the eldest son Sun Ping went to the fish pond to work, he accidentally slipped in, and caused irreparable damage to both his legs.

Wang Xiuqing grew prettier and prettier. Sun Jie took note of all this, but she was already his sister-in-law. Even if he pleaded with the elders, it was not possible to make the elder brother’s wife the younger brother’s wife instead.

Wang Xiuqing was married to Sun Ping. Sun Jie had to marry another woman from the village.

Sun Jie had a child called Sun Xuebao, while Wang Xiuqing and Sun Ping had Sun Mo.

Sun Xuebao was a few months older than Sun Mo.

Wang Xiuqing was pretty, and she was also a bought-wife, so someone in the village eventually held wicked thoughts towards her. However, they happened to be caught by Sun Ping who arrived home earlier than usual. But that man was not the least bit afraid of the crippled, crutches-using Sun Ping.

Sun Ping? Caught in the moment, Sun Ping killed the other and was eventually arrested for murder. He was given the death penalty.

Sun Mo was raised by his widowed mother Wang Xiuqing. This poor mother and son – with a murderer as a husband/father – was known to everyone in the small town of Shangyang.

And the dead Sun Ping didn’t have any idea that his little brother Sun Jie also held impure thoughts towards his wife. Sun Jie’s wife knew this, and this mother-son pair became an enemy in her eyes. Soon, several unsightly rumors began to spread around the small town. Sun Xuebao followed in his mother’s footsteps, and started spreading around the school that Sun Mo’s father was a despicable murderer, rallying the other students to target Sun Mo.

In order to save electricity, Sun Mo always stay at school to finish his homework before going home.

And although Sun Mo always had good grades, and was also good-looking, the stigma of having a murderer as a father caused his immature peers to reject him. Not to mention, in this remote town, the elders of each household actively told their children to avoid Sun Mo’s family.

Sun Xuebao and everyone else isolated Sun Mo, but Sun Xuebao was still not satisfied. Even in the past, he had thought that Sun Mo was very hateful, especially with that calm demeanour of his even as he faced the bullying.

He secretly placed his brand new watch into Sun Mo’s bag, and then framed him for stealing it.

The trick was full of obvious injustice, and yet the adults still believed him.

The teacher made Sun Mo stay after school to write lines, but Sun Xuebao thought the punishment was too light. Along with two buddies, they ambushed and pinned down Sun Mo, carving onto his back the bloody words “I’ll never steal again” with a knife.

The gruesome sight of curling flesh and blood-stained wood finally caused the impulsive Sun Xuebao to regain his senses. In a fit of panic, he threw down the knife and fled with the other two students.

As Sun Mo laid there, dizzy and weak from blood-loss, the school ceiling fan which had rusted through fell down and smashed into him.

Wang Xiuqing, who lost her husband and then lost her child, committed suicide. Sun Mo’s vengeful spirit, stranded in the classroom, heard the chatter between his classmates and chose to appear behind Sun Xuebao’s two goons.

He made the two students fall sleep in the classroom and dream about that night over and over again. Panicked, they couldn’t help but want to confess to what they had done. However, what they did not expect was that Sun Xuebao feared exposure even more, and secretly made plans to hang out with the two separately, before knocking them unconscious.

To cover up his deeds, Sun Xuebao tinkered with the new ceiling fan and then placed the two students underneath. His goal was to make everything appear as an accident.

Two vengeful spirits then attached to the classroom fan, and the fan began to have accident after accident. Soon, the entire class of students died.

Sun Mo saved Sun Xuebao’s life, carved the same words onto his back, and then sealed him into a mirror, making him look at the people who came to try and find him, making his see the consequences of his own actions.

This Lecture Hall, which was prone to accidents, became an abandoned building. It wasn’t until a new principal arrived and renovated the school that this building began to see students again.

The urn that Sun Xuebao had been referring to was a jar of Sun Mo’s ashes, which the previous principal had arranged to be buried near the Lecture Hall in hopes that the accidents would then stop.

However, the renovation process unearthed this buried urn.

Since Sun Mo had been following Xu Ziyue around, he naturally knew that they were looking for this urn. Therefore, he had dug it up in advance and placed it under his own bed.

Xu Ziyue opened his eyes.

He had returned to the system space.

Now he knew what had happened in past, but he didn’t know what will happen in the future.

Sun Xuebao didn’t seem like a human, nor did he seem like a ghost. After falling down so many stories, he still did not die, but there was a crowd of vengeful spirits hot on his heels. As for Sun Mo… It seemed as if he had been rehabilitated, but he was actually just fooling the system.

No one knew what he was planning on doing next.

He might let Sun Xuebao continue to live and be tortured by those students every day, but he might also seal him back into the mirror….. Or he might just ignore Sun Xuebao’s life and death altogether.

There were so many possibilities that Xu Ziyue couldn’t even begin to guess.

“Congratulations to the Player for successfully clearing the novice Instance.”

Xu Ziyue sat down cross-legged, “So what if I’ve cleared the Instance. I didn’t even get to enjoy the joys of sweet love, and instead came back here.”

“The game experience is the joys of pursuit.”

Xu Ziyue scowled. “Joys….. no. After this game, I feel I might develop a heart condition.” ‘But that kiss was very sweet and nourishing ah…’ Xu Ziyue thought happily.

Xu Ziyue asked, “So, don’t I have a reward for clearing an Instance?”

“Player can view the CG of the happy end.”

Xu Ziyue fell down.

Hmm, as expected of the game.

Though, a CG was pretty good too. At least he hadn’t experienced all those scares these days for nothing. Even if the game was finished, he could still lick Sun Mo’s picture.

Xu Ziyue raised a hand to browse through the system interface. On the panel floated his own name, and the name of the Instance he had just completed. He tapped the “Shangyang High School” option and then several pages of CG photos appeared.

From the gloomy Sun Mo at the beginning, to the gently smiling Sun Mo near the end. There was also a few shots of himself clinging onto Sun Mo, terrified, as well as a variety of pictures of Sun Mo’s expressions while looking at him.

Many of the small details that Xu Ziyue had failed to notice were revealed in these CGs.

Turning to the final picture, Xu Ziyue’s face became a little ugly.

“Why is Sun Mo lying on a table in a pool of blood?” That picture actually didn’t show the full extent of Sun Mo’s terrible back injuries. The center of the picture showed Sun Mo with his hair matted in sweat and his face pale. Although there was a sense of a ‘messy and weak beauty’, how could Xu Ziyue who had already seen the whole story from Sun Mo not know what this was?

The system replied, “This is a special plot CG.

Xu Ziyue looked at that specific picture again, and then closed the CG window.

“This was a novice level, so if the next one is not novice difficulty, then is it really hard?”

“Game difficulty is sorted into Simple, General, and Difficult. The level is randomly generated at the beginning of each game, so it all depends on the player’s luck.”

The system then asked, “Do you wish to start the next game?”

Xu Ziyue gave one last lingering look at the button which said ‘Shangyang High School’, and quietly intoned, “Yes.”

“Selecting the game – Luxury Cruise: General Difficulty.”

Translator: Lone Wolf Translations

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  1. Thank you for updating this before the year ends!!! I’ve been withholding reading the 1st part before this released soooo… been waiting for about a month now~~~

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  2. A cruise..? In other words, a ghost ship of death and despair? I’m looking forward to watching the other players play for their lives. Now that the MC has experience, I wonder if he’ll be able to mimic someone in their game better this time.

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  3. OI!!!!!! Didn’t you just say that your update schedule may become a bit more regular now??? What, are you going to update every once a quarter of the year!?!?


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  5. Fuck… Sun Mo is now left alone in the school?? As soon as he starts liking a person, he will disappear? This is too mean to all the MLs.


  6. So who was the ruffian who was killed? If it was really the Sun brothers why would it say ruffian and not brother? And what does the last pic mean 😓 Mo Mo better not be suffering. He deserves more.

    And at the end of the day, the real victim here was Sun Mo’s mom (as well as Mo Mo himself ofc). The Sun family were bastards.


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