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Scattering IQ —— Chapter 34 [2.22]

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Chapter 34 | Arc 2.

Zhao Yuan was also blindsided by this sudden, last minute development, especially since the one who caused it all was his previous right-hand man, Lin Yan!

Thinking of the photo he had seen before, and then considering the betrayal Lin Yan had committed just now, Zhao Yuan felt only annoyance and disgust. However, he still remembered that he was at the general shareholders’ meeting, and therefore couldn’t cause a scene in front of so many people. He must maintain his composure. “Lin Yan, you said earlier that you support Qingsong staying in the position of President. Are you sure you’ve considered carefully?”

Firstly, doing something that so humiliated him by going after his mistress, and now deliberately going against him on such an important matter. Zhao Yuan felt like only today did he fully understand the true sinister nature of Lin Yan. It turned out that after spending so much effort the last few years, instead of raising a loyal subordinate, he raised a white-eyed wolf!

“Thank you for reminding me, I am very clear on what I am doing.” Lin Yan smiled slightly and answered.

Seeing Zhao Yuan’s anger and irritation finally brought some much needed relief to Lin Yan – he had been following the other for so many years, the epitome of loyalty and dedication, always putting Zhao Yuan first, and yet how did the other repay him?

A mere scandal on the Internet, and Zhao Yuan had abandoned him so cleanly and neatly, without ever looking back. How could such a person be worthy of his hard work all these years?

The two people – one with a serious expression and the other with a smile – looked extremely normal and yet the undercurrent was anything but. Even the gaze between the two was filled with fire, sparkling with rage, and thick tension permeated the atmosphere around them.

Su Yu propped his chin up on his hands, observing from the sidelines, gaze lingering on the two figures and feeling his mood grow very pleasant. When the two of them finally stopped glaring, Su Yu chuckled and said, “Father, isn’t saying that too late at this time? Regardless of whether of not Uncle Lin had considered what he said when he voted, the vote is already over and the results have already been finalized.”

Saying that, Su Yu turned around and ask, “Have you finished compiling the report for the vote yet?”

The staff responsible for this task gave an answer. “The results have been counted. Excluding Mr. Zhao, the shares held by those who voted add up to 26.3%. Adding in Mr. Zhao’s own shares of 22%, the final result is 48.3%. The total shares present today is 96%, and therefore the voting result exceeded half of the total shares. Thus, the result is that the vote has passed.”

Meaning, Su Yu will continue to serve as the President of Zhao Entertainment, as he had before.

“Ah, how unfortunate, it actually turned out to be like this. To have disappointed you all, this is too bad.” Su Yu gave a slight smile and glanced at Zhao Yuan –  whose face was slightly green – and Zhao Qinglian, who seemed like he could not accept the reality.

Zhao Yuan, face sullen, glared at Su Yu. He was so angry in his heart, and yet he couldn’t lash out. He had already lost this round – if he were to become visibly upset, then he would only lower his chances of success in the future as well.

Zhao Qinglian, however, had no such endurance or restraint. He only knew that what he wanted desperately was already at his fingertips, just waiting for him to reach out and take it, and then it was snatched away by the wicked man in front of him, at the most critical moment!

How could he endure this kind of thing?!

“This is impossible! There must be a problem with the results. How could Uncle Lin support someone like you!” Zhao Qinglian stood up suddenly, exploding in anger.

Su Yu gave Zhao Qinglian a dismissive glance, and said with a sneer, “Mr. Illegitimate Son who doesn’t even have the right to cast a vote, you don’t seem to have the right to question the final results of the vote?”

If looks could kill, then Zhao Qinglian was definitely trying his best, glaring with red eyes at the hateful Su Yu. This person actually dared to humiliate himself like this, it was simply too much!

And yet, every word the other had said was fact and not fiction. He indeed did not have the right to vote. And he indeed was an illegitimate child. But, Zhao Qinglian still felt very unwilling, because the entirety of Zhao Entertainment should have been his!

Obviously it belonged to him, so why should he let this disgusting homosexual have everything?! And how dare this disgusting homosexual humiliate him like this! He had no right at all!

“Zhao Qingsong, you are merely a disgusting abnormality. Do you think that you are very amazing? Let me tell you, one day, I will…” Zhao Qinglian’s angry and accusatory words were just spoken halfway when it was interrupted by a clear, crisp sound.

The crisp “Pa” was actually the satisfying sound of a palm striking a cheek.

The force was so strong that Zhao Qinglian’s head was slapped off-balance. With a disbelieving stare, he turned around to glare at the individual who dared to strike him, ready to lash out harshly, only to see the cold frosty stare of Zhao Yuan looking back at him. In an instant, Zhao Qinglian’s hatred and anger froze in fear.

“Are you awake now? If you are awake and coherent now, then shut up!” Zhao Yuan said lowly, his voice carrying a quiet and foreboding warning.

Zhao Qinglian covered his face and shrunk back, instantly losing his courage. “I… I know I am wrong.”

Su Yu, who was watching the show from the side, honestly felt a little regret from the fact that Zhao Qinglian had backed down so quickly. He let out a scornful sneer and said, “Father, although this isn’t very nice of me to say, but since this is your illegitimate child, you should at least train him properly before bringing him out to see people. If you smash your own storefront that’s fine, but I on the other hand don’t want to be dragged into any messes he makes.”

Zhao Yuan’s anger and dislike to Su Yu was no less than what Zhao Qinglian had felt, but he understood how to be patient and how to judge a situation. Even though he wanted to directly sweep Su Yu out of the household, the expression on his face was at least calm and pensive. “Qingsong, you’ve overstepped your boundaries.”

Even if this general meeting did not go his way, and even if Zhao Qingsong was still the President for the time being, there is one thing that will never change. They are father and son: he is the father, and Zhao Qingsong is the son. He is the elder, and Zhao Qingsong is the younger generation. It was not in Zhao Qingsong’s place to criticize him like this.

“Since you won’t accept my heartfelt advice, then all I can say is, ‘as long as you’re happy.'” Su Yu smiled indifferently, his attitude appearing very peaceful and unbothered.

Saying that, Su Yu turned around and glanced at the people milling about. He smiled and said: “You all should have seen enough of the Zhao family drama, right? Then, this general meeting has officially ended. Thank you everyone for your support.”

As he was talking, Su Yu also stood up straight, sticking his hands into his pockets and started leisurely making his way out. Sitting for so long was really uncomfortable ah, especially for an unspeakable place.

Zhao Yuan stared at Su Yu’s back in a gloomy manner. The blue veins of his forehead becoming more pronounced. He thought that after becoming the President of Zhao Entertainment, he could leave his father’s control?? Just wait and see, he will let this unfilial child see once and for all just who actually controls everything.

Zhao Qinglian was even more upset, his fists clenched tightly and he stared hatefully at Su Yu as if he wanted to swallow him whole. One day, you will kneel before me, begging me to let you go!

And so, the father and son simultaneously set for themselves some very unlucky flags, which became a reality in the near future.

When Su Yu left the meeting room, he took out his phone and called Qi Chen. It wasn’t that he was missing his lover terribly or anything similar, but rather that in the duration of the meeting, Su Yu’s mobile phone had been vibrating nonstop in his pocket.

This mobile phone was exclusively for Qi Chen, and so only he would be calling.

As soon as the phone connected, Qi Chen started whining, “Darling, you finally called me back.”

Ever since the heart-warming episode where they had an honest, heart to heart discussion with each other, Qi Chen had taken to calling Su Yu “Darling” whenever he could. And of course, this also included when they were in bed.

Therefore, when Su Yu heard this address, his first reaction was not one of heartwarming sweetness, but rather, to subconsciously contract his chrysanthemum, where he suddenly felt a small burst of pain.

“I was just in a meeting. Why were you looking for me – did something happen?” Su Yu asked seriously.

Qi Chen’s cheerful voice sounded through, “I’m planning to take on a new drama, directed by Liu Mingzhen. Do you want to act with me?”

Su Yu remembered that in the original plot, Qi Chen had indeed taken on one of Liu Mingzhen’s plays. It was a refreshing movie with a youthful theme. The box office results weren’t outstanding, but it had further consolidated Qi Chen’s status as the national male god.

So when he heard this, Su Yu didn’t ask too many questions and just agreed. “Sounds good, I’ll have my agent arrange a suitable role for me.”

“No need, I’ve already picked for you. The role of the second male lead – you and I will have many interactions~” Qi Chen’s voice seemed to become more cheerful.

Su Yu raised his eyebrows. “You want to experience the sour feeling of competing for the lead female’s affections with me?”

“No,”Qi Chen quickly denied, but then he took a dramatic pause, “Because you are my female lead.”

“……” Su Yu didn’t know how to respond to this kind of flirting.

Not receiving a response, and getting slightly anxious that his comment wasn’t well received, Qi Chen hastened to further explain, “I forgot to tell you, this is a gay-themed movie – there is no female lead. Only the first male lead, and the second male lead. Just you and me.”

This answer surprised Su Yu very much. He couldn’t remember Liu Mingzhen filming anything like this in the original plotline…. had he remembered wrong?

Su Yu turned his head to glance at Round Ball, who was also flashing a large question mark. “I just checked – the original story had no such movie.”

Actually, in the unwritten parts of the original story, Liu Mingzhen had actually wanted to film this movie. However, due to various restrictions, and no company being willing to sponsor it, as well as lacking the appropriate actors, she could only scrap the idea in the end.

The reason why this situation had undergone such a huge change was actually due to that time at the Drunken Moon over a month ago, where Qi Chen and Su Yu had an unpleasant encounter.

The person who was supposed to meet with Qi Chen that day was Liu Mingzhen, but because of the incident, the two did not end up meeting that night. Afterwards, to apologize, Qi Chen had set up a time to meet with Liu Mingzhen again.

Because the nature of the two’s meeting had changed in essence, the communication between Qi Chen and Liu Mingzhen also underwent subtle changes. Therefore, when the discussion continued, Liu Mingzhen hadn’t treated Qi Chen like an outsider and had tentatively mentioned her idea for shooting such a movie. No one expected that the two would hit it off straight away after that.

Everything was so coincidental, and yet revealed the inevitable. Most importantly, such changes were so wonderfully serendipitous and just right.

Su Yu got the answer from the little ball, and decided not to think too much on it. Compared to the development of the original story, he was far more interested in his current life, and what was happening in front of him at the moment.

Only things that were physically in front of him could he actually see and touch.

Qi Chen, across the phone, seeing that Su Yu was not responding, got a little worried that he had said the wrong thing and the other was upset. Just as he was about to ask, he heard Su Yu reply with a smile evident in his voice, “Portraying a refreshing story of sweet love on the big screen… sounds pretty nice.”

Roamer @LoneWolfTranslations

We are nearing the end – only 4 more chapters in this arc before we’re at the next one! Which is, cough, scattering IQ to the lonely emperor, so look forward to it!

See y’all next year!

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