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Scattering IQ 55 [3.17]

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Chapter 55 | Arc 3.

As soon as Su Yu heard the other’s words, he was stunned silent. He stared in disbelief at Gan Qi, and only regained his senses a moment later. He tried to give a smile, but it looked like he wanted to cry. “Your Majesty is joking with this servant, correct? Your Majesty is all powerful, whereas I am just a damaged……”

Gan Qi’s hand moved from Su Yu’s chin to his lips, and he spoke gravely, “Zhen won’t allow you to belittle yourself like this. In Zhen’s eyes, no one is as precious as you are.”

Su Yu once again fell into a daze, and then slowly lowered his head. “This servant is not being self-deprecating, this servant just… How could Your Majesty’s words possibly be true? Your Majesty can rest assured, this servant will not take your teasing words seriously.”

These words pierced Gan Qi’s heart like a sword, so much that he even found breathing to be very painful. Was there really no place for him in Lil’ Shun’s heart?

Gan Qi inhaled deeply, the pain of the heart radiating throughout his entire body. “So even if Zhen was willing to give you my whole heart, to give you everything Zhen has, you will still not accept this love, is that correct?”

Su Yu’s head was stilled bowed, but the corner of his mouth uncontrollably quirked up into a happy arc. However, the words he spoke next really made people want to spank him. “This servant is but a lowly commoner and is not worthy of Your Majesty.”

Just as Su Yu finished his words, he was pushed down onto the dragon bed and Gan Qi quickly climbed on top of him. The sound of deep breathing sounded between the two, and despite the sound being distinct and crisp, in that moment it was also inexplicably tinged with some haziness.

Zhen wants you.” The distance between Gan Qi and Su Yu was so close that they could feel each other’s warm breath.

Being this close, Su Yu didn’t dare to look up into Gan Qi’s eyes. This seemed quite in line with the original Han Shun’s character, but it was actually because Su Yu was afraid he would start laughing.

This evasive action not only caused Gan Qi to feel despair, but it also filled him with rage. He bit out, “Even if Zhen wants you, you will resist?”

At this, Su Yu showed a visible reaction, giving a bitter smile. “Your Majesty is this servant’s master – naturally, whatever Your Majesty wants, this servant will not refuse.”

This kind of meek attitude made Gan Qi want to collapse. He thought vindictively, this person has occupied my heart for so long, has put me through so much stress, and yet he still dares to act so obliviously?! I really ought to punish him!

The distance between the two became very close. Seeing the love of his life lying there before his eyes, Gan Qi thought that as long as he moved a little closer, he could touch his warm neck, kiss his red lips, just a little distance was all that was needed to be closed, but….

A voice of reason pulled at Gan Qi’s heart. Even if he was sad, even if he had to endure the despair of heartbreak, no matter how angry and frustrated he was, he couldn’t hurt this person!

The other’s lips were so close, he could touch it if he just leaned down a little, but after struggling for a long while, Gan Qi sharply jerked back.

He couldn’t, he can’t, because he can’t hurt his love, not even a little bit!

Su Yu – who was fully ready and anticipating the kiss – also did not expect that Gan Qi would pull back in the last moment. He didn’t know how to react for a moment, and then whispered, “Your Majesty….”

Gan Qi clenched his fists and got up from the bed. Eventually, he managed to barely suppressed the fluctuations of the heart and he slowly addressed Su Yu, full of sadness and self-deprecation, “Zhen had always thought that as long as you were physically here, Zhen could force you to stay. However, how could Zhen hurt you? How could Zhen bear to hurt you even a little!”

The last half of the sentence was roared out in a low shout.

Even though he chose to stop at this most critical moment, Gan Qi’s mood was not calm at all. He was very clear on the consequences of his choice –  he was about to lose the most important person in his life. Just thinking about the unavoidable emptiness and his solitary, lonely life was enough to tear his already-fragmented heart again.

However, as long as he thought about the fact that he had just nearly hurt his most precious person, then all the pain and regret could be forced down. Even if he had to live with such pain, he could not harm this person.

It absolutely must not happen!

As Su Yu stared at the lonely figure of Gan Qi’s back, his heart slowly began to melt and a tenderness flowed up.

“Lil’ Shun, Zhen…. will not force you. if you want to leave the palace, Zhen will help you arrange that. Whatever it is you want to do, Zhen will help you.” Gan Qi took a deep breath, his chest filled with emotions so complex that it almost drowned him. However, he mustn’t be moved by these emotions, he definitely must not hurt his loved one.

Su Yu couldn’t help but smile, “Your Majesty is really willing to let this servant leave?”

Gan Qi’s eyes were red from the strain of forcing down his emotions. He tried to speak several times but each time, he couldn’t manage to spit out the words. Finally, after a long while, he took a deep breath and forced out, “Yes.”

“Can Your Majesty please release this cuff on my wrist first?” Su Yu gently shook his wrist. As he was doing so, he silently bemoaned to Round Ball that it seemed like he wouldn’t be able to use that interesting prop this time around.

Gan Qi jolted, the reality hitting him so hard he almost could not stand. However, he took a deep breath and told himself that even if he wanted to cry, he still had to keep his word. Slowly, he took a few deep breaths, restrain his emotions, and turned to face Su Yu.

That glance was too wretched, as if he thought this was the last time he’d see this person and so was committing every detail to memory. Being stared at like this, even Su Yu’s heart could not help but give a few flutters.

Gan Qi slowly knelt in front of Su Yu and stretched out a trembling hand. Just as he was about to reach the silver cuff though, his hand was caught by Su Yu. “Does Your Majesty have anything else you’d like to say to this servant?”

Gan Qi’s entire body froze, his gaze falling on Su Yu’s little white hand. He tried to give a smile, but it was even uglier than if he had just cried instead. “Even if it’s just for Zhen’s sake, you must take care of yourself.”

“Is that all Your Majesty wants to say?” Su Yu blinked.

Gan Qi nodded with difficulty, but just as he was about to continue his movement, Su Yu suddenly reached out and wrapped his arms around Gan Qi’s neck. Then the lips that he could only kiss in his dream pressed towards him.

Gan Qi’s eyes widened instantly, his heart about to pop out of his chest. His mind blanked for a long time, but when he finally realized what Su Yu was doing, his mood darkened again after a brief moment of ecstasy.

Even though the kiss was as soft as a mound of cotton, so much that he wanted to kiss it forever, Gan Qi still exerted all his self-control and slowly pulled away, widening the distance between them two.

Gan Qi’s eyes were a deep and silent pool of ice, but it held a burning fire. “Lil’ Shun, Zhen does not need you to make any sacrifices for me. Zhen doesn’t need it.”

Su Yu gave a slight smile, “What if I said, I’ve actually been in love with you for a long time, even before Your Majesty had these feelings?”

Gan Qi’s gaze sharpened in an instant – he knew exactly what he had heard, but he couldn’t quite believe or comprehend it. This complex and difficult emotion showed very honestly on Gan Qi’s face, and Su Yu found it to be quite amusing.

“I’m telling the truth. Actually, I’ve loved you ever since two lifetimes ago.” With his hands still wrapped around Gan Qi’s neck, Su Yu let out a completely genuine and happy laugh.

Gan Qi stared somewhat hesitantly at Su Yu. His heart was very excited, but also a little timid. For a while, he didn’t know what to say.

“Is Your Majesty upset with this servant?” Su Yu’s mood changed very fast. A moment ago he was laughing brilliantly, but now he had adopted a wronged look, “Although this servant loves Your Majesty, we are after all master and servant. Also, we are… are both men, so this servant never dared to hope for anything. Moreover, only a few days ago, you brought Consort Yi into the palace and into your harem…..”

At this point, Su Yu slowly bowed his head, appearing very sad. Seeing him look like this, Gan Qi had no mind left to consider whether the words were true or not, or if it was even logical. All he could feel was distress at his own idiocy. What was he thinking, taking Qin Yiran into his harem! Look at how hurt his sweetheart was!

“And finally, what this servant struggled with the most was the fact that Your Majesty is a high and powerful emperor, whereas I am just a damaged servant. I….” At this, Gan Qi couldn’t help but reach out and place a finger on Su Yu’s lips, his eyes already full of guilt and apology. Su Yu smiled and slowly pulled Gan Qi’s hand down. “This servant is fine. This servant just wanted to tell Your Majesty all of my thoughts and feelings, is Your Majesty unwilling to listen?”

“Of course not, Zhen just…” cares about you too much to see you distressed. Gan Qi gave a silent sigh, his heart feeling both stuffy and sour. At this moment, he was both excited at having his feelings returned, but also felt great compassion for his sweetheart’s feelings. These two contradictory emotions filled his heart, causing him to flounder at how to express himself.

“Then please, listen to what this servant has to say first.” Su Yu’s smile reached his eyes, and he appeared very satisfied. “This servant has always felt that I wasn’t worthy of Your Majesty. Your Majesty should also never have to endure any slurs or insults for this servant, and that is why I reacted the way I did earlier. I am just a man with a broken body. If I could really be with Your Majesty….. This servant doesn’t even dare think of such a thing…..”

Before, Gan Qi had thought that his sweetheart didn’t love him at all. Now that he found out it was actually because the other cared too much about his wellbeing, he suddenly found himself drowning in happiness. It was only because of the other’s deep love for him that he had been so ruthlessly rejected before. Gan Qi grabbed Su Yu’s hand and said in a quivering voice, “Zhen has never cared about what anyone else has to say. Even if Zhen has to give up this throne in order to be with you, Zhen will definitely-”

Su Yu placed a finger on Gan Qi’s lips, and he stared at the other strangely, “What is Your Majesty talking about? If you really gave up this throne, then this servant won’t be happy.”

If there was no throne, then how could they continue happily with this master/servant play?

At last, Gan Qi couldn’t help but laugh out loud, stars twinkling in his eyes. After a moment, he asked a little breathlessly, “Does Lil’ Shun really have Zhen in your heart?”

“If Your Majesty does not believe this servant, then the only thing this servant can do is to prove it with my body.” Su Yu lightly raised his eyebrows, and then covered Gan Qi’s body with his own.

Gan Qi’s pupils dilated – with his sweetheart in his arms, how could he resist even a second longer? In an instant, he flipped Su Yu underneath him, and surged down to press a kiss….

As for Round Ball, well, after helping its host recycle the unused prop, it directly went to sleep. When faced with this kind of situation…. Rest, rest, rest! It didn’t want to see this at all. (^)

Translator: Lone Wolf Translations

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  1. Awww GQ is such a sweetiepie hes already going mad yet he didnt wanna hurt SY so he stopped his little black box play, so cute im melting

    Thank you for the updatee~!!

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  2. Ahhh ML have my highest respect! 😍
    He stopped himself from forcing to MC because he doesn’t want to hurt him at all even in his blackening. Usually possessive ML just force or act pitifully until they get to eat, eat and eat the shou. This one hurtfully let MC go. You go ML! 👏👏👏
    Also thanks for the update!
    I was wondering.. as the IQ came back to ML, maybe the love also come with the IQ? 🤣

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  3. *clenches fist* This ML is so good! Even when blackened, he still cares so much for his sweetheart, not wanting to hurt even while being driven mad (๑′̥̥̥▵‵̥̥̥ ૂ๑) I bow down to Imperial Emperor Gao Shen! May his rein continue for many years! (づ-̩̩̩-̩̩̩_-̩̩̩-̩̩̩)づ

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    1. I don’t know if I should cry or laugh at this chapter.

      How gan Qi misunderstood his sweetheart intention, makes me wanna cry. Gan Qi, your wife just playing with you, ah! Just punish him.

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  4. I love this ML SO much, he’s just so sweet. His heartbreak was almost too terrible to read, the MC went a bit too far with his farce.


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