Misplacement Game Arc 1, Chapter 12

This is Hiyuki's second sponsored chapter!! Thank you!! We won't find out more about Sun Mo's past, but it's coming I promise. Please enjoy this sponsored gift! Readers thank dear Hiyuki please 🙂 . Chapter 12 .

Misplacement Game Arc 1, Chapter 11

We have a shorter chapter today! It's half the usual length. Because of that, I've decided to just post this chapter as a regular update, and Hiyuki's 2nd sponsored chapter will be out tomorrow/thursday ish. Happy reading! . Chapter 11 .

Misplacement Game Arc 1, Chapter 10

It's been a while! Hiyuki made a very generous donation, thank you so much for your support! This is the first of 2 sponsored chapters - be on the lookout for new chapters over the next few days! Dear readers, please thank the amazing Hiyuki (*≧∀≦)ノ . Chapter 10 .

Misplacement Game 7

Thanks for your patience everyone, here's chapter 7! I was really sick the last few days so it's been taking me a little time to get back into things, but thank you so much to all who've been sending me well wishes :') They really made me feel better! ❤  

Misplacement Game 5

Chapter 5 I had some extra time today so here y'all go~ here's the final chapter of the promised initial five!! Updating will probably drop to a set schedule sometime next week hahaha  

Misplacement Game 4

Chapter 4 Update! Update! We start to discover a little about this first game-world's backstory!! And Boss Sun Mo is being dragged around everywhere lolol

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