Scattering IQ Arc 3

Chapter 39, [3.1] I got really sick, rip me. Thanks for waiting everyone. Also to those waiting for MG (Misplacement Game), chapter 7 will be out soon. Once this wolf recovers lmao. . (press F for respect for 3 days of consecutive fevers of 39.5 degrees celsius, and then more days of coughing and general... Continue Reading →


Scattering IQ 38 Part 2

This chapter got a little deep, talking about some realities of homosexuality. Just a light warning, but there's nothing drastic. Chapter 38b Hope you all had a great week! And Happy Lunar New Year!! May good fortune and riches come to all of you this new year ❤ ❤

Scattering IQ 38 part 1

So Chapter 38 - the final chapter of this arc - is triple the normal length!!! Lmao rip. So this wolf has decided to split it into 3 parts. Without further ado, PART 1. People starring in this chapter: - Lu 'target for extreme faceslapping' Manni - Su 'angering people to death with his words'... Continue Reading →

Scattering IQ 37

Chapter 37 We are nearing the end of this arc! . Have some spare time and searching for another novel to read?? Why not check out Misplacement Game??? Laughs promised as hilarious comedy ensues! Yes there's some horror, but the graphic parts are ignore-able - Roamer legitimately find this story super funny! MC is playing... Continue Reading →

Scattering IQ 36

Chapter 36 - some nice satisfying face-slapping of the father-son duo! . So.... The FIRST CHAPTER of Misplacement Game is out!! Please read it here! . For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, please peruse this official summary of the newest novel I've picked up: This novel is also named “The game I got... Continue Reading →

Scattering IQ 35

Chapter 35 Here y'all go! Back from a spontaneous New Years break and ready to tackle on this new year with all you faithful supporters 🙂

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