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Scattering IQ —— Chapter 46 [3.8]

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Chapter 46 | Arc 3.

After saying these heartwarming words, Su · White Lotus Flower · Yu slowly straighten his back, his clear eyes filled with protective intent for his master (lover).

Gan Qi’s eyes brightened after hearing this, and his heartbeat inexplicably sped up. Somewhat dizzy with happiness, he looked around the room and then noticed Qin Yiran staring angrily, mouth opened and about to yell at Su Yu. With that, Gan Qi’s euphoria immediately died down and he directly aimed his Emperor aura at Qin Yiran, the intense pressure causing her to swallow back the words she was just about to say.

His sweetheart was giving it all to protect him, what a beautiful scene! How could he let it be ruined by someone like her?

Qin Yiran appeared very haughty and proud, but this was only  because ever since childhood, everyone around her had been extremely tolerant and caring, always letting her get her way. Even the King of the country – Gan Qi – had been infatuated with her. This had caused her to grow up believing she was above everyone else, and that she was someone extremely special.

But in fact, she had never experienced any hardships or life storms, and so as soon as she encounters any setbacks, she’ll immediately expose her stupidity and immaturity. Her courage was also pathetically small, and so when Gan Qi had glared at her, she immediately wilted, not daring to say another word.

It was also at this moment that Qin Yiran finally realized Gan Qi’s attitude towards her seemed to have changed, and that he was no longer as infatuated and tolerant towards her.

But how was that possible? Ever since they first met two years ago, he had been madly obsessed with her, hell bent on marrying her and bringing her into the palace, and had even kept himself pure as a piece of jade for the sake of her! [T/N: he kept his chastity for her.]

So how could Gan Qi have had a change of heart!

Su Yu’s eyes fell on Qin Yiran who had a frustrated expression on her face, and he himself also felt a bit frustrated. How blind was Gan Qi, that he had fallen for her??

How could such a person compare with himself?

But even though his mood was ruined, the White Lotus Flower play still had to go on. “This servant has been with His Majesty since childhood, and while I don’t know him too well, this servant is at least certain that the emperor is a steadfast and resolute man. His Majesty would not have dished out arbitrary punishment just for the sake of this servant, so please watch your words, Esteemed Consort.”

Gan Qi stared shiny-eyed at Su Yu, falling even more in love with his sweetheart. The other’s serious expression while passionately defending himself was too cute! And to be honest, he really wanted to speak up and say, ‘Actually, for you, Zhen is willing to do anything!’

“If you wish to punish this servant, then no matter the reason, this servant will definitely not fight back. But if you wish to slander the reputation of the Emperor like so, then this servant will absolutely not stand for it!” Su Yu finished with a powerful conclusion, and then turned to bow guiltily at Gan Qi. “This servant knows that I have spoken out of turn earlier. Your Majesty, please decree a fitting punishment for me.”

Gan Qi stared adoringly at Su Yu, how could he bear to punish the other for such a small matter?! And seeing Su Yu’s earnestly pleading expression, Gan Qi could only feel heartache.

He was just about to say something to comfort his object of affection, when he suddenly heard Qin Yiran exclaim sharply, “Is it because of him! Is it because of him, that Your Majesty has completely changed?!”

Qin Yiran was desperately trying to avoid the reality, the fact that her steadfast backer had collapsed, but when she saw the adoring expression Gan Qi used to look at Lil’ Shun, she could no longer delude herself.

That look was so obvious, she couldn’t misunderstand it even if she wanted to.

Therefore, it must be because of this cheap slave, that Gan Qi had become so fascinated and obsessed, even to the point of ignoring her!

“Shut Up!” Gan Qi whirled around to glare at Qin Yiran, his eyes instantly becoming bitter and cold. In his heart, thick panic arose – Lil’ Shun didn’t know that he had feelings for him! If he knew…. Gan Qi’s heart jumped like a drum, and he didn’t dare to keep thinking down that road.

Qin Yiran was frightened by Gan Qi’s roar and shrank back a little, but when she saw Su Yu standing there with a face full of innocence and puzzlement, she felt disgust begin to build up. Her temper which had been on the verge of exploding just about burst out again – this person is but a lowly servant, how could he be worthy of receiving Gan Qi’s favour!

What irritated her the most was that Gan Qi had never even looked at her as adoringly as he did at Lil’ Shun! How could a servant be more important that she was!

“Gan Qi, the one you should be looking at is me. I am the person you love most ah, he is just a eunuch, even his body is incomplete. How is he worth you looking at him so differently?” Qin Yiran started whining at Gan Qi, fingers pointing at Su Yu with distaste. “Have you forgotten? I’m the one that you fell in love with at first sight! Haven’t you always want me to enter your harem? Well, I’m here now. As long as you sentence him to death, I will always accompany you everywhere you go, okay? Just put him to death!”

Su Yu glanced coldly at Qin Yiran, the disdain in his heart growing bigger and bigger. She clearly didn’t like Gan Qi, and yet she still wanted to occupy his heart and enjoy all the honour and privileges that came with it. What a shameless person! He couldn’t even stand to look at her.

After this exchange, Gan Qi felt that he really had nothing left to say to Qin Yiran – he was so filled with disgust. But after thinking about it, he still opened his mouth. “Before when Zhen was infatuated with you, it was because Zhen was truly blind. Now, thanks to you, Zhen can see clearly just how dumb you are, and what a terrible and vicious personality you truly have. You say that Lil’ Shun is only a servant, but in Zhen’s opinion, you’re the one that’s lowly and disgusting compared to him!

Having said that, Gan Qi then intoned in a cold voice. “Guards, come and stuff the mouth of this madwoman! And drag her out.”

Watching Qin Yiran determinedly seeking death, Yue Lian could only lower her head and try to erase her presence, hoping that the Emperor would forget about her. She had no words to plead for mercy for the other.

Qin Yiran cried loudly and sobbed as she was dragged out of the palace, and even though her final outcome was still unclear, one thing was certain: the Qin Yiran who had captivated Gan Qi for over 2 years and had been gloriously invited into the palace had just now fallen into a pit so deep, she would probably never be able to climb out.

Su Yu smiled as he watched Qin Yiran leave, but his heart on the inside was feeling vaguely bitter. He hadn’t even brought out his real skills yet, in abusing slags, and yet Qin Yiran had already fallen. This was so not satisfying!!

And so, when Gan Qi had dismissed everyone else and then turned to stare at Su Yu, full of tension and wondering if he should just take this time to confess, Su Yu chose to speak up, “Your Majesty, the servant has a request.”

Gan Qi did his best to maintain the sophisticated air of an emperor, passed down through generations, “Go ahead, you may speak.”

“The servants wants to ask that Your Majesty treat Consort Yi with leniency.” Su Yu spoke these infuriating words lightly, not caring that he directly choked Gan Qi’s next few words.

“She humiliated you like that, and yet you’re pleading on her behalf now!?” For a moment, Gan Qi did not know what expression he should display.

“The reason why she spoke such harsh words was presumably out of the deep love she felt for Your Majesty. This servant believes that Consort Yi had good intentions, and therefore I hope that Your Majesty can consider it from her perspective and give her a lighter sentence.” Su Yu stared full of sincerity at Gan Qi, but his heart was actually full of bad intentions. Yes, I deliberately want to anger you to tears. What can you do about it?

Gan Qi really couldn’t do anything about it. Even though his heart almost choked to death, he still pasted on a false smile. “Lil’ Shun, people like Qin Yiran…. they really aren’t worth speaking up for.”

“But this servants thinks that Consort Yi is very pitiable ah,” Su Yu exclaimed with a face full of grievance. With a hint of petulance, he asked, “Can’t Your Majesty agree just this once, for the sake of all those years I’ve faithfully served by your side?”

Gan Qi gave a helpless sigh. If his object of affection says so, then what else can he do? He can only try to coax his sweetheart first, and then secretly have Qin Yiran disposed of on the side.

However, as soon as he thought about that, he heard Su Yu say, “Your Majesty had better not do anything behind this servant’s back. This servant hates being deceived the most. Even though I can’t do anything if Your Majesty chooses to do something, this servant will be very, very sad.”

“……” Suddenly there’s this feeling that all my thoughts are completely exposed before this person, but look at Lil’ Shun’s innocent and gentle appearance! That must have been an illusion, right?

Seeing that Gan Qi wasn’t saying anything, Su Yu cutely blinked his eyes in suspicion, and then asked, “Your Majesty isn’t really planning on doing something behind my back, right?”

“No, no, of course not.” Under his object of affection’s fierce offence, Gan Qi could only throw away his helmet and armour. [T/N:丢盔卸甲 – throwing away everything in the process of fleeing; used to describe the embarrassment of a great defeat.]

And so, due to Su Yu’s bad intentions, Qin Yiran managed to escape with her life. However, Su Yu hadn’t really turned into a little White Lotus Flower… he simply felt that one had to be alive in order to be better abused.

“So Your Majesty will grant this servant’s request?” Su Yu’s eyes shone brightly.

Gan Qi reluctantly nodded, “Yes, alright.”

“The servant thanks Your Majesty for the generosity! And I’m sure that if Consort Yi knew about this, she would be extremely grateful to Your Majesty as well.” Su Yu immediately smiled broadly, his mind already beginning to list of all the ways he could make Qin Yiran’s life miserable.

Having solved this problem, Gan Qi’s heart began to stir again. His object of affection was right in front of him, and good opportunities were far and few… perhaps now would be a good time to confess?

Gan Qi swallowed nervously, and sat up straighter, before beginning with some formality, “Lil’ Shun, Zhen has something to say to you.”

“What is Your Majesty’s command?” Su Yu – who had completely seen through Gan Qi’s thoughts – pretended to dazedly inquire.

Gan Qi shook his head, and then felt that him being the only one sitting down was not a favourable start to this upcoming, important conversation. Pointing at a stool not too far away, he stated, “Why don’t you sit down first.”

“How can a servant be on par with the emperor?” Su Yu stared in bewilderment.

“If Zhen tells you to sit, then you should sit down.” Gan Qi pointed at the stool again.

Su Yu pretended to hesitate for a moment and then sat down cautiously, “What orders did Your Majesty wish to pass along?”

Gan Qi wet his lips and then coughed twice, nervously. Then, in a voice that was barely calm, he asked “Lil’ Shun, what did you think of that sentence Consort Yi had said earlier?”

Su Yu pretended not to understand, “Which sentence is Your Majesty referring to?”

Gan Qi could hardly meet Su Yu’s eyes, “When she said that Zhen looks at you differently.”

“Ah, that sentence!” Su Yu deliberately dragged out the words, and seeing Gan Qi’s eye’s loaded with anticipation, constantly flitting over to himself, he gave a slight smile. “Naturally, Your Majesty can rest assured. This servant does not believe those words at all.”

Translator: Lone Wolf Translations

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