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Scattering IQ —— Chapter 40 [3.2]

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Chapter 40 | Arc 3.

“So just now, Gan Qi was headed towards the Female Protagonist’s dwelling?” Su Yu’s eye twitched, and a dark aura started to spread from where he stood.

Round Ball watched with fright, and directly kneeled down in front of Su Yu. “Master Host, you must remain calm! Although today is indeed the day that the Female Protagonist enters the palace, and although the Male Protagonist really did just go there, nothing will happen between them!”

His precious lover was chasing after another, and the other was actually indifferent, the classic definition of ‘pressing one’s warm face against a cold butt’. Su Yu was far from being comforted by Round Ball’s words, and the gloomy aura around him actually became thicker.

The little ball shivered in the corner, completely afraid to approach its host who appeared to be on the edge of blackening. However, a few minutes later, it saw that its host had miraculously returned to normal, and even had a seemingly tranquil smile on his face.

Host appears to have gone back to normal, but why do I feel more scared? QAQ

Su Yu didn’t bother minding the frightened little ball, and instead started to review the memory of the original eunuch, as well as the contents of his branch task.

The original was named Han Shun, and he had been serving the Male Protagonist since he was six years old. When Gan Qi had ascended to the throne at the age of 22, Han Shun had also been promoted to the role of the main household manager.

As a servant through and through, Han Shun’s only goal in life was to serve his master well, and it was no exaggeration to say that Gan Qi was his sun and moon – anyone who dared to disrespect the Male Protagonist would face his rage and retaliatory actions.

As a result, when the Female Protagonist came into the palace, Han Shun was greatly dissatisfied with her poor attitude and tried several times to secretly drive the other out. This caused the Female Protagonist to hate him, and eventually, through some small means, alienate the Male Protagonist from Han Shun.

And for the native-born emperor, even though he knew of Han Shun’s loyalty, the other was still a servant in his eyes. Not to mention, the person Han Shun was plotting against was his most cherished beloved… therefore, the Male Protagonist did not offer any help and it was very easy for the Female Protagonist to overpower the servant Han Shun and to completely drive the other to a bitter end.

Under the calculations of the Female Protagonist, Han Shun ended up losing the trust of Gan Qi, and eventually died alone in his small courtyard.

Even though the other had experienced such a wretched life, Su Yu still didn’t feel anything until he saw the branch task. Su Yu raised his eyebrows.

Despite having led such a life, his final wish and hence the branch task was actually still to wholeheartedly serve his master, and even to help him see through the female villain’s deceits??

Heh heh, what was that phrase again? Ah –  wretched people must have a reason for being so unfortunate. Apparently there was some truth to that saying after all.

If Su Yu had a master like this, then he would not hesitate to kick the other aside. Wherever is cool and breezy, the other can stay there. These kinds of side tasks, he also normally wouldn’t look twice at. But seeing that the other – no matter how despicable and stupid – was still his lover, Su Yu chose to temporarily endure.

But what goes around, comes around. Su Yu is very much looking forward to the day that Gan Qi pays his debts.

Thinking of this, Su Yu’s mouth slowly curved into a meaningful smile. Round Ball, who was already terrified by its host’s abnormal actions, wisely decided to just go straight to sleep.

Please let the sun rise tomorrow, and let my host change back to normal, the little ball prayed earnestly before going into hibernation.

But when it awoke the next day, it realized that there was a torrential downpour outside, and it didn’t look like the rain would stop anytime soon.

Despite not seeing the sun it had so fervently wished for, the little ball cautiously sneaked a glance at its host… and then its own mood became as gloomy as the weather outside. Why was its host still not back to normal?! QAQ

“Round Ball, come here.” Su Yu smiled and gestured his fingers at the little ball.

The little ball nervously floated closer, but was absolutely afraid to get too close. “Master Host, did you need something?”

“Where is Gan Qi now?” Su Yu inquired with a smile.

Round Ball took a look and then answered honestly, “The Male Protagonist is currently in the morning court session – it should end in around 15 minutes. Afterwards, he’ll probably go find the Female Protagonist.”

This inference was gathered from the original plot, since on the second day that the Female Protagonist entered into the palace, the Male Protagonist had gone looking for her right after the morning court session. However, the Female Protagonist had said that she needed to rest and refused to entertain him, so the Male Protagonist could only sadly leave after a brief glance.

Finishing his breakfast, Su Yu dabbed at the corners of his mouth with his napkin and gracefully stood up. Opening the door, he saw a lower-ranked eunuch standing outside, guarding the gate, and casually informed him, “Earlier, the Emperor had ordered the imperial seamstresses to make some new garments for the Consort. They should be done by now – have them sent here, I will personally deliver them to the Consort.”

The lower-ranked eunuch rushed away to carry out the orders, and Su Yu stood underneath the porch, quietly looking at the rainstorm pouring down on the earth. Round Ball, floating to his side, didn’t dare to utter a single sound.

When the servants came back with the clothes, Su Yu gave them a cursory glance and then started heading over to Qin Yiran’s residence – the Joyful Palace.

The Joyful Palace was specially built by Gan Qi for Qin Yiran and it was quite close to Gan Qi’s own palace, meaning it was pretty close to Su Yu’s small courtyard as well.

But, Su Yu still took close to 15 minutes to wander down this small stretch of road, and with the added effect of the torrential downpour raining down on him, he appeared quite desolate and pitiful by the time he arrived.

When he finally arrived at the Joyful Palace, Su Yu personally held the thick stack of new clothing and asked to see Qin Yiran. Because he was here on official business, Qin Yiran didn’t refuse him entry and so Su Yu respectfully entered into the residence.

A young woman with light makeup sat at the main seat, her face indifferent and her countenance frosty. Upon seeing Su Yu, she stated coldly, “Place the clothes down, you can leave.”

Su Yu respectfully bowed his head, and when he determined that the Emperor was close to arriving, he began speaking with a smile, “Esteemed Consort, these sets of clothing were specially picked out by the Emperor for the Consort. Even the styles, cuts, and colours were personally selected by the Emperor. If the Consort has time, please try these garments on for size. If there is any need for modifications, then we can do that as soon as possible, lest we delay the token of the Emperor’s true affection for the Consort.”

Hearing of the Emperor, Qin Yiran’s face became colder and her eyes faintly flashed with disgust, “This Consort’s affairs do not concern you. It’s better if you hurry back to your master’s side and serve him well instead!”

“The Esteemed Consort is so generous. Before, when the Emperor was alone, naturally this servant was always by his side to serve him well. But now that the Emperor has you, this servant’s heart can be at peace knowing that the Emperor has someone else by his side to love and care for him. If I kept sticking close to my master’s side, even when he has you now, then this servant really should be put to death for being too intrusive!” At this, Su Yu gave an amused smile, catching in his periphery vision the figure of someone standing by the window. “The servant only hopes that the Emperor and the Consort can live together happily and beautifully for a whole lifetime. This way, even if this servant were to die, this servant would have no regrets.”

This praise was sweet and filled with blessings, but Qin Yiran only felt her heart grow more stuffy the more she listened. Her one true love was clearly Gan Shen, so how could she live happily and beautifully for a whole lifetime with Gan Qi?!

Even if this man is an Emperor high above the rest, she could still never comply with his wishes!

The thought of being kept in the Inner Palace, far away from her true love, and having to entertain Gan Qi that disgusting hypocrite everyday, Qin Yiran immediately felt nauseous. “Watch your mouth! You’re only a lowly servant, who gave you the right to speculate on your master’s affairs?”

Su Yu pretended to be stunned, and then acted like he was panicking to regain the Consort’s favour. However, if you asked him to actually kneel in front of that woman, sorry – he can’t bring himself to do that – so he just did his best to bow even lower. “This servant is dull, and does not know which sentence has offended the Consort. This servant begs forgiveness and instruction from the Consort, so that the mistake can be corrected.”

This question really stumped Qin Yiran. She hated Gan Qi with all her heart, so naturally she despised every word Su Yu had said. But if he asked her to state out loud which sentence was offensive…. well, it seems like there was no moral high ground to stand on.

But as a Consort, how could she let a servant get the better of her?? Qin Yiran straightened up and snapped, “This Consort says that you were wrong, so you are wrong! Or are you saying this Consort has mistakenly reprimanded you?”

Well, since Qin Yiran has already raised the stakes to this level, then what else could Su Yu say? Alright, you’re the master, what you say is correct.

But – Su Yu took a quick glance at the figure standing outside the window – why was he still just standing there? Why didn’t the other come in yet? He couldn’t be…. actually waiting for him to kneel to Qin Yiran, right?

Come on, this isn’t like acting, alright? If he kneels now, then he would be actually kneeling!

Su Yu was just wondering whether he should escalate the scene and add oil to fire by talking back to the woman, or if he should ‘accidentally’ realize that Gan Qi is there and pull the other in to the room, when he noticed that the figure outside moved.

But, he did not move as Su Yu had hoped, and instead actually took a step away and directly left!

Su Yu reeled backwards slightly in shock, and then couldn’t help cursing in his heart. With such a brainless idiot for a lover, could he please just go on strike and leave the other be?

What was that nonsense he had said in the last world, telling Qi Chen to not be so silly in the next world…. Su Yu was clearly setting up a flag for himself! And now the flag had come true!

For the first time in his life, Su Yu deeply felt what it was like being slapped by himself and having a stuffy heart. To the side, Round Ball was silently laughing up a storm – this was its first time seeing its host so miffed, why was this so satisfying??

Qin Yiran saw Su Yu’s unsatisfied expression, and impatiently asked. “What, you, a lowly servant, actually wants to talk back to me?”

Having just been double-crossed by his lover, Su Yu was completely in no mood to keep acting with the Female Protagonist. He threw her a cold glance and then turned around to leave.

The Female Protagonist was both frightened and infuriated by this glance – frightened, because how could a servant have this kind of willful stare?? and angry, because how dare a lowly servant look at her like that?!

In a fit of rage, the Female Protagonist called the guards and had them surround Su Yu. “You lowly slave, how dare you offend this Esteemed Consort, and then not admit your wrongs? Do you think you are above me?”

Su Yu just kept his head lowered, refusing to speak. With this, Round Ball couldn’t laugh anymore either. Normally, it was very proud to have such a stubborn and dashing host, but now wasn’t the time for that! In this feudal society, acting like this was equivalent to looking for death!

“Master Host, I’m guessing you’re probably going to receive physical punishment later… would you like to redeem a ‘penalty-free’ prop right now? F-class penalty-free props only cost 1 IQ point to buy, or 10 system coins!” Round Ball began dutifully recommending the props available in the system mall.

Su Yu only sneered, and then raised his head to stare challengingly at Qin Yiran. “It’s as the Esteemed Consort has said. This servant was wrong. Why don’t this servant stand outside in the rain for an hour as punishment?”

Translator: Lone Wolf Translations

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