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Scattering IQ —— Chapter 38 part 3

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Chapter 38, part 3 | Arc 2.

Although they took care to disguise themselves, the two of them were really just too handsome, and their figures were too amazing. When they later walked out of the movie theater, they were stopped by two of their fans.

Fortunately, neither of them were the irrational kind of fans, and although very excited to see their celebrities, they also understood that if they started yelling, they would only cause trouble for their idols. Therefore, they secretly inched closer until they were right next to them. “Mr. Male God, um, did, did you bring your household manager out to see the movies?”

Probably because <Jiang Jia of the Inner Palace> was the first movie that the two had co-starred in, most of their CP fans [1] had taken to calling Su Yu the “Male God’s little household manager.”

Hearing this name, Su Yu’s ear twitched. This really was not his fault, it’s just that when he had first heard of the name, he had halfheartedly complained that he was not little, and then Qi Chen had taken that as an excuse to do all sorts of improper things to him.

Qi Chen smiled and unabashedly pulled Su Yu’s hand closer. “Yes, he insisted on coming to the movies to see his own film, I also feel a bit helpless with this situation.”

Su Yu rolled his eyes on the side, this man’s ability to lie without sweat was pretty much on par with his own!

The two fans started seeing pink bubbles, and only just managed to restrain the urge to scream in excitement, their eyes glittering with uncontrollable delight roving back and forth between their two idols.

Qi Chen first placed an index finger on his lips, and then lowered his voice to say, “Let me tell you a secret, Ah’song and I have been together for a while now, as in, really together.”

The two fans stared stupefied at their Male God, and then – with hands over their mouths – started to jump up and down in place, this was too exciting! Way too exciting!!

For CP fans, there was nothing more exciting than discovering that your OTP was actually together in reality as well!

The two fans, their faces red and body trembling with repressed excitement, tried to calm down so that their reactions did not draw attention to their idols and therefore cause trouble for them. Finally, after a few minutes, they gazed starry-eyed at Qi Chen and Su Yu and declared, “Male God sir, you rest assured that we will definitely keep this secret. But also, please continue to live happily, we will always support you!”

Their words caused Qi Chen to think of one particular phrase very well known within fairy tales: ‘And so they lived happily ever after.’

“Thank you, we will always be happy together.” Qi Chen wrapped an arm around Su Yu’s shoulder, and replied with a slight smile.

This remark caused the two fans to be excited for another five minutes, and by the time they regained their senses, the figures of their two idols had already disappeared.

Fan A: “I wasn’t dreaming just now, right?”

Fan B: “No, I just pinched myself several times, and it was really painful, so we really did just see them!”

Fan A: “……..”

Because the movies weren’t that far away from home, and because it was late so there weren’t as many pedestrians around, the two decided to walk home, hand in hand. It’s just that on the way, while passing an intersection, they happened to see a woman in a short red miniskirt, crouching by the side of the road puking.

Seeing this, Su Yu’s eyes flashed slightly because he recognized the woman with heavy makeup as Lu Manni.

Su Yu had inquired after the situation of Lu Manni before, with Round Ball. After that celebratory banquet, Lu Manni had used her beauty and body to ensnare a small famous director, and had also participated in several of his productions. However, each time, the audience gave her extremely negative reviews and her fame only grew worse.

Later, the director’s wife somehow found out about the affair, and as one can imagine, she was chased away, lost her face, and also lost her only backer.

Since then, Lu Manni had completely fallen and had been wandering between different men. In that process, she had even gotten together with her scum boyfriend from her previous life – Wang Yue – for a while. Her private life was so chaotic that it simply could not be described in words.

Seeing Lu Manni live so miserably, Su Yu finally felt relieved that she would no longer try to interfere with Qi Chen.

Qi Chen saw Su Yu’s eyes fall on the woman by the roadside, and manually turned the other’s face towards himself. “Look at me, I’m better-looking, right?”

Su Yu gave Qi Chen a glance and saw that the other seemed to completely not recognize Lu Manni. He gave a slight smile and replied, “The light’s green now. Let’s go.”

The two walked hand in hand across the pedestrian walkway, and where Su Yu could not see, Qi Chen gave a cold glance at where the woman was still crouched, his eyes frigid with deep meaning.

Back at home, Round Ball who had been silent all day suddenly spoke up when Su Yu was about to fall asleep. “Master Host, I just discovered that Zhao Yuan is selling his stocks in Zhao Entertainment, probably to help Zhao Qinglian fund a company of his own. Through these actions, wow, Zhao Yuan really loves that son of his ah.”

Su Yu looked like he had fallen asleep, but he was actually communicating mentally with Round Ball. “Buy all the shares he has at a low price, and then choose the right time to expose all the racy photos you’ve been safeguarding. In the future, if their company does anything illegal, please also report it to me.”

Zhao Yuan selling his shares was entirely expected by Su Yu; the other was a person who took power and status very seriously – he definitely would not have been able to withstand being robbed of Zhao Entertainment’s control overnight.

It’s just that Su Yu didn’t feel like Zhao Yuan’s actions at this time were done out of love for Zhao Qinglian. In fact, Zhao Qinglian may very well just be a pawn for Zhao Yuan, a pawn that had no practical ability and yet was full of gratitude and reverence.

Pushing Zhao Qinglian to the front lines, let him meet with all the parties and take all the risks, while staying behind the scenes and acting as the true mastermind… this was very in line with Zhao Yuan’s personality.

But from another point of view, Zhao Yuan’s actions were actually detrimental to himself. By selling his shares and putting Zhao Qinglian on the front lines, it made it all that more easy for Su Yu to carry out his own plans.

When Round Ball heard Su Yu’s comment, it immediately blew up in anger. “I, I, I … I haven’t been safeguarding those pictures! I’m a very pure system, I definitely have not been safeguarding and treasuring those pictures, okay?!”

“Okay, I believe you. You’ve just hidden them deeply within your body – this really cannot be considered safeguarding, rather, it’s guarding them with your life.” Su Yu continued to bully the little ball with a wicked smirk.

At this point, Round Ball had long since met its match and could only run away from its host of bad tastes and superior tactics, looking for a corner to cry in.

After assigning this task to Round Ball, Su Yu no longer minded himself with the matters of Zhao Yuan and Zhao Qinglian. Instead, he refocused on Qi Chen’s and his own acting careers.

In the following two years, the two men worked together on three more films: an espionage film, where one was good and the other was evil; a wuxia drama, one being the master and the other the apprentice; and another romance film, where the two once again portrayed a long and dramatic dog blood romance on the big screen.

At this point, Qi Chen’s IQ had recovered to 60%, and the company created by Zhao Yuan and Zhao Qinglian were also on the verge of bankruptcy due to tax evasion scandals and love scandals regarding its president.

When this company officially filed for bankruptcy, Su Yu suddenly received a notification, his side-task status turning into ‘complete’ and his system currency raised from 0 points to 1000.

“What are you thinking about?” Qi Chen walked over with a glass of milk which he put down in front of Su Yu.

Su Yu lifted his head and grinned at him. “I was just considering whether it’s time we came out to the world?”

In the last two years, no matter what the occasion, the two of them had not been seen with anyone else, so their relationship could be considered semi-public already.

But since his lover had said so, Qi Chen was naturally very supportive. He reached out a hand to Su Yu and replied, “It really is about time we do that, give me your hand.”

Su Yu placed his hand in Qi Chen’s palm, and their two rings clinked together. Qi Chen adjusted the angle a little and then snapped a picture.

“If you’re going to use this photo, then what should I post?” Due to his fans constant pleading, Su Yu had made a Weibo account a while ago.

Qi Chen was just about to say that they could share the photo when Su Yu suddenly came close and with a ‘Mua” placed a kiss on Qi Chen’s cheek. And so, Qi Chen’s slightly surprised and yet adoring expression, as well as Su Yu’s wicked smirk, was captured on camera.

Having taken the photos, the two each logged on to their personal Weibo accounts and made a post.

Qi Chen v: I seem to like you a little bit, are you willing to be with me?【Image.】

Zhao Qingsong v: Yes, I am willing.【Image.】

Their posts borrowed the most poignant lines from the film <Lovers>. The two posts were released within 5 minutes and 21 seconds of each other, which really was a wonderful number.

As soon as the two posts were released, it quickly attracted the howling of many single dogs, and in less than 10 minutes, the comments had broken through the 100,000 mark and the number of shares was also truly frightening.

But at this point, Su Yu had no mind to spare for this because he had already been carried to the bedroom by Qi Chen, who had declared that they needed to celebrate coming out to the world.

In this life, Su Yu lived quite miserably, because he spent nearly half of his time with chronic back pain. For this reason, he had tried to initiate several cold wars with Qi Chen, but the number of times he’d been successful consistently hovered at the number 0.

At the age of 30, Su Yu completed his main task and received a reward of 2000 IQ points. Qi Chen’s IQ was also finally restored to 100%, although there was no noticeable difference from before and after his recovery, including the extent of his constant hunger for Su Yu.

At the age of 88, when Su Yu almost couldn’t walk anymore, Qi Chen’s life was also coming to an end.

On the last day of his life, Su Yu dragged Qi Chen to the long-abandoned villa, and under the shocked eyes of the other, unlocked all the rooms in the villa with trembling hands.

“You … Cough … “As soon as Qi Chen opened his mouth, he began to cough violently.

Su Yu hurriedly helped him pat at his back, and with a clear smile, said, “You don’t need to hurry, if you have something to say then say it slowly. We still have a lot of time.”

They really did have a lot of time. Even if this life was coming to an end, they still had their next life, and the next,…

“How did you know… about this place?” Qi Chen asked intermittently, letting known the confusion in his mind.

“Have you forgotten about the dreams I had? In addition to dreaming about our former life, I also dreamt of you standing alone in this villa, slowly looking through all these things, looking like you were very lonely,” Su Yu’s voice was also filled with pauses, not much better than Qi Chen’s. “I was thinking, I clearly wasn’t that far away, so why did you keep staring at these things? I’m better-looking, right?”

As he spoke, Su Yu winked very innocently at Qi Chen. Although he was 88 years old and had long since lost his youth, Qi Chen still felt that this was the most good-looking person in the world.

“You’re the most handsome ah, of course, it’s you who’s better looking.” Qi Chen grasped Su Yu’s hand with difficulty, but his strength was already leaving him.

Su Yu held his hand as well, and continued with a heartfelt smile, “So you ah, in your next life you must not be this silly. Don’t collect these useless things, you just have to find me.”

“Yes, I will find you…” Qi Chen slowly closed his eyes, his breath becoming weaker.

“Even if your IQ is too low and you can’t find me, don’t despair. I’m very smart, so I will definitely find you ah…” Su Yu bowed his head, his gaze skimming over Qi Chen’s still face which held a content smile even till its last moments. With a slow exhale, he finished, “You have to wait for me, patiently, in the next world.”

In the second world, Su Yu died at the age of 88 and this time, it was he who followed after his lover.

[1] CP means couple

Roamer @LoneWolfTranslations~

Bittersweet, but that’s a wrap for Arc 2 folks!

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