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Scattering IQ —— Chapter 38 part 2

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Chapter 38, part 2 | Arc 2.

Su Yu had completely expected this result though. He waved a hand and assigned Round Ball a particularly crazy and bold task. “Black out all the theaters in the city.”

“What?!”Round Ball felt like it had received a great scare.

“Are there any technical difficulties?” Su Yu glanced at the little ball.

There weren’t any technical difficulties per se, but wasn’t this a bit too drastic? Just because one film had not been approved, was it really necessary to black out all the movie theaters in the entire city?? …. why was it that when thinking about this, it actually felt quite fitting and satisfying?

Round Ball bounced a little, and eventually decided to accept the task. Actually, under Su Yu’s reign, it had no way of refusing. “Alright, got it. But how long should I black them out for?”

It couldn’t very well black out all the theaters until the end of time, right?

“Start with one week.” Su Yu thought about it, and then casually threw out a time frame.

And so all of the city’s theaters were hacked in a flash. At that time, the parties involved didn’t take the matter seriously, but the ones in charge of the major cinemas went crazy, as well as the investors of the films about to be released, and of course, the couples who wanted to go to the movies to deepen their relationships.

One week later, Su Yu once again sent out the film for evaluation, and received the same answer on the next day: Not Approved.

This time, all the theaters in the province were hacked and blacked out, causing more and more people to become frenzied. All the major headlines in the media also started to cover this incomprehensible event.

At this time, someone finally began to connect the dots and relate this matter to a hacker, and Li Hang – a top hacker – finally connected the dots and related this matter to the overbearing president he knew.

He excitedly contacted Su Yu to inquire about this, but Su Yu only sent back one sentence: “I have no intentions of accepting an apprentice.”

Being seen straight through, Li Hang could only speechlessly retreat and sulk in the comfort of his own codes. He was not envious that the other was handsome and rich, but he was indeed jealous that the other was not only handsome and rich, but also had more impressive skills than himself!

Why were the heavens so unfair!

After another week, Su Yu sent the film in for a third review. This time, Round Ball cracked its metaphorical knuckles as it prepared for the big fight. “Master Host, now that we’ve blacked out the city and the province, is it the whole country’s turn??”

“No need, Just anonymously send a notice to the audit team that if <Lovers> still doesn’t get approved, then nobody needs to make movies anymore in the future. I’m sure they’ll understand after that how they should act.” Su Yu leaned back against his seat, absentmindedly rubbing at his somewhat-sore waist due to a certain someone.

Hearing this, the little ball was stunned. And after hearing that it didn’t need to do anymore dirty work in the future for this film, its first reaction was not a sigh of relief, but actually to feel a little disappointed!

Had its pure and kindhearted self been led astray by its Host of a million bad taste?? qaq

In accordance with Su Yu’s request, Round Ball sent an anonymous note to the audit team, and soon all members of the <Lovers> cast were secretly put under investigation, but nothing came out of it.

Since the investigation came up empty, and the audit team was not willing to give in on the matter, they finally decided to throw the ball to Su Yu’s court, since, it wasn’t their fault that he was the sole investor of the film~

However, Su Yu was also not someone easily bullied, and he just shrugged and returned one sentence, “Just as you have the right to audit, I also have the right to send a film to be reviewed. You can not deprive me of my right for no reason.”

What else could the audit team say?!? No matter how upset their hearts were, they had to swallow the bitter pill.

Although they really did not want to approve this film, but compared to the future of the entire film industry, when one weighed the two, the choice was obvious.

Although in their hearts they really doubted that the other had the ability to cause the whole film industry to collapse, after witnessing the entire province’s theaters be hacked into and blacked out, nobody wanted to take that bet.

And so, when Su Yu sent <Lovers> out to be reviewed for a third time, it was directly approved, and it was an unconditional approval without any conditions for scenes to be modified.

On the day that <Lovers> was released, Su Yu personally increased the showtime frequency of <Lovers> to 100% in all the theaters across the country. That is, on this day, no matter who goes to which cinema, the only film they would see is <Lovers>.

And so the same scene took place in every theater across the country.

Customer【Puzzled】: “I want to see the film that was released yesterday, why don’t I see it in the options?”

Employee【Tears streaming down their face】: “Apologies, but our theater is only showing <Lovers> today. Though, it is free admission!”

And so for a time, whether it was in the theaters or online, an onslaught of swearing and negative comments directed at the film spread…. which directly resulted in the next day, all theaters across the country once again only showed <Lovers>.

Playing this film until you run out of energy to swear.

This sentence appeared at the top of every major forum homepage, and it even displayed on the digital banners of every movie theater. People could only stare speechlessly at these shameless words which deserved a thorough beating, and choke helplessly.

Who was this hacker that had the power to destroy the world!!! Please, have mercy!

By the time that <Lovers> had monopolized the cinemas for a full, uninterrupted seven days, other films finally began to squeeze between the cracks and slowly return to the theaters’ rolling screens.

And in these seven days, the number of online discussions about the film <Lovers> had reached a staggering height.

【Clap clap <Lovers> this crazy little minx!】

Original Poster: Frankly speaking, at first I refused to watch this unorthodoxed movie, but then somehow walked into the cinema, probably because it was free, right? Anyways, when I came out of the cinema again, I was already crying like a dog, the kind that couldn’t stop at all.

How do I say this, I’m the kind that’s neither for or against homosexuality. I also don’t have much contact with it, so before the film began, I totally did not expect myself to cry like this… and now here we are.

Even now I still think it’s a super unorthodoxed film, but I also have to admit that the film is really very good, whether it’s the plot, the filming technique, or the actors, I can’t voice any complaints.

First of all, the actors, whether it’s the Gong or the Shou, or other supporting actors, they’re all first-class handsome!! If I wasn’t in the theaters, then I wouldn’t be able to resist licking the screen! ~\\ (≧▽≦)/~ Most importantly, the chemistry between the two main actors is super good!!

Whether it was the ignorant shyness of a first love, or the pain of separation, or their struggle of hard work, or the mature affection when they reunited, it was all portrayed very well! It evokes all kinds of emotions and you can’t help but feel heartache for them.

As for the filming quality, everyone must have heard of and seen Liu Mingzhen’s works. The same quality shows through here, so I won’t say too much more about this.

Next is the most important point, the plot. This film follows the same refreshing style that Director Liu Mingzhen is known for, but it also deals with issues completely different from the usual young adult melodramas. As we all know, this is indeed a gay themed film.

At first, I had thought that watching two grown men together, flirting and acting loving, would be very uncomfortable, but in fact, I was worrying needlessly.

After seeing this film, I now know that the love between two men can also be so beautiful and moving. Hints of sweetness during tough times, moments of sadness interspersed with the sweet, silk strands of hope flowing through the sadness, but the hope eventually being crushed by reality. Though it seemed that there was only despair ahead, during that period of crushed feelings, a new bud of hope eventually grows out, even more gorgeous and dazzling than before.

This kind of feeling which clearly should be full of hope, and yet is brought down and burdened by reality, really causes the audience to feel all kinds of emotions!

I will also never forget that courage where even though there was clearly no hope, they still refused to give up purely because of the love they had for each other.

At the end of the movie, when he said “Yes, I am willing,” I understood in a flash why even homosexual feelings can be so beautiful. Love, no matter the sexual orientation, is love.

Cough ~ Wow, it’s my first time writing such poetic comments, even I have been moved! Let me end by saying this, this movie is really, really, really good! If you don’t watch it, you’ll definitely regret it!

Finally, I’ll borrow a line from <Lovers> as the concluding remark of this review, let me bestow these words to you, my beloveds.

【”There’s nothing strange or special about these feelings; we’re not asking you to stand up for us, but please, treat us equally with the same mindset.”】

1|: Sitting on the sofa, I have to admit, this movie is really quite unorthodoxed! But alas, I was actually conquered by it qaq!

2|: I’ve always not understood why so many people have such prejudice and hostility towards homosexuality, I only hope that one day, this prejudice will disappear altogether.

3|: Licking the screen! The actors are really super super handsome! My male God is not ordinary, even in this kind of film, his acting is so pure! And the other seems to have starred with the Male God before? In short, really good match ah, if only they were together in real life, then that would be so good!!

4|: At this moment, I once again recall the terror of all other movies being blacked out by <Lovers> for a whole week…. even if I had an opinion, I wouldn’t dare say it

5|: From the Emperor’s household manager, promoted to the President’s sweet lover, this is definitely rising in status! No matter what others say, I will support you!

6|: After watching this and crying like a dog, I really am too moved, I no longer discriminate against homosexuals ying ying ying…..

7|: Crying like a dog +1, hoping that the two main leads can continue to work together in the future.

8|: Crying like a dog +2, asking who is this great master that caused the movie to play non-stop for 7 days? I want to carry your children!

9|: Crying like a dog +10086, a gay film actually passed review, and also monopolized the big screens for a full week! This is really incredible! And here I am, just feeling lucky that I had a chance to watch such a great movie.


Probably because Su Yu’s move from before really scared the general populace, the whole post – unexpectedly – did not have many negative comments. Occasionally, there was someone like 4| who weakly poked at the matter, but they all seemed quite pathetic in the grand scheme.

Su Yu was very satisfied with this result, and also felt incomparable relief for the fact that Qi Chen’s IQ had finally risen to 20%.

<Lovers>, after debuting for a full week, made the groundbreaking record of 0$ from box office sales. Even though he had lost a lot of money, Su Yu found that he didn’t really care. After all, from the very beginning, his only purpose was to portray a light and refreshing love story on the big screen with Qi Chen…. though, in reality, he was also tricked into doing many things with Qi Chen that were not light and refreshing at all….

After this, Su Yu and Qi Chen acted in a thriller suspense film together, once again portraying double male leads. However, even though there was no romantic plotline, when Qi Chen released some photo stills on Weibo, his posts still managed to abuse many single dogs.

Male God’s household manager is mine: The Male God has made an appearance to abuse single dogs again….  and it’s my favourite flavour of honey-sweet dog food, what can I do?? Ah, I guess I’ll just have to keep being a fan and deal with it!

Like a pair of Mandarin ducks in the water: Male God, your family’s household manager is so handsome!! Can you have him open an Weibo account?? We don’t ask for much, just another angle to eat more dog food.

Walnut Dew: Ah ah, so much more material to enjoy, thank you so much!! You two, make sure to live happily and healthily!


Qi Chen scrolled through these comments with a content smile on his face. When he raised his head and saw Su Yu walk out of the bathroom with a head of wet hair, he put down the tablet and gestured with a hand, “Come here, I’ll help you dry your hair.”

Life really couldn’t get any better than this.

Eight months later, the new film was successfully released to the public and Su Yu and Qi Chen each bought a ticket, sneaking in to the theater like an ordinary couple to watch and enjoy their own movie.

Roamer @LoneWolfTranslations

One more chapter to wrap up this arc and then we are on to The Lonely Emperor~

See y’all next week!

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