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Scattering IQ —— Chapter 37 [2.25]

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Chapter 37 | Arc 2.

“What are you saying, you’re speaking nonsense in your delusions, you’re just a….” Zhao Qinglian’s tirade was cut short as he realized the second part of what Su Yu had said. “The controlling shareholder? What does ‘a controlling shareholder’ mean?”

Su Yu scoffed in disdain, saying, “Not even knowing what ‘the controlling shareholder’ means, and yet making such a scene right now. Your actions are very in line with the unique temperament of uneducated illegitimate children. But, although your ignorance has nothing to do with me, please don’t show me how ignorant you really are, okay? Because I really don’t want to laugh at you.”

Zhao Qinglian choked until his face became a bright red, this kind of admonishment was too painful to bear. It was like taking the initiative to bring his face closer so that the other could slap it a few times. It clearly hurts to death, but he couldn’t fight back!

Zhao Qinglian knew that he was not Su Yu’s opponent and could only suffocate in shame, turning to face Zhao Yuan in hopes that the other would speak up for him. However, at this time, how could Zhao Yuan have any mind to spare for Zhao Qinglian’s face? His thoughts were fully consumed by the last sentence that Su Yu had said.

Zhao Yuan’s first instinct was to deny Zhao Qingsong’s words, because there was no way this could be true. Zhao Qingsong only held 22% of the shares in Zhao Entertainment. Even if he added in Lin Yan’s 5%, that was still only 27%, far away from from the 50% needed.

But how could Zhao Qingsong be joking about such an important matter? Even if he said it to be sharp tongued and to cause panic, these kinds of things could easily be investigated and quickly exposed. At that time, wouldn’t this be tantamount to slapping his own face?

These two thoughts continue to play about in his mind, and Zhao Yuan slowly began to gain some clarity. However, his face also became more and more ugly. How could Zhao Qingsong have achieved this?!

And if all that the other had said was true…. then Zhao Yuan didn’t even dare to think about the impact it would have on himself and Zhao Qinglian!

Seeing that Zhao Yuan had arrived at the correct answer, Su Yu crossed his long legs and leisurely said, “I currently have a 51% stake in Zhao Entertainment. Even though it’s only a little over 50%, I am still the veritable controlling shareholder. As for the second largest shareholder of Zhao Entertainment, Father, in the future I’ll have to count on you to take good care of this company.”

As if something exploded in his mind, Zhao Yuan could only feel his vision turn black, and then his body uncontrollably fell back, collapsing against the sofa. Zhao Qinglian was startled and hurriedly tugged on his arm, crying “Father, what happened to you? Don’t scare me!”

Zhao Yuan’s chest heaved up and down, his eyes wide open and staring at Su Yu, but he couldn’t manage to say anything.

Although he didn’t want to think about it, a horrible thought was rapidly expanding. If Zhao Qingsong really became the controlling shareholder of Zhao Entertainment, then all his efforts over these last few years have been for naught!

The very idea caused Zhao Yuan to have flashes of black spots in his vision, leaving his thoughts a complete blank.

Some people may seem to be calm and all-powerful, while also knowing how to endure, as if they have no weaknesses. However, this is just because you haven’t found their weak point yet – as long as you can find their Achilles heel, then even the most powerful enemy can be brought down in one blow.

And Zhao Yuan’s Achilles heel laid right in the power and interest of Zhao Entertainment. This company had all his heart and soul, and now his heart and soul had become someone else’s overnight, how could he not be angered to death??

Zhao Qinglian was extremely frightened by Zhao Yuan’s  appearance, and his eyes turned red. “Zhao Qingsong, you’ve gone too far! Look at how badly you’ve angered Father!”

“What are you saying? Why would Father be angry that I became the controlling shareholder of Zhao Entertainment? He must be like this because he is so happy!” Su Yu said innocently, rolling his eyes and correcting Zhao Qinglian. Meanwhile, he also turned and smiled at Zhao Yuan, saying, “I know Father is feeling too relieved, and is too excited to speak. You can rest assured that I will take good care of Zhao Entertainment as its President. After all, it was you who entrusted this position to me in the first place.”

Zhao Yuan’s eyes dilated further, his mouth trembling incessantly, and his fingers shook with visible tremors as he pointed at Su Yu, choking out one sentence. “You…. Villain!”

Hearing these words, Su Yu smiled even more happily. “Thank you Father for your praise! I came here today to inform you of this good news. As for the other things… The days ahead are long and we can take it slowly, Father don’t you agree?”

Zhao Yuan glaring eyes formed two large round circles as he stared at Su Yu, and then after two seconds, the two eyes turned inward, unexpectedly directly fainting from anger.

“Father!” “Zhao Qinglian screamed, and then turned his head around to glare fiercely at Su Yu, blustering with false bravado, “Zhao Qingsong, are you even still human?! How could you do this to Father, you really are….”

Su Yu made a ‘stop’ gesture and kindly prompted, “Now that your dear father has fainted, are you sure you want to spend this time talking to me, instead of quickly helping him and calling for a doctor?”

Zhao Qinglian absolutely did not expect that even in these circumstances where he himself was obviously on the moral high ground, the other could still choke him with his words. His face turned ugly, as if he was forced to eat poop.

After he had called the doctor, and conducted simple treatment on Zhao Yuan according to the doctor’s instructions, he turned around to unexpectedly see Su Yu leisurely sipping at some tea!

Zhao Qinglian was so angered he spat out a mouthful of blood, both hands trembling violently. Could someone get him a chef’s knife?? He needs to drag this person out to be chopped!

“ Have you finished with the treatment? That’s great, I actually had some words to say to you.” Seeing Zhao Qinglian staring at him with hateful eyes, Su Yu leisurely put down his teacup, “I know you are Zhao Yuan’s bastard, and are the product of an extramarital affair. However, I am a very generous person, and I don’t care much about this matter. Therefore, after you graduate college, you can still come to Zhao Entertainment for work. I will arrange for you an ordinary position – though of course, that will be all. Just an ordinary position. What do you think of this?”

“You’re delusional! Your Mom I want an ordinary position, Zhao Entertainment was supposed to be mine in the first place!” Zhao Qinglian spat out another mouthful of blood, and he felt that he might not live much longer, because this person’s words were simply too infuriating!

Su Yu stared at Zhao Qinglian’s red eyes for a while, and just as Zhao Qinglian thought the other was about to curse back, Su Yu said lightly, “You have the right to continue dreaming, but even if it is a dream, please have a civilized and harmonious dream. Cursing expletives is not right.”

Zhao Qinglian’s eyes twitched. Even though Zhao Qingsong’s tone was peaceful and the contents of his speech were not fierce, why did he feel this was more infuriating than if the other had cursed back?! These words caused him to feel even more choked!

What the hell was this obscure skill!

“Well, I have no more words for you. Mr. Illegitimate Son, let us part at this point. I’m sure we’ll meet again someday.” After saying that sentence, Su Yu stood up from the sofa and walked out with a smile, completely ignoring the Zhao Qinglian who was so angered his face had a purple tint.

Qi Chen followed and before leaving, turned to give Zhao Qinglian a polite smile.

Zhao Qinglian was so angry his whole body trembled, and he would have liked nothing more than to rush up to Su Yu and directly deliver a beating. However, even through his clouded anger, he suddenly remembered Su Yu’s cold gaze which had cause his whole back to become numb, and he instantly deflated.

When Su Yu’s back had completely disappeared and the front door shut with a slam, Zhao Qinglian let out an angry roar and punched the coffee table, only to end up screaming out from the pain it caused.

On the way back, Qi Chen kept staring at Su Yu with an interested gaze while driving, but purposefully not saying anything. Su Yu helplessly stared back at him. “Can you please focus on driving?”

“Do you really want me to focus on driving well?” Qi Chen asked with a meaningful smile.

Su Yu thought this smile was a bit strange, but didn’t think too much on it. “Pay attention to the road, safety is most important. If you have anything to say, we can discuss it once we get back.”

At that, Qi Chen indeed did not continue to sneak glances at him, but once they arrived back home, Su Yu was manhandled onto Old Driver Qi Chen’s car, and made to experience first-hand this ol’ driver’s superb car handling skills.

The next day, Su Yu once again woke up with back pain and in his pained daze, decided that he must be extra careful in the future to not let Qi Chen grasp any weaknesses. Who knew that later on that very day, because of “physical discomfort”, Su Yu was dragged back to bed by the newly career changed Doctor Qi Chen and given a thorough inspection inside and out.

For the first time, Su Yu felt that he really can’t live on anymore!

These noisy and yet sweet days passed by, and the preparations for <Lovers> were constantly advanced and perfected. Finally, one month later, all the details were handled and the movie officially entered into its filming phase.

As a gay themed literary film, <Lovers> had a very refreshing tone.

<Lovers> is about two high school junior desk mates, from their ignorant hearts to mutual admiration, to separating due to worldly pressures. It covered all the struggles they faced until many years later when both had mature and strong hearts – as well as successful careers – and came together once again, this time to be with each other for a lifetime.

The reason why this film was characterized as refreshing is because – in addition to the story background itself and the plotline direction – these two teenagers from the beginning to the end only had each other in their body and hearts. No matter how large the outside world was, or how deep the temptation, they always only had the other person in their heart.

I am separating from you, not because I do not love you, but because I am waiting for a better time to meet you again.

When I am strong enough to vanquish all obstacles between you and me, when I am mature enough to disregard all the malicious gossip, when I am powerful enough to be your safe haven, do you still want to be my love?

My love, I have always been waiting for you.

At the end of the story, the two men revisited their high school and sat in that empty classroom where they had first experienced youthful love. Back to that scene where they hadn’t dared to speak out directly and instead, had penned out secret confessions on paper.

“I seem to like you a little bit, are you willing to be with me?”

“Yes I am willing.”

A mutual smile, and in the blink of an eye ten years had passed, their youth gone in an instant, as if they were still standing at their original places, nervous and hesitant, but in fact they had already arrived at their happy ending.

All these tribulations are so that I can meet you again at the best possible moment, and until then, I will hold onto myself for you.

Su Yu was very satisfied with this play and was also very attentive and engaged in the whole filming process, especially when he filmed together with Qi Chen. In almost every scene, he managed to capture the full essence with just one take, but director Liu Mingzhen seemed quite dissatisfied every time, as if very much hoping that the two people would NG a few more times. Sure enough, a woman’s mind is very difficult to comprehend.

During this time, in his private life with Qi Chen, Su Yu had also been very cautious about his words and actions, lest Qi Chen grab hold of any ambiguous phrases that he could then twist into various unspeakable tortures. He had thought that these peaceful days could continue, but who knew that on this night Qi Chen suddenly mysteriously announced that he had a gift for Su Yu.

“A gift? Was today a special day or something?” Su Yu was a little confused – with his good memory, he shouldn’t have forgotten about any important days.

Qi Chen only smiled meaningfully, and then pushed the gift box into Su Yu’s hands.

Su Yu, with a very bad feeling, opened the box to take a look. Inside was a set of clothes very similar to the costume he had worn in <Lovers> – the style of the high school uniform was very similar, with a white shirt and black pants. It’s just that on the right side of the chest, the embroidered name was not that of the character he’d played, but instead, the characters ‘Zhao Qingsong’.

Su Yu’s brain did not come online for a bit, too caught up on the thought that ‘Actually, my name isn’t Zhao Qingsong either’.

By then, Qi Chen had already ushered him into changing into the new clothes, and so Su Yu with his offline brain had done so. Only when he had donned the student costume and turned around to see Qi Chen’s gaze emitting a hungry green light did he realize that something about the situation was not quite right, but by then it was already too late.

And so for all his intelligence, Su Yu in a bout of careless foolishness fell into the trap of Big Bad Wolf Qi Chen.

Roamer @LoneWolfTranslations

Whenever Qi Chen ‘smiles meaningfully’, y’all know that shit’s about to go down 😆
Hubby’s very into roleplay eh?

See y’all next week!

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