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Scattering IQ —— Chapter 36 [2.24]

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Chapter 36 | Arc 2.

The day that Su Yu returned to the Zhao family household, the weather was very nice. The sun shown harmoniously, and a calm breeze blew to and fro. Qi Chen specifically requested the day off and accompanied him to the lunch.

On the way there, Round Ball asked with an afterthought, “Master Host, why didn’t you just tell the father and son pair during the general meeting that you had become the controlling shareholder of Zhao Entertainment?  Wouldn’t that have saved you this extra trip?”

“Since I can anger the enemy to death twice, why should I only do it once?” Su Yu glanced at the little ball like how one would look at a stupid person.

“……” QAQ it really shouldn’t have been this curious and asked… knowing its host’s bad tastes, this was just seeking abuse ah!

But actually, the real reason why Su Yu hadn’t revealed everything at the time was because the phone constantly ringing in his pocket had been causing him quite a bit of annoyance. He can bully slags at any time he wished, but his lover’s phone calls can’t be left ignored and unacknowledged!

When Su Yu arrived at the Zhao family home and only saw Zhao Yuan inside, he couldn’t help but feel disappointed. Since he was here to bully scums, how could he leave Zhao Qinglian out? After all, the father and son duo must be abused together, only that way would it be truly satisfying!

“Qingsong, you came. I …” Zhao Yuan – pretending to be fatherly – got half a sentence out when he noticed Qi Chen standing behind Su Yu. With his familiarity of the entertainment circle, it was impossible for him to not recognize Qi Chen. But, why would he appear together with Zhao Qingsong?  Could it be, Qi Chen was the reason Zhao Qingsong came out of the closet?

Zhao Yuan’s mind turned and turned but outwardly, he pasted on a smile and asked, “Qingsong, this is?”

“This is my friend, he came to have lunch with me.”  Su Yu replied dismissively and pulled Qi Chen inside past Zhao Yuan, sitting them both down on the sofa.

Qi Chen didn’t even have time to make his own introductions or greetings, and could only politely smile and nod at Zhao Yuan when he was pulled past.

The blue veins on Zhao Yuan’s forehead almost popped out. This son was really improper!

But upon thinking of his plans, Zhao Yuan could only take a deep breath and force his temper down, once again donning the mask of a caring father. “Alright, you two just sit here and relax for a while, the food will be ready soon.” ”

At that, Zhao Yuan also sat down opposite the two men, mind churning as he thought about how to carry out his plans now that the situation had changed slightly. He did not expect that Zhao Qingsong would bring anyone with him today.

“Father, where’s your bastard?” Su Yu leaned casually against the sofa cushions, appearing relaxed and languid, but actually his body was protesting and still suffering from PTSD of last night’s activities, and he was too tired to sit straight.

Zhao Yuan’s eyebrow twitched, his temper instantly rising again. His mask became taut as he said, “Qingsong, I know that you have issues with Qinglian’s existence, but he is still your little brother. As the big brother, you should be nicer and more tolerant to him.”

Su Yu glanced sarcastically at Zhao Yuan and lightly smiled, saying, “Has father misunderstood? The reason I asked is because I am just wondering why he isn’t here. Since my father has also said he is my brother, then shouldn’t this meal be eaten together?”

Zhao Yuan felt stabbing liver pain from Su Yu’s mocking gaze, and choked out with a red face, “I thought you didn’t want to see him, so I didn’t call him over.”

“So in father’s eyes, I’m such a stingy person ah, this is too unfair to me,” complained the Su Yu who waits for the phone to ring 8 times every time Zhao Yuan calls. “Even if just to prove my innocence, we have to call this illegitimate brother over. Father, why don’t you give him a call right now.”

Zhao Yuan discovered for the first time that this son of his unexpectedly had such a sharp mouth, with every word capable of piercing him and angering him. However, the other rarely shows such magnanimity, and so he will naturally not refuse. “Hearing this, it’s obvious I’ve misunderstood you before. I am relieved that you think this way, as you two are indeed blood brothers. In the future, Zhao Entertainment will rely on you two to reach new heights….”

“Why don’t you hurry and make that call.”  “Su Yu waved his hand, apparently having no patience for Zhao Yuan’s falsely affectionate words.

Zhao Yuan, once again angered to the point of liver pain, could only choke down his rage and go aside to call Zhao Qinglian.

Qi Chen took the opportunity to whisper in Su Yu’s ear, dropping a kiss on it along the way, “Do you want me to leave later?”

Su Yu turned to glare at him. Even though he completely did not care if Zhao Yuan saw them, he was still bitter from the previous night’s activities and his sore waist. “No need.”

“If I’m present, your father probably will not carry out his plans as you had wished.”  Qi Chen nuzzled Su Yu and draped his arms around him. In front of his lover, he must do whatever it takes and act without any regard for face – only like this can he secure the most benefits for himself.

Su Yu reached out and pushed Qi Chen’s face away, but in the next moment uncontrollably twitched, because Qi Chen actually took the opportunity to lick his palm!

How could he have such a brazen lover!

Qi Chen was completely unrepentant, and continued to seriously inquire after the question he had just asked: “So you really don’t need me to leave?” ”

Su Yu was rendered completely helpless by his lover’s shamelessness in this life, and could only huff out, “I don’t need it. Their plans are theirs, but today is my show. Do you think I care about what they think?”

“True, you don’t need to mind them.” Qi Chen smiled at Su Yu, he really loved this unyielding self-confidence of his lover.

At Zhao Yuan’s summon, Zhao Qinglian quickly rushed over and upon seeing Su Yu, he very politely greeted, “Big Brother, that you would like me to come over and eat with you, I am truly happy. Also, about before, it really was my fault. I should not have said all those things at such an important meeting. I hope big brother will not hold my thoughtless actions against me. ”

Su Yu didn’t bother to reply – the reason he called him over was definitely not to shake hands and make amends with him.

Zhao Qinglian, seeing Su Yu completely ignoring him, was naturally quite mad, but thinking of his father’s rebukes from before, he could only endure. “Big Brother, let me go pour you some tea.”

“Don’t rush to pour the tea yet, I first have something to say.” Su Yu called out to Zhao Qinglian, pointing to the sofa opposite of himself.

Zhao Qinglian and Zhao Yuan exchanged a glance, and then he nodded and sat down. “Big Brother, what did you want to say?”

“You should both know that I’m gay, right? “Su Yu threw out his first question.

Zhao Yuan wasn’t sure what Su Yu wanted to achieve and so he kept his silence. Zhao Qinglian was more direct and just nodded, saying, “Yes, didn’t big brother personally admit to this?”

“Then you two should also know that because of this matter, the recent stock fluctuations of Zhao Entertainment have been very volatile, right?” Su Yu threw out a second question.

This question made both Zhao Yuan and Zhao Qinglian’s eyes brighten, but the former still maintained his composure – showing no response –  while the latter became excited and asked,”Big Brother, what are you trying to say??”

Su Yu smiled slightly and finally sat up straight. “I just wanted to say that even if I am gay, and even if the company stocks plunge because of me, even if it’s the end of the world, I will still not give up the position of President, and I will certainly not cede this position to you, or to you.”

Towards the end of his proclamation, Su Yu accompanied his words by pointing to Zhao Yuan and Zhao Qinglian respectively.

The expressions of the two men instantly turned black. In this instance, even Zhao Yuan couldn’t maintain his silence. He opened his mouth and asked, “Qingsong, your words, what are you trying to say? Your current position is one that I’ve given you, do you think that I’ll snatch it back from you? As for the Qinglian, he is your brother. even if you do not know him that well, you shouldn’t so maliciously shoot down his ideas and dreams!”

With that, Zhao Yuan quickly gave Zhao Qinglian a look.

Zhao Qinglian originally wanted to be angry, but upon receiving this look, instantly changed to appear greatly wronged. “Big Brother, it really was all my bad the last time, but I have already apologized to you, can you really not forgive me? Also, I’m still in college and more than a year away from graduating, I definitely don’t have any designs on your position!”

Saying that, Zhao Qinglian aimed what he thought was a very innocent and pitiable expression at Su Yu, and Zhao Yuan also levelled Su Yu with a severe look.

Under the gaze of the two men, Su Yu blinked his eyes, and suddenly turned to Qi Chen, saying, “Their acting is really bad, don’t you think?”

“Yes, it’s very bad.” “Qi Chen nodded in agreement.

“……” Zhao Qinglian’s earnest stare instantly became dead and dull, and he suddenly wanted to explode in expletives. Ah, it’s just that he wasn’t sure if he’d be harmonized. [1]

Zhao Yuan’s face was also as black as can be. “Qingsong, is this the attitude you should have when talking to your father?!”

Su Yu tilted his head and looked at Zhao Yuan, his eyes bright with irony and contempt. “If my father really loved me, was inclusive of me, supported me, then of course I will respect and love him. But in the face of someone who is constantly calculating their own son, waiting to help their other son push the firstborn into the abyss, then this kind of father, what do you expect me to do? I’m not an idiot.”

“Zhao Qingsong, you’re going too far!” Zhao Yuan sprang to his feet, a look of anger on his face.

On the side, Zhao Qinglian who just regained his senses added his support. “Big Brother, you really went too far!” You can think of me however you like, but how can you slander father like that? He’s your father, everything you have today, it’s all because of…”

”Shut up! “Su Yu raised his eyes to glare at Zhao Qinglian, his voice lowering as he spat out the two words.

Clearly it was just a fleeting glimpse, and yet Zhao Qinglian felt his back turn cold, the sound around him stopping, as if all the blood in his body had congealed. How could Zhao Qingsong’s eyes be this frightening!

Su Yu leaned casually against the sofa, narrowing his eyes at the two men in front of him. “You two seem to be mistaken about something. I came here today to tell you this fact, not to discuss anything with you. To be a good and upstanding man, one cannot be so conceited ah.”

Zhao Yuan’s chest heaved up and down, and if it were not for the years of practicing his endurance, he probably would have leapt up to deliver a beating. “Zhao Qingsong, it may be you who’s now sitting in the seat of Zhao Entertainment’s President, but do not forget who gave this seat to you! Since I can put you on that seat, then I can also pull you off, don’t you dare be so arrogant!”

“Father, although I do not know where you gained such confidence and courage to say such outrageous words, but there is one thing you should know,” Su Yu slightly narrowed his eyes and said with a chilly hint of a smile, “Since you’ve already passed along this position, then don’t think about ever taking it back. Because you no longer have that qualification.”

The damage of this sentence was just too big, and Zhao Yuan was so angry he saw black for a long time before finally working up the mobility to raise an index finger at Su Yu and choking out, “Then let’s see if I have this qualification!”

Zhao Qinglian finally recovered from his petrified self, and seeing that Su Yu and Zhao Yuan had completely fallen out, dropped all semblance of politeness and glared hatefully at Su Yu. “Big Brother, your position was given to you by father, so naturally he can take it back from you. How can you not even understand this simple truth?”

“This truth, I really don’t understand it. However, there is another truth, which I think you similarly won’t comprehend.” Su Yu drawled, slowly shifting to a more comfortable posture, and then intoned with a formidable air,  “as the controlling shareholder in Zhao Entertainment, absolutely no one can overturn my decisions.”

[1] – as mentioned in a previous episode, harmonization is equivalent to censorship. So basically, I think the author was breaking the 4th wall a little bit, hinting that if Zhao Qinglian had really cursed like he had wanted to, then what he says will all be beep-ed out~~

Roamer @LoneWolfTranslations

Su Yu is definitely enjoying this way too much ah~

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