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Scattering IQ —— Chapter 33 [2.21]

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Chapter 33 | Arc 2.

This meeting was proceeding way too fast. Some shareholders wanted to express that they couldn’t follow at all. The meeting had just started, and yet they were directly going to the voting session already?!

“My words, did you not understand them?” Seeing the collective bewilderment on everyone’s faces, Su Yu raised an eyebrow and asked arrogantly. “Alright, then I will explain it again. We will begin voting right now. The voting time is ten minutes. Those who want me to step down, please cast your votes. Are there any other questions?”

“……” Somehow it felt like there was no difference between whether Su Yu elaborated or not.

Zhao Yuan delicately coughed twice and then said with a serious expression, “Since Qingsong has already decided on this, then everyone let’s consider carefully and cast our votes.”

But in the following few minutes, none of the other shareholders made a move. Zhao Yuan actually really wanted to just go ahead and vote, but as Su Yu’s father, it wouldn’t seem appropriate to be the first one to stand up and cast a vote, and so he reluctantly stayed where he was.

In the span of a few minutes, the entire conference room fell into a state of awkward silence. Zhao Qinglian, who was sitting behind Zhao Yuan, saw that not one person was raising their hand to vote and he couldn’t help but become very anxious. He scooched closer to Zhao Yuan to whisper something, but before he could even open his mouth he was glared into silence by the other.

Zhao Qinglian was so angry but he could only sit there and stew. Zhao Qingsong was abnormal and completely unrepentant about it. How could such a person continue to sit in the seat of Zhao Entertainment’s President? That seat should be his!

It was such a simple question, and yet why doesn’t anyone vote to have him expelled? This is not logical at all!

A sudden thought flashed over the head of Zhao Qinglian who was lacking in mental roots. Zhao Qingsong must have done something! Otherwise, things would never be like this!

The more Zhao Qinglian thought about it, the more he felt he was correct. Zhao Qingsong must have used various illegal means to threaten the others, causing them to not dare to vote.

It must be said, from a certain point of view, that Zhao Qinglian’s idea was indeed the truth. However, the key difference was that these people weren’t threatened by Su Yu because Su Yu used illegal tactics, but rather, because Su Yu bad evidence of their own illegal actions and had threatened to expose them.

As time went by, Zhao Qinglian – who had already gone through many conspiracy theories – couldn’t sit still anymore. Ignoring Zhao Yuan’s move to stop him, he opened his mouth and said in a humble and curious tone, “Why isn’t anyone casting their votes? Is it that the voting session hasn’t officially started yet?”

Everyone’s eyes at the conference table fell collectively onto Zhao Qinglian’s body, but no one was kindhearted enough to answer his question.

Zhao Qinglian – being watched by so many people – started to feel a little nervous and his hands began to sweat. He quickly wiped the palm of his hands on his pants and continued with a fake smile, “It just feels a little strange to me, as if everyone is scared to vote?”

Su Yu looked at Zhao Qinglian with an even faker smile, and kindly decided to reply to this one-sided conversation. “You mean, you think I’ve threatened them with means that can’t see the light of day, and so they don’t dare to vote against me?”

“I didn’t say that, I just felt it was weird. I haven’t participated in such meetings before so I have no experience, but since it’s a vote, then there should have been some action by now already, right?” Although that was exactly what Zhao Qinglian wanted to convey, he obviously couldn’t just come out and say it.

Su Yu nodded, and casually gave Zhao Qinglian a dismissive glance. “Since you didn’t mean to insinuate that, and also don’t have experience in this area, then why don’t you just shut up.”

“…..” So angry! Why didn’t this person play his cards according to the general rules and decorum? Zhao Qinglian almost fainted with how upset he was.

Zhao Yuan glanced at Su Yu sternly, and then swept over the crowd with his eyes. He was also a little annoyed and puzzled. These people’s reactions were completely different from what he’d expected. If things continued this way, then his plans may not come to fruition.

“Qingsong, this kind of voting is indeed a bit embarrassing, Use another way.” Zhao Yuan proposed, appearing fair and unselfish.

Su Yu scoffed lightly and said with a mocking smiled, “Father, saying this, it seems you really want to see me pushed off the stage. No wonder Father brought an extra, unnecessary person today. It turns out you’ve had this idea from long ago. But don’t you think you’re acting too rashly? I haven’t even stepped down yet and my father’s already anxiously found himself a new successor. If the media were to hear of this, then I’m afraid it won’t reflect very well on you Father.”

“What nonsense are you spewing?” Zhao Yuan narrowed his eyes and frowned harshly, acting as if he’d just been greatly insulted. “Right now is the general shareholder’s meeting. You’d better mind your identity and stop acting out like a child. If you have a tantrum to throw, then keep it until after the meeting!”

“Is it really appropriate for Father to act like this? Bringing a wet-behind-the-ears boy to this important meeting and letting him talk wildly while disregarding the rules, whereas when I’ve just asked a question, Father places such heavy accusations on my head. Wow, it really seems like he’s more your official son than I am.” Su Yu dismissively raised his eyebrows. After delivering that retort, he did not give Zhao Yuan a chance to retaliate and instead wrenched the topic back on track. “Okay, since Father has already said this, then let’s change the voting format. Anyone who wants me to remain as the President, please vote now. The voting time is still 10 minutes.”

At these words, Zhao Yuan and Zhao Qinglian simultaneously let out a breath of relief. It’s just that… the former breathed a sigh of relief in his heart whereas the latter actually let out a breath.

Ten minutes of voting time, the first five minutes was the same situation as before with no one voting. It was only until the second half when someone timidly raised their hand, resolutely not looking around.

Then, slowly came a second and a third… Zhao Yuan – face showing a tint of green – looked at the people who raised their hands. He never thought that even after Su Yu personally admitted to being gay that anyone would still support him.

Zhao Qinglian’s face was also very unsightly, and he silently memorized these people’s faces. After he becomes president of Zhao Entertainment, just watch what he’ll do to them!

As the number of voters increased, the numbers of share associated with those participating also increased, climbing from 3.2% to 7.1% and then finally stopping at 21.3% at the ninth minute.

During this whole process, Su Yu looked as if he couldn’t care less about the proceedings, casually leaning against the chair, eyes sweeping through the crowd, his two long legs leisurely tapping a slow rhythm onto the floor.

As the number of shares accounted for continued to increase, Zhao Qinglian became more and more nervous. He had already calculated before that of the 12 shareholders attending the meeting, a total of 96% of the shares was present. Therefore, as long as the number of people who supported Zhao Qingsong held more than 48% of the shares, then this matter was settled.

Zhao Qingsong himself held a 22% stake, which meant that as long as the other people who supported him accounted for more than 26% of the shares, then he would continue to be the President.

Zhao Qinglian silently gnashed his teeth. This definitely must not happen!

With only the last minute of voting time left, the shares hovered at 21.3% without any sign of further growth. Zhao Qinglian clenched his fists and stared at the few people who hadn’t yet voted, silently praying for the time to go by faster.

“Oh? It seems that there is only thirty seconds left. I’d better vote for myself while I still can…” Su Yu suddenly made a noise at this time, as if only now realizing that the time was almost up. His eyes swept over the circle of people congregated and asked with a smile. “Is there anyone else who’s going to vote? If you want to vote, then you’ll have to hurry up.”

Zhao Qinglian glared harshly at Su Yu who was obviously grasping at straws trying to secure votes for himself. “Big brother, you can’t try to influence people’s private decisions.”

“Oh?” Su Yu smiled and looked at the time again. “Well, there are still ten seconds left. I will help you all count down the time. 10….. 9…..”

Zhao Qinglian swallowed nervously and his two hands clenched tightly together. Please, let there be no one left willing to vote!

“8…. 7…. 6….” Su Yu continued to count.

Zhao Qinglian’s mouth was clenched very tightly, appearing very nervous but also like he wanted to laugh. There were only a few seconds, and as long as Zhao Qingsong is pushed down, then that coveted position is his!

Zhao Qinglian seemed to have already seen his bright and beautiful future. He will become the President of Zhao Entertainment, the focus of everyone’s envy and attention!

“5…. 4…. 3….” Su Yu’s tone hasn’t changed a bit, nonchalant as if he didn’t care about the proceedings.

And yet, Zhao Qinglian’s forehead was covered in a layer of sheen sweat. He felt that his body was burning hot and that his head was a little dizzy, probably because he was too excited and nervous.

His chest continued to rise and fall, and his breathing became heavy.

Everything was so close, as long as he reaches out, he can…

“2….” Su Yu’s voice continued to count.

But at the same time, another voice seemed to ring out simultaneously. “I vote, I support President Zhao to continue serving.”

As the last word of this sentence fell, Su Yu also reached the end of his count. “…. 0. The vote is officially over now.”

Zhao Qinglian’s tensed muscles had not yet relaxed, caught on the verge of his ecstasy. His tension was still there, his brain still felt vertigo, and the ups and downs of his chest have still not subsided. And yet, all his enthusiasm became ruthlessly stripped away in the span of a second.

It was like a beautiful piece of glass, shattered to pieces in an instant.

Zhao Qinglian’s head blanked for a few seconds, before he finally thought of looking at the sound which had destroyed it all. Then, he saw a familiar face, the only face except for Zhao Yuan and Zhao Qingsong’s which caused him to feel a sense of familiarity.

“Uncle… Lin?!” Zhao Qinglian had met Lin Yan once. At that time, he was still in high school. Lin Yan had gone to the school with Zhao Yuan to see him, and had bought him lots of gifts.

At that time, Lin Yan had patted his head and smiled, saying that he and his father were so alike and that he would definitely have a brilliant future.

In Zhao Qinglian’s almost blank thoughts, that smiling face and this ruthless emotionless face which had destroyed everything slowly began to overlap, transforming from warmth and happiness to cruelty and ruthlessness.

At this moment, Zhao Qinglian instinctively wanted to cry. Wasn’t Lin Yan his father’s best friend? Shouldn’t he be on their side? So why was it, at this crucial moment, the one who destroyed all his hopes and dreams was this person?!

“Wahh!” Zhao Qinglian suddenly cried out in anguish.

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful Christmas gift! Domo Arigato for all of your hard work!

    Pffft. Who brought this child in here? Zhao Qinglian, how old are you really; making such an unprofessional fuss and noisyness, so disrespectful. No ones gonna respect ur “power”

    Praise our godly protagonist Su Yu! Kukukuku~

    Merry Christmas~!

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      1. OMG, did a grown man, at a very important business meeting, just cry out like an infant all because he didn’t get his way? I’ve seen it all now

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  2. Thank you for the present. I like how Uncle Lin waited until the last moment and then bam! That’s what you get for scheming behind someone’s back. Uh… Though our MC is waaay to manipulative that I’m afraid someday he’ll get a retribution.

    Merry Christmas!!! Hoping your holiday is joyful.

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  3. Can someone explain why they are voting for him to stay just because he’s gay?
    In the public it’s just rumors and nothings really happened. And just rumors won’t fluctuate the stock.
    So what’s the matter of a gay president. Like I can’t even.
    I’m confused… HELP!

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