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Scattering IQ —— Chapter 31 [2.19]

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Chapter 31 | Arc 2.

Su Yu raised an eyebrow – this woman doesn’t waste any time, it appears. “What has she done?”

“She used an anonymous forum to cast suspicions of the national male god’s… sexual inclinations… to entertainment media corporations of all sizes. She’s gone too far, should I block the content?” Although Round Ball is constantly bullied by Su Yu – and its heart felt very sad and bitter – during important times it understood the need to put up an united front and stand by its host’s side. This woman actually dared to plot against it host’s man… wasn’t this looking for death?

Just as the little ball was about to crack its knuckles and get ready for a big fight, Su Yu’s voice slowly sounded. “No need, just change the content and replace all mentions of Qi Chen with my name. If there are any media companies who are too scared to publish this, then you can go ahead and give them a push as well.”

“Master Host, even if you wanted to come out of the closet, you don’t need to do it in this manner and at this time ah. Why are you so stubborn??” Round Ball almost fell to the ground. It quickly did a few laps in the air to stabilize itself.

Su Yu glanced a ball, casually saying, “Don’t worry, I’m not a masochist. This is just an excellent oppourtunity to deal with Zhao Entertainment and Zhao Yuan.”

Round Ball still couldn’t follow the logic of its host. “Are you sure doing this won’t give Zhao Yuan the excuse he needs to sweep you out the door?”

After saying this, Round Ball felt a little regret, and it shivered while looking at Su Yu, scared that its tyrant host would become angry and start ‘playing’ with it.

Su Yu – though – didn’t appear to care. He only smirked and said with slightly narrowed eyes, “Let’s see who sweeps who out the door.”

Round Ball didn’t dare to talk anymore, but before starting its task, it couldn’t help but ask once again, “Master Host, are you sure you want to do this?”

“Do you need me to do this myself?” Su Yu gave the hesitating ball a cold glance.

Round Ball instantly gave way. According to Su Yu’s request, it changed the name of the anonymous reports’ main topic. The little ball still felt a bit uneasy, but it rationalized that with its host’s high IQ and EQ, there shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Finishing this task, Round Ball thought of another question. “Master Host, I’ve already found and saved the footage of Lu Manni buying the aphrodisiac medicine which she gave you. Did you want me to publish it online now?”

“No need, wait until <Jian Jia of the Inner Palace> is released, this can be her last contribution to the team.” Su Yu waved his hand dismissively. If one doesn’t choose the right timing for things, then the same material couldn’t turn out only half as effective.”Just keep an eye on her. Don’t let her have the chance to cause more trouble.”

The ball quietly mourned for Lu Manni for three seconds, and then pushed this matter to the back of its head, running off to do its host’s bidding.

Lu Manni had cast her nets very far this time, leaving bait for almost all the major entertainment media corporations. Having done all that, Lu Manni sat back and began to wait for the results.

Around an hour later, one of the smaller companies took the lead in distributing this news. Lu Manni’s eyes gleamed and she excitedly opened article, the grievances in her eyes almost manifesting into solid form.

Qi Chen, aren’t you the so-called national male god? Let’s see, after this, who still thinks you’re a male god!!

Since you’re not willing to give me face and a way out of this hard place I’m in, then don’t blame me for pulling you to hell with me!

But as she read on, Lu Manni discovered that something was not quite right. The content of her forum was clearly aimed at Qi Chen… so how did everything become about Zhao Qingsong, the president of Zhao Entertainment?!

But apart from the difference in names, everything else was the exact same as the report she’d posted in the forum. This caused Lu Manni to become very bewildered; she had checked over her writing multiple times, there was no way she could have made such an amateur mistake! What was happening here?!

And after that, several other media companies reported on the topic, but every report had the same problem. The content was written by Lu Manni, but the object of the article turned into Zhao Qingsong.

Looking at these articles coming out one after the other, Lu Manni was so angry she wanted to smash a wall. However, she couldn’t just rush over and ask the media what had happened, so she could only stew in her anger alone.

Su Yu – as the president of Zhao Entertainment, although he already had one foot in the entertainment circle – was still more famous with his former identity and so, in less that half a day, almost everyone in the business community knew about the news.

And obviously, this also included Su Yu’s biological father in this world – Zhao Yuan.

And of course, this also included Su Yu’s lover from the last world and of the world – Qi Chen.

Seeing the phone call from Qi Chen, Su Yu felt inexplicably guilty. He also felt somewhere begin to subconsciously hurt, and he really didn’t want to pick up the phone. Su Yu silently sighed, but for his own sake, and considering his body, Su Yu still answered the the phone.

As soon as the call connected, Qi Chen’s low and dulcet tones sounded. “Darling, do you have something to say to me?”

This voice actually made Su Yu shudder, because when Qi Chen is in bed, he also uses this same address and tone.  Su Yu raised a hand and wiped away cold sweat from his face, feeling for the first time that he was quite pathetic. “I do have something to tell you – you should have seen those reports by now? Those were originally written by Lu Manni intended for you, but I had people change it to myself.”

“And?” Qi Chen’s voice became more gentle, and Su Yu started feeling more guilty.

“The reason I’m doing this is definitely not for the so-called “Your problems are my problems”, “I will bear everything for you”, or so on. It’s absolutely rational. Acting this way is very beneficial for you and me,” Su Yu still felt a bit guilty, but he tried to make his voice sound calm and firm. “You know the situation I’m in right now. Although Zhao Yuan is my father, he’s always only cared for Zhao Qinglian, that illegitimate child. Instead of waiting for things to play out, I thought, why not just reach out and take what I want?”

“Using this method to come out, I want to cause fluctuations in the stock prices of Zhao Entertainment, and force small shareholders to sell their shares, in order to make my shares larger. Of course, with my ability, I can use other methods to obtain these shares, and I will indeed use other methods as well, but what I’m doing now has a wonderful side effect. It can cause Zhao Yuan to have thoughts that he wouldn’t usually have – that he could get rid of me – and hence move against me sooner. Then, I can retaliate and act against him as well.”

Although this was all in Su Yu’s plans, he still had to let it be seen that he was taking the high road, retaliating only when provoked, and standing on the heights of morality. Only that way would his actions seem cool.

Su Yu said all this, and felt like he had explained himself very clearly. However, Qi Chen at the other end of the phone was still silent. Was he still angry, or just thinking?

Su Yu waited for a moment, and then he heard Qi Chen speak again. “There’s nothing else you want to say to me?”

Hadn’t he already said everything? Though, this sentence couldn’t be uttered so carelessly. Su Yu thought for a moment and then added, “You can rest assured that I have everything under control and won’t bring any troubles to myself.”

“Nothing else?” Qi Chen asked again.

This time, even the ultra intelligent Su Yu was drawing a blank as to what Qi Chen could possibly want to hear.

Qi Chen couldn’t help but sigh, and then threw out another question. “Do you know what I’ve been working on this month?”

“Weren’t you busy filming?” Su Yu didn’t even think before answering.

Qi Chen suddenly felt his hand begin to itch. He really wanted to pull Su Yu onto a bed and give him a good spanking, but his mood inexplicably became better. He couldn’t help but chuckle, and his tone even became easygoing. “I came out to my family. ”

This sentence came too suddenly. Su Yu didn’t know how to react for a good minute. Qi Chen already came out to his family? And it was during the time when they weren’t even together yet?

At this moment, the image that flashed through Su Yu’s mind was that of Qi Chen resolutely turning the key of his villa, locking it behind him, his eyes lonely and dull and yet with a hint of hope and dazzling light.

“At first they didn’t agree, because they thought that I should have a wife and a child, and live a normal life. But I didn’t feel that liking you was abnormal – in fact, only if I’m with you will my life be normal and complete.” Qi Chen described the incident nonchalantly, as if it were just a trivial matter. “In the end, they couldn’t outlast me and finally chose to accept it.”

Su Yu gripped his cellphone tightly,  chest feeling a little tight. He had to admit, Qi Chen’s words touched him, and he was pretty moved.

“In fact, I hadn’t intended to tell you about this. After all, this is my decision. It had nothing to do with you. I didn’t need you to feel moved, or to feel burdened on my behalf. Just like,” Here, Qi Chen paused for a moment. Then, he continue to say in a slow and gentle voice, “Just like how you chose to intercept the articles directed at me to yourself instead, and even made further plans. This was all your choice.”

Su Yu listened to Qi Chen’s statement which didn’t carry any hint of complaint, and slowly frowned. He was beginning to understand what the issue was. “Qi Chen, I…”

“Hush, Darling, listen to me finish first okay?” Qi Chen soft voice interrupted Su Yu’s words. “Some things have to be said in one go, lest they lose their effect.”

Su Yu bit his lip and stopped talking.

“But now I’ve changed my mind. I’m choosing to tell you this, to let you know that I came out to my family for you. That to walk with you, I am ready to do anything and to face any test.” Qi Chen took a deep breath and when he spoke again, there seemed to be something extra in his voice. “I don’t need you to feel moved or burdened, but I still wanted you to know. Nothing more.”

Some things, not so that you would feel any obligation in return, but just because of the fact that I did it, I’d like you to know.

Su Yu leaned back on his chair and tilted his head backwards, the corners of his mouth slowly raising in a defined arc. This kind of romantic talk… was very pleasant to listen to.

Qi Chen paused for a moment, and then continued with a hint of sincerity. “At the same time, whatever you do, whether it is related to me or irrelevant, I’d like to know about it. For no reason other than that I love you.”

Su Yu covered his eyes with his free hand, and the corners of his mouth uncontrollably began to curve up. In the end, he couldn’t help but let out a low, happy laugh, filled with passion, joy, and a bit of guilt. “As you wish, my love. I am willing to fulfill your wishes.”

“Darling, you’re so good to me.” On the end of the call, Qi Chen also smiled.

The innocent system hovering by the side silently covered its eyes. Why was it that these two people were discussing business, and then suddenly started flirting and becoming mushy? It couldn’t bear to look on anymore!

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Round Ball is captain of the single dogs squad

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  2. This is so incredibly sweet in ways that I can’t even begin to comprehend. I am absolutely in love with these two. These two communicate more in one chapter than some novel couples do in a whole entire arc. Reading Su Yu and Qi Chen actually talking like a normal, healthy couple? Making promises to consult each other in the future just because they’re supposed to be a team? My cynical, low-expectations having ass was melting.

    I adore that this scene actually exists. I’m so happy they just got to talk and flirt. Damn, I teared up when Qi Chen was talking ;o;

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  3. Wow they’re so sweet I can’t even. I love how we get to see MC & ML interacting as a couple in this world. MC’s rarely seen romantic and sentimental side~. Poor Round Ball can’t take this dog blood lol.

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  7. Thank you for taking up this story! I just found it this morning, then thought it was abandoned when I hit hit 2.1. But you jumped in to give the story love, so thanks for your hard work!

    If you don’t mind, there’s a question that’s been bothering me since I started reading Chinese novels a few months ago and that’s two specific word translations. Whether they be Wuxia, fantasy, romance, the phrase “send you back” or “send you home” clearly should be “bring you back/home” based on the actions that follow, since sending means to have the person go away from you, whereas bringing means you go with them. And characters always “keep” things, like “He kept the sword” when what they really mean is “he put the sword away”. Keeping only means to not give something away, to retain ownership of it, whereas putting something away or into a bag/ring/pocket is an action.

    I know there are many different translators working on all these different Chinese novels, so why do they all make those same two translation errors? Is there a specific translation dictionary that everyone is using?

    I’ve reached the point where I can almost not notice the awkward language, but I’m still curious as to why it is so prevalent.

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    1. Thanks for joining us on this journey! As a native English speaker, I definitely understand what you mean. In my opinion, I think it’s just because we try to keep as close as possible to the Chinese text. The Chinese language is very different grammar and syntax-wise compared to English, so completely translating it to perfect English grammar and written flow would end up giving the sentences/story a bit of a different meaning. For example, in the Chinese language, the word “送“, directly translating to ‘send’ as per your ‘send you back’, actually means to go with the person to their home. This would be ‘bring’ in English, but the literal translation is ‘send’, so even though it has different meanings, we like to just stick with what is written. It gives the Chinese novels a bit of authenticity and a nod to its native language :’) This kind of language has actually grown on me quite a bit hahaha – I would never write like this in real life, but if Chinese novels don’t have these phrases in them, I actually find it a little weird now lmao.


      1. Ah, I see. So it’s not everyone “making the same translation mistake”, it’s everyone “keeping the same language flavor”.
        I think I can understand that. I find I much prefer anime that is subtitled, because more of the Japanese flavor comes through. Dubbed anime has too much of the language westernized (and I find the voice acting is also bad. ) I know I’ve enjoyed some of the idioms like the frog in the well, or the toad lusting after swan meat. The charcoal and snow idiom though was so abbreviated though that I had to look it up to figure out what it meant. I find it amusing that most people mistranslated the idiom “didn’t have eyes to see Tai Shan” to the point that even though everyone now knows the person’s name was Tai Shan that it is still frequently translated is Mount Tai.

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        1. Haha yup you’ve got it!! I like the way you described it – a language flavour – this captured it so much better than my long rambling thoughts lmao. I’m the same, I can’t stand dubs and I watch all my anime subbed.


  8. System, this single dog here too wants to punch these two mushy birds in the face. Haha, if I were to draw my reaction I’d have blood dripping down the side of my mouth. That feel when you both crave and hate these mushiness.

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