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Scattering IQ —— Chapter 30 [2.18]

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Chapter 30 | Arc 2.

When Qi Chen heard this, he became quite unhappy. His IQ is very high. How did he become labeled as a fool with zero IQ by his loved one?

But before he could expressed his dissatisfaction, Su Yu continued,”But I just happen to like such a fool, so what can I do?”

Su Yu very innocently blinked his pretty eyes at Qi Chen.

Qi Chen’s anger which hadn’t had enough time to rise immediately extinguished. He sighed; well, what else could he do? Whatever his beloved says, he should accept, right?

After breakfast, they each had their own things to do and it became necessary to part ways. Qi Chen ended up uncertainly asking Su Yu, “We are in a relationship now, right? You won’t suddenly disappear?

“Yes, we will be together for a lifetime,” although Qi Chen’s words seemed like he was setting up flags for himself,  Su Yu still gently answered the question. “And not only this lifetime – we will be together in the next life as well.”

Qi Chen’s eyes watched Su Yu intently. After a while, he suddenly sighed heavily and said, “I really want to hide you away, so that you belong only to me. That way, I won’t have this fear anymore.”

Su Yu was quite speechless. Even in the last life, when they had passed away, the two of them were together. So why did his love suddenly become so possessive?

In his desperation, Su Yu could only raise his hand and caress the head of his lover, as if soothing a tantrum-throwing child. He said, “Behave, it’s okay. Even if you don’t hide me away, I will still only belong to you. Whenever you miss me, you can always call.”

“Remember to think of me.” Qi Chen lowered his head and stole a kiss from Su Yu’s lips, and then reluctantly bid farewell.

Sitting in the car, Su Yu woke up the still dormant ball, and without waiting for it to fully regain its senses, he issued an order. “Keep an eye on Lu Manni, make sure she doesn’t reveal information that shouldn’t be leaked.”

“Got it!” Round Ball agreed cheerily, and then began flying in circles around the Su Yu, flashing pink lights. “Master Host, how are you feeling right now? ”

Su Yu grimaced and massaged his sore waist, before replying to the ball, “If you don’t want to be ‘played’ with for a third time, then be quiet.”

Round Ball gave a shudder, and instantly became quiet. It even stopped flashing its lights.

But after a while, it couldn’t help but speak up again, because this problem had really bothered it. “Master Host, how did you find out that Qi Chen and Chu Chengyan are the same person?”

Su Yu gave the little ball a judging stare as if it was an idiot. “Is your IQ at the same level of the male protagonist’s? You can’t even answer such a simple question.”

Round Ball felt an arrow in its non-existent heart – it really hurt. However, it still bouldered along, thick-skinned, “But Chu Chengyan was from the previous world ah, and Master Host couldn’t have gone back. Also, it is impossible to bring him……”

At this point, Round Ball’s IQ finally came online, and it realized a key point from its disordered data. “Could it be… the World Fragment?”

The World Fragment was the only thing other than itself which Su Yu had brought from the last world to this current one.

“Yup – correct!,” Su Yu a corner of his mouth slowly curved up, and he recited the message which came with the World Fragment. “The World Fragment cannot be consumed, cannot be discarded, and cannot be transferred to others. Please keep it safe. If the World Fragment really was a reward item like you had said, then why would it have this kind of description? Using this as a starting point, and then connecting the dots with Qi Cheng and Chu Chengyan’s similarities, the answer is naturally self-evident.”

Round Ball – with a fair bit of bewilderment – stared at its handsome host’s face which had traces of condescension and scorn. It truly realized for the first time how high the IQ of its family’s host was, but it didn’t feel proud at all. Rather, it felt more afraid… what should it do!

High IQ + wicked tastes…. Round Ball felt like it wouldn’t be able to last for much longer!

Thinking this way, Round Ball couldn’t help but cast out deep shadows. Su Yu continued to continue to attack it. “As the [I’m spreading IQ to the protagonist] mission system, you actually have no knowledge of the World Fragments? Should I sympathize with you, or should I just laugh at you?”

Round Ball floated silently into the corner and stopped moving. It had to contemplate its life meaning and existence, please don’t bother it for trivial matters.

Su Yu was about to continue teasing the ball, but his phone rang at this time. Looking down at the number, Su Yu couldn’t help but roll his eyes. “Hey.”

“My darling, I miss you.” Qi Chen’s low voice sounded from the phone, containing also what seemed to be a little grievance in the tone.

Su Yu chuckled and said, “I only left ten minutes ago.”

“But you said that if I missed you, I could call you at any time.” Qi Chen’s voice sounded like he felt wronged.

Su Yu suddenly felt his fists grow a little itchy. Having such a sticky lover…. was actually also a very troublesome thing. “Am I not talking to you right now?”

Qi Chen paused, and then continued to act pitiful. “So can I come find you tonight?”

Su Yu’s eyebrows twitched. He felt his waist and another unspeakable place flare with pain and become even more sore, so the only viable answer to this question was “No! ”

Although it was a pity that he couldn’t secure benefits for himself that night, Qi Chen wisely decided to cut his losses and move on upon hearing the hints of building anger in his lover’s voice. “Alright then. Well, remember to think of me – no matter the time and place!”

“Okay, okay, I will!” Su Yu hung up the phone with slight irritation.

Round Ball – who had been quietly eavesdropping – felt complicated emotions towards everything, but also felt a little bit of comfort. Even people like his powerful Master Host could meet their match and be outmaneuvered, it was very gratifying!

When Su Yu arrived at the company, he was immediately cornered by Liu Tianyuan. “President, Zhang Jian called just now and wanted to ask you about the third female lead.”

If an actor becomes involved in scandals while filming, although it could serve to hype up a film, it could also bring about various negative effects. In particular, Lu Manni’s role was only the third lead, but she still had quite a bit of screentime in the movie.

Of course, the most important reason why Zhang Jin chose to take initiative to mention this matter is because there was bad blood between Su Yu and Lu Manni at one point.

And, Zhao Entertainment was also the main sponsor of this drama. Zhang Jin understood very clearly that to film good movies, one must have a good budget.

And yet, regarding this matter, Su Yu just waved his hand uncaringly and said, “Wasn’t the script for the third female lead already changed? There’s no more we need to do.”

Liu Tianyuan was obviously very surprised by this answer. His family’s overbearing President was too capricious, and his winds changed too quickly. Sometimes, he is overwhelmingly arrogant and demanding. Other times, he could be quite magnanimous. Liu Tianyuan was already completely confused by the other party’s thoughts.

But since the president had already made his perspective clear, he will just pass along the message. “Okay, got it. I will convey your meaning to Zhang Jin.”

Su Yu smiled and gave a slight nod. But in fact, Su Yu was not that generous – since Lu Manni dared to offend him, then her outcome is naturally doomed.

The only reason why he didn’t delete Lu Manni’s part, or asked for a substitution of actors, was solely to make Lu Manni’s end more miserable.

Lu Manni wouldn’t be able to  ruin <Jian Jia of the Inner Palace>, but <Jian Jia of the Inner Palace> would be able to make the audience hate Lu Manni even more.

When a person has a bad reputation in real life, and also plays a despicable character on TV, then people will only become more disgusted with them. This was a powerful weapon that could serve as a double blow to Lu Manni.

It’s not terrible for an actor to portray an annoying villain, but when the actor themself is also a despised character in reality, then it is no longer just the character role that the audience will dislike.

In this way, even if Lu Manni wants to gain the fans’ sympathy, there’s unfortunately for her probably nothing to be done. After she created such a scandal, the fact that the crew didn’t directly expel her was already showing a lot of grace.  In the end, if she became as destitute as a street mouse, then she has no one to blame but herself.

“Was there anything else?” Su Yu saw that Liu Tianyuan was still standing there, and so he asked with a raised eyebrow.

Liu Tianyuan pointed to a small pile that he had just placed on the table. “President, these are some new scripts that I’ve selected for you. If the president is interested in continuing to film, then you can choose from them.”

Before, Liu Tianyuan had also thought that his family’s president actually wanted to enter into the entertainment circle. However, upon witnessing the president willfully add a role for himself, and then only act the bare minimum, these kinds of innocent and naive thoughts faded away.

He really cannot understand the minds of rich and powerful people, Liu Tianyuan thought a little scornfully.

Su Yu just carelessly waved his hand and said, “Nah, you don’t need to do all this. Just look into whatever Qi Chen is filming next, and then get me a role in that. Criteria is the same as last time.”

Liu Tianyuan stared speechlessly at his president. He suddenly felt as if he learned something shocking and unspeakable. If the last time’s debacle could be understood as the president being entitled and willful, then this time it was obvious he was doing all this intentionally.

Liu Tianyuan quickly thought through the past few years. Before, the president hadn’t ever really interacted with Qi Chen before… therefore, this matter was highly worthy of gossip.

Also, he didn’t know why, but as soon as Liu Tianyuan heard his president’s words, the first thing that came to mind was “husband and wife.”

Thinking of this, Liu Tianyuan couldn’t help but give a shudder. He was scared by his own thoughts.

“What? Is there a problem?” Su Yu saw Liu Tianyuan’s look of fright, and frowned slightly.

Liu Tianyuan quickly shook his head. He didn’t dare utter his thoughts; otherwise, he will probably die a painful death. “No, I will arrange things accordingly.”

“If there is no problem, then you can leave.” Su Yu gave Liu Tianyuan a cursory glance, and then went back to doing his paperwork.

When Liu Tianyuan left with a sigh of relief, the little ball immediately flew over. “Master Host, the female protagonist has made a move!”

Roamer @LoneWolfTranslations

hubby’s turn to bully wifey with lasting waist/lower body pain hahaha

See y’all next week!

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