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Scattering IQ —— Chapter 35 [2.23]

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Chapter 35 | Arc 2.

After the matter was settled, the two men agreed on a time to meet with Liu Mingzhen to further discuss the film. The meeting place was set at the Drunken Moon, a place which was deeply rooted in and had great importance to the two’s relationship.

On the day of the meeting, Su Yu and Qi Chen left together. When they arrived at the restaurant, Liu Mingzhen was already there.

“President Zhao, hello! Please sit down.” Liu Mingzhen took the initiative to say hello. When she saw Qi Chen help Su Yu pull out his chair first before sitting down himself, her eyes began to sparkle.

After sitting down, Su Yu got straight to the point. “We’re here to discuss the movie with Director Liu. I wanted to ask, how big an investment do you estimate the film will need?”

When she heard the word “we,” Liu Mingzhen’s eyes lit up again. Her eyes roved around the two equally fit and handsome men, and pink bubbles began to form in her heart.

Restraint, I need to exercise restraint.

“Cough, well, since the film is about a refreshing and sweet love story, the budget requirement is not too high. However, because of the subject matter, there is a high chance that once it’s filmed, it might be difficult to convince theaters to show it…” Liu Mingzhen had high hopes for the movie and really wanted to see it filmed, but she also wasn’t blind to the various difficulties and challenges hindering its success.

When reality is pressing down, there are some things which are just hopeless.

And yet, Su Yu casually waved her words away. “All Director Liu needs to worry about is how to successfully film this movie. Regarding its publicity and box office results, you don’t need to worry.”

Liu Mingzhen blinked and found that she had a little trouble understanding Su Yu. What did he mean, was there a way he could make the forbidden romance obtain the green-light?

But thinking about it… it seemed pretty impossible?

“Since he has said this, the Director Liu needs not worry and can feel rest assured,” Qi Chen placed one hand on the back of Su Yu’s chair and held his teacup in the other hand. On his face was the calm and gentle expression he always showed in public. “Anyways, regarding the filming and overall production, we’ll rely on you Director Liu.”

Saying this, Qi Chen raised his cup and gave Liu Mingzhen a toast. Half dazed, Liu Mingzhen also raised her cup and took a sip. When she regained her senses, Su Yu had already moved the conversation along to the next topic. “I have already read the script, and the plot is quite good. Would a $10,000,000 investment be enough for the budget?”

Liu Mingzhen was more than a little dazed by this enormous number. “It’s enough, absolutely enough.”

“As for Qi Chen’s contract, since I am funding this film, it doesn’t matter too much. His words, not mine.” Su Yu pushed the conversation another huge step forward, while Liu Mingzhen was still recovering. Turning his head and taking a look at Qi Chen, he threw out a number after a brief consideration. “$500,000 should be enough.”

Liu Mingzhen’s lower jaw almost fell off in shock.  With Qi Chen’s value and reputation in the entertainment industry, this low asking price was most definitely a joke??

“Even though this movie is being funded by you, there’s no need to be that stingy is there?” Qi Chen threw a look full of helplessness at Su Yu.

Liu Mingzhen also felt that Su Yu’s words were too exaggerated. She was about to speak up when she suddenly heard Qi Chen say, “Well, since you’ve already said it like this, then so be it. $500,000 is good.”

“……” Liu Mingzhen almost fell out of her chair. What was this devil, Qi Chen actually agreed?!

Liu Mingzhen, who was bewildered from head to toe, glared at the two men before her who didn’t know how to follow rules and just threw out wildcards whenever they wanted. She felt like her three world views had taken a great hit. Was she really not dreaming?

On the side, the little ball which was getting used to being oppressed by the two beasts gave a sympathetic look at Liu Mingzhen, feeling a sense of pity and kinship.

Qi Chen did not care about Liu Mingzhen’s reaction, and instead moved the hand which had been on the back of Su Yu’s chair to Su Yu’s shoulder. “Seeing as I’ve acquiesced to this point, shouldn’t I get some kind of reward?”

“I’ll give you the reward of letting you treat me to a meal.” Su Yu shrugged indifferently.

Qi Chen’s eyes flashed slightly. “Okay~.”

Liu Mingzhen, who had been feeling drained with shock, became full of blood and revitalization after seeing this scene. Even though it might just be her own delusions, but these two people looked really good together, and this picture they made had so much love, ah!

Witnessing Liu Mingzhen’s magical change, the little ball ran away to a corner and began to draw circles. Ying ying ying, why was it always the only one being hurt!

Liu Mingzhen did not know that she had inadvertently hurt a pitiful system which was already devastated. She reluctantly repressed the soul of her rotten women [1] down deep, and then put on a calm facade. “President Zhao, if Qi Chen’s contract is really only going to be … …$500,000… then, isn’t an investment of 10 million…”

“I’ve already said that all you have to do is make this film outstanding. If you feel that there is a surplus of funds, you can just invest it into the publicity later. There will always be ways to spend money.” Su Yu waved his hand dismissively, appearing way too cool with his casual spending of large sums of money.

Liu Mingzhen was so moved she almost couldn’t bear it. She had thought that her dream of shooting a movie depicting same-sex romance would only remain a dream, and yet now, it was becoming a reality quicker than she could imagine!

Liu Mingzhen sniffled a bit and then stood up. Turning to Su Yu, she solemnly stated, “President Zhao, I am really grateful for your help. I will try my hardest to make this film the best!”

“Director Liu is too polite, Ah’song and I will also do our best to capture the essence of the characters in the script,” Qi Chen stood up as well, and said with a gentle and courteous attitude.

Hearing this, the pink bubbles that Liu Mingzhen had forcefully repressed suddenly surged up and made a reappearance. Such a striking pair in real life…. portraying romantic leads in a gay couple movie… just thinking about it…

“Um…. Director Liu, are you okay?” Qi Chen’s expression became a little strange.

Liu Mingzhen ‘heh heh’ed, laughing dumbly and said, “I am fine, what’s wrong?”

“You seem to…  have started nosebleeding.” Qi Chen touched his nose and stated the truth.

“……” Liu Mingzhen instantly regained her senses, covered her nose, and quickly ran out of the private chamber.

With the details of the movie finalized, the three people happily shared a meal. After dinner, Qi Chen and Su Yu went home together.

Just as he opened the door, Su Yu was suddenly picked up by Qi Chen, who immediately started carrying him to the bedroom.

Su Yu struggled a little and kicked weakly, saying, “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Behave and don’t move, lest you want a spanking.” Qi Chen’s actions seemed brutal and rough, but it was actually very gentle. One hand was also thoughtfully padding Su Yu’s abdomen, in case it chafed too harshly.

Su Yu rolled his eyes and stopped moving.

When he was placed on the soft bed, Su Yu asked, “Dear, what kind of mischief are you in the mood for now?”

“I just wanted to help you deliver on your promise,” Qi Chen smiled and answered. Seeing Su Yu’s confused face, he explained with an additional sentence, “Earlier, didn’t you say you’d reward me by letting me treat you to a meal?”

Su Yu immediately grasped what Qi Chen meant, and then couldn’t help but roll his eyes extremely hard. With such a dirty and x lover, his life is very difficult okay??

Qi Chen had already taken the opportunity to climb onto the bed and on top of Su Yu, pressing against him and pitifully whining, “Darling, I want my reward, you promised me.”

#Question: What does it feel like to have a very dirty-minded lover who loves acting spoiled, and is also very persistent?

Answer: …. Don’t want to live anymore. #

#Question: My lover has abandoned his human skin and become a beast. Is there any means of salvation?

Answer: Why don’t you fall together with him? #

Su Yu let out a long-suffering sigh, and then gave in to Qi Chen’s pouting, earnest and innocent eyes. “Fine, but I need to say this first, just this once.”

“Got it!” Qi Chen grinned and then began to thoroughly enjoy the reward his lover gave him.

The next day, Su Yu awoke to his whole body sore and every muscle protesting, and he determinedly decided to initiate a cold war with Qi Chen. However, when he saw the other’s expression full of worry and guilt, his resolve immediately weakened and instead, he said snappishly, “I’m hungry, go make something for me.”

“Okay, you rest a little bit longer. Once it’s ready, I’ll come get you.” Qi Chen tucked Su Yu in gently, but as soon as his back was turned, he slowly revealed a hint of a smile, satisfied that his ploys had worked.

Su Yu – who had no idea that he had just been tricked by his lover – leaned back tiredly against the pillows and closed his eyes, trying to relax. And yet, at this moment, his mobile phone rang. Su Yu opened his eyes, only to see that it was from Zhao Yuan.

Su Yu gave a mocking laugh and then patiently waited for it to ring eight times before he pressed the answer button. “Father, looking for me this early in the morning, did you have something urgent to say?”

“Were you still sleeping? Why is your voice so hoarse?” It was a rare occurrence, but Zhao Yuan’s voice actually gained a little bit of heat.

Su Yu lightly coughed twice and picked up the glass of warm water that Qi Chen had left behind. Taking two sips, he tried to speak again, “I’m fine. What did Father want to say?”

“Nothing much. I just suddenly felt like us father and son haven’t eaten together for a long time. Why don’t you come back this weekend and share a meal together?” Zhao Yuan’s voice was filled with a faint sigh, as if he were truly feeling lost about this.

However, Su Yu’s heart did not waver at all – in fact, he actually wanted to chuckle. In order to pull him down, Zhao Yuan was even willing to pretend to be civil? He actually was pushed to using cheap tricks like this?

“Alright.” Su Yu answered cheerily. Face-slapping scum while face-to-face, he enjoyed these kinds of activities the most.

“Then I’ll wait for you to come back.” Zhao Yuan responded. Then, he paused for a moment, as if he were thinking of something, but in the end decided not to say it. Finally, he used what he thought was a kind voice and said, ” You can go to work now, if you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact me.”

“Father, please rest assured, I won’t have any issues with my work.” Su Yu stated crisply and hung up the phone.

Not long after he hung up the phone, Qi Chen came up and brought Su Yu downstairs to have breakfast. At the dining table, Su Yu repeated to Qi Chen what had just happened.

Since he had promised Qi Chen to satisfy his wish of being included, then it was natural that he would explain everything to him as clearly as he could.

Qi Chen placed a dumpling onto Su Yu’s plate, and asked, “Did you want me to come with you?”

“Did you want to come along to watch the show, or did you want to come in order to come out of the closet?” Su Yu gave Qi Chen a sideways glance, and smirked.

Qi Chen pretended to think about this seriously, and then smiled and replied, “Probably to go watch the show. If I were to come out, it would be better to just come out directly to the world.”

Coming out to the world, just thinking about it was a bit emotional, as if it could be something earth-shattering.

Su Yu popped the whole dumpling into his mouth and said around a mouthful, “Watching the show is a good idea. Even I am kind of excited about what’s to come tomorrow.”

As the mouthful of delicious fragrance filled his senses, Su Yu’s eyes closed in pleasure. Yes, regarding the Zhao Entertainment shares, it was about time he let the father and son pair know about the number of shares he held in his hand.

[1] – rotten women is fujoshis, aka women who like to read bl


Roamer @LoneWolfTranslations

EDIT: thanks anonymous and warewarei for solving the mystery! “yu xian yu si – Original form: 欲仙欲死 just means to wish he was dead”

Um, I translated this part the best I could but if someone else wants to take a stab at it, please enlighten me:



That’s how it was written in the original text, I’m not too sure what the letters in the brackets are supposed to be (and consequently, what the sentence says), so I just translated it based on the 4 Chinese characters – which roughly means ‘no life to love/yearn for’ so I made that ‘don’t wanna live anymore’ as in ‘..don’t want to deal with this unlovable beast anymore’. However, I’m wondering if that’s supposed to be a pun and the author just wrote the pinyin of the missing 4 words? Haha, I’m just guessing

See y’all next week!

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  2. Hmm.
    to wish one were dead (idiom) / (fig.) to be in seventh heaven

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    That ‘seventh heaven’ part looks relevant (regarding his true feelings?).

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  3. @yu xian yu si
    it’s okay, you’ve gotten the meaning down anyhow. Original form: 欲仙欲死 just means to wish he was dead… at least that what i assume it was
    thanks for the chapter!

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  4. LOL.. Please hold up yourself Director Liu. The shooting isn’t even started yet, zero action, but you already got nosebleed seeing their interaction? Be strong! You gotta deliver a top notch BL movie that could move the heart of viewers. We’re rooting for you.

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