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Scattering IQ —— Chapter 29 [2.17]

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Chapter 29 | Arc 2.
warning: no real smut so don’t be too disappointed

After Qi Chen brought Su Yu out of the Drunken Moon, he directly took the both of them to his own residence. Along the way, Su Yu kept twisting and turning and if it weren’t for Qi Chen stopping him, he probably would have taken off all his clothes.

The ball silently watched the two act lovey-dovey with each other, and in the end couldn’t resist raising a torch.”Master Host, your acting is really good.”

Su Yu – still wiggling around – calmly replied to the little ball, “You flatter me. Also, later, when this movie becomes R rated, please be self-disciplined and put yourself to sleep.”

“……” Round ball had never before met such a brazen host. It was so mad that it began to flash red lights – sure enough, when one is shameless enough, they are unparalleled under the heavens. To prevent itself from being angered to death by its own host, Round Ball very smartly put itself into hibernation state.

When they arrived, Qi Chen carried Su Yu out of the car and after entering the house, he directly brought the other into the bedroom.

Qi Chen gently placed Su Yu on the large, soft bed, but his gaze was dark and dangerous. Su Yu was just planning to continue twisting and writhing on the bed when suddenly he heard Qi Chen’s hoarse voice ask, “Having fun?”

Su Yu immediately stilled, and then slowly raised his head, blinking innocently at Qi Chen, “I really am uncomfortable ah.”

Because of the drugs, Su Yu’s entire body felt like it was on fire. It was only due to his perseverance that he managed to stay coherent until now.

At this time, Su Yu’s face was already covered in a blush and his pair of peach-blossom eyes were full of mist, as if with just a blink, crystal tears would fall out. Qi Chen looked at Su Yu and felt somewhere unspeakable on his body become more uncomfortable.

Qi Chen leaned down and slowly approached Su Yu, his whole body almost completely pressing against the other. Their faces were very close together, and Qi Chen could clearly feel the heated puffs of hot air from each breath that Su Yu took.

“You are doing this deliberately.” Qi Chen held Su Yu’s gaze, his eyes deep and expansive.

Su Yu blinked and did not speak.

“The person who contacted me and told me to go to the Drunken Moon was you.” Qi Chen continued to state in a hoarse voice.

Su Yu also continued to remain silent. To be honest, Lu Manni’s medicine was really effective, it was almost at the point where he couldn’t hold on anymore.

Qi Chen was quiet for a moment – thinking – and then suddenly reached out and pinched the tip of Su Yu’s nose, saying “You are very naughty.”

For a moment, Su Yu thought that Qi Chen had mentally collapsed. But, in this case, if the other wanted to collapse, then just let him collapse. Su Yu himself actually also wanted to collapse.

Su Yu wrinkled his nose and lifted his legs to hitch them around Qi Chen’s waist. “I’m still very uncomfortable, could you help me?”

It was always said that short partings make for reunions even sweeter than honeymoons, and although Su Yu and Qi Chen hadn’t separated for too long, it was still across the expanse of two worlds. Therefore, this reunion was naturally full of intimate emotions.

But Qi Chen was different from Su Yu. He knew that Su Yu was the person he’d been waiting for, but had no idea about Su Yu’s feelings for himself. He was not a gentleman, but he also didn’t want to hurt Su Yu due to his own desires and carelessness.

This matter could actually be very easily cleared – he just had to ask – but at this moment, Qi Chen hesitated and felt a bit of fear.

“You don’t like me?” Su Yu very naughtily dragged his feet provocatively along Qi Chen’s side.

Qi Chen took a breath, reached out, and grabbed the two offending appendages, pushing them aside. Then, he realized that while most of Su Yu was very hot, his feet were quite cold. His heart softening, he couldn’t help but wrap his hands around them, hoping to provide some warmth.

Su Yu – lying back on the bed – gave a devious smile at Qi Chen, smiling provocatively and fluttering his lashes. “You very obviously like me.”

Qi Chen’s heart beat along to the rhythm of Su Yu’s blinking eyes. Again, again, his heart almost thumped out of his chest. “I like you, but do you like me?”

Both men were at the limits of their restraint, and yet Qi Chen actually wanted to speak sweet nothings at this time…. Su Yu wants to refuse. But this is the person he loves. Although the appearance is different and the identity is different, their soul is still the same. And, most importantly, their bodily physiques were still the same A+ amazing.

Su Yu stretched out his arms and slowly hooked them around Qi Chen’s neck, pulling him closer and closer until their lips were a breadth away from touching, and then slowly said, “I like you, I love you.” ”

Qi Chen could only feel that his mind erupted into a bright flash of white light, and the highly-strung string of reason completely severed under his sensory input. Unable to resist anymore, his deep eyes caught and held Su Yu’s gaze and he leaned down for a kiss.

The next day, Su Yu woke up to extreme back pain, but his mood was very pleasant because Qi Chen was there, lying sideways beside him and gently massaging his sore waist.

Su Yu closed his eyes blissfully and enjoyed this long-awaited service. It felt like he had returned to the previous world and Chu Chengyan was with him again, but after a moment’s thought, he realized that of course he’d feel that way, since these two were the same person.

Qi Chen looked adoringly at Su Yu, filled with tenderness and affection. When he saw that the other had woken, he leant over to steal a morning kiss. “Good morning.”

Su Yu yawned. “Good morning, beloved.”

“Beloved” – This one little word caused Qi Chen’s gaze to condense, and he finally worked up the courage to ask a question that had been on his mind for a while now. “Ah’Song, do you really like me?”

Su Yu first took a moment to roll his eyes at this new nickname. In the last world, Chu Chengyan had called him “Ah’Zhen”, and now Qi Chen was calling him “Ah’Song”…. this flair for naming was really universal! Who knows what his nickname in the next world will be like.

Then he turned his attention to the outwardly calm but inwardly sweating and nervous Qi Chen, and asked back, “Do you think I am the kind of person who does this with just anyone?”

“But you were under the influence of drugs last night, and,” Qi Chen is not a man who lacks self-confidence, but in front of someone he really cares about, he couldn’t help but feel a little inadequate. “And the last time we met, you seemed to hate me very much…”

Because at that time, I still didn’t know that you were my lover ah! Su Yu answered this in his heart, but obviously he couldn’t say it out loud. He burrowed further into Qi Chen’s arms and moved Qi Chen’s hand to a more comfortable position to let the other continue his massage, and then slowly replied: “Over the last month, I’ve been having vivid dreams every night. Each night is a different dream, but always with the same person. I’ve dreamt that this person walked with me to the ends of the earth, travelled all over the world. We have seen the reddest maple leaf together, drank the sweetest spring water, created the biggest snowman, and witnessed the most beautiful starry-night sky… can you guess who that person is?”

Qi Chen’s eyes tightly locked onto Su Yu, and the hand which had been massaging also froze into a possessive hold on the other’s waist. He slowly opened his mouth, his voice a hesitant whisper, “That person… is it me?”

“Of course that person is you,” Su Yu laughed happily and pinched Qi Chen’s nose. “And so like this, I fell in love with you. Are you satisfied with this answer?”

Qi Chen was of course satisfied – very satisfied – so satisfied that his eyes brightened and then he used a very friendly harmonious way to prove his satisfaction. Su Yu, on the other hand, became quite dissatisfied, because his waist became more sore afterwards.

When the two finally crawled out of bed, it was close to noon. Qi Chen adoringly help Su Yu wash up, and then went off to make food for his lover. Su Yu happily enjoyed the service.

At the dining table, the two men who had officially confirmed their relationship – after some more nauseatingly lovey moments – finally began to talk business

“Lu Manni has already been dealt, but the more desperate she is, the more dangerous she will be. When a dog is pushed to its limit, it will jump over walls, so be careful these days.” When he thought of what he’d said to Lu Manni the previous night, Qi Chen had no regrets, but was slightly worried for any troubles it may bring to his lover.

Su Yu bit into a bun and smiled. “Relax, she’s too short – she can’t jump over a wall.”

“Just a guess, but she will probably make a fuss about my sexuality, and this matter will definitely end up involving you.” Qi Chen put another steamed bun into Su Yu’s plate, but his brows furrowed slightly.

Su Yu lifted and eyebrow and ask: “Is it that shameful to be with me? Look at your face full of reluctance.”

“Of course not, to be with you is the best thing that’s happened to me. But this matter will inevitably affect your career, and I don’t want to see that happen.” Qi Chen quickly denied.

Su Yu swallowed the bun and asked, “Your career will definitely be affected too, right?”

“My career is not as important as you.” Qi Chen didn’t even think before answering, obviously giving an answer straight from the heart.

This made Su Yu smile. He was really happy. “As your lover, are you so unconfident in my abilities? I’m the President of Zhao Entertainment after all.”

Qi Chen did not speak, but he had actually investigated into Zhao Entertainment before. 38% of the shares were held in the hands of Zhao Yuan, while Su Yu only had 22%. The remaining 40% were scattered amongst shareholders of all sizes.

If one wants to have absolute control, then one must become the major shareholder of Zhao Entertainment. It was obviously impossible with the number of shares Su Yu had right now. At least, it seemed impossible in the short run.

“What are you planning to do?” Although Qi Chen was still not very familiar with the other, Qi Chen instinctively knew that his lover was by no means incompetent.

“Zhao Yuan has been in charge of Zhao Entertainment for many years. Now, it is time for him to step down,” Su Yu leaned back on the chair, wanting to put on a strikingly powerful pose, but he happened to jostled an unspeakable area, and thus cringed in pain, drawing in a short breath. “The next leader of Zhao Entertainment shall be me.”

Su Yu had originally wanted to keep the father and son pair around for a few years, since he couldn’t have this life be too boring. But, now that he’s found his lover again, he had no need for them and these supporting roles could exit the stage.

Qi Chen hurriedly came closer and began to massage Su Yu’s waist, asking with a guilty look on his face, “Does it still hurt a lot?”

“If you want to know the answer, you can try it yourself,” Su Yu gave Qi Chen a stink eye. While he did enjoy himself last night, Qi Chen still was too fired up and really was too passionate. “Let’s finish talking business first. I will handle this matter – you don’t need to worry. Just continue to act and do your duty as the national male god.”

Qi Chen touched his nose and became more guilty. “I will pay better attention next time. Although my current network is not wide enough, if there is anything I can do to help, you must tell me.”

Hearing that, Su Yu smiled. His lover in the past life was the tyrannical president, sheltering him from wind and rain for a lifetime. Now, it was his turn to shelter his lover from the wind and rain.

Su – Tyrannical President – Yu, stretched out his finger and hooked Qi Chen’s chin, “Tell me, what kind of movie do you want to act in? I will arrange it for you.”

“I want to act with you.” Qi Chen began speaking words of love again.

Su Yu smiled even more happily, “Rest assured, there won’t be any shortage of these.” He still had to do his tasks! Though, the Qi Chen at the moment appeared to have pretty normal IQ.

Qi Chen also happened to remember the relevant conversation between the two men. While continuing to help massage Su Yu, he smiled and asked: “A’song, when we first met, the person with the zero IQ that you had mentioned, who was it?”

Su Yu nodded without hesitation. “I was talking about you, the fool with zero IQ.”

Roamer @LoneWolfTranslations

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

See you in two days for Chapter 30~

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