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Scattering IQ —— Chapter 26 [2.14]

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Chapter 26 | Arc 2.

When Lu Manni finally learned about Li Hang’s actions, the matter had already exploded the Internet. She listened to the recording with a pale face and felt like she was trapped in a nightmare.

But this dream was one she could not wake up from.

Lu Manni hurriedly tried to contact Li Hang, but the other wouldn’t even acknowledge her. Although she had known Li Hang for a while now, she had no idea where the other lived. Therefore, she couldn’t even go and try to physically find him. Lu Manni was so anxious she could do nothing but pace back and forth within the room.

Li Hang that bastard! Although she did indeed use him, but she’d never thought of harming him, so how dare he treat her like this!

And also those nosy netizens on the Internet, this has nothing to do with them. Why do they curse her with such vicious words? !

But even though Lu Manni was shocked, angry, hateful, and resentful, she couldn’t do anything at all. She had just been reborn and she hadn’t officially signed a contract with any entertainment company – she didn’t even have an agent. Even if she wanted help, she had no idea who to approach.

Did she really have to quit the entertainment circle? Was her acting career – which had just begun – really coming to a end??

No, she would not allow this to happen!

Since she had been reborn, then she will proudly and gloriously live out her life, becoming the focus of everyone’s admiration. She must reach the pinnacle of humanity!

Lu Manni clenched her fists, her eyes desperate with a light of crazy stubbornness. She must not admit defeat, because she will be the last person standing!

This kind of morbid self-comfort finally focused Lu Manni’s confusing thoughts, and her mind eventually turned to Su Yu.

From Lu Manni’s perspective, Su Yu’s actions were all inconsistent with her memories, and so the other must have experienced something similar to herself.

As someone who’d been rebirthed, Lu Manni actually deeply despised that another had the same oppourtunity as herself, and so in the past month or so, since Su Yu hadn’t contacted her, she hadn’t taken initiative to contact Su Yu either.

But the situation at hand was obviously different. Her reputation had been completely wrecked overnight. If she couldn’t find a good backer to help her fix everything, then her road to stardom might really be over!

Lu Manni took a deep breath and despite her trembling fingers, picked up the phone and directly dialled Su Yu’s mobile number. She did not even consider whether the current time was appropriate for a call or not.

At this time, Su Yu was actually thinking about the big issues in his life. The sudden sound of the phone ringing in the otherwise silent room was extremely jarring. He looked at the number, frowned, powered off his phone, and threw it aside.

But this sound was actually a wonderful oppourtunity for Round Ball. It had been crouching in a corner, wanting to get its host’s attention, but Su Yu had been completely ignoring it.

Although it felt depressed, Round Ball had also started thinking up ways to reconcile with Su Yu, despite it knowing that this entire debacle was one-sided and Su Yu had probably already put the previous conflict out of mind.

Taking this chance, Round Ball casually floated over and said, “It’s so late already, does Master Host not plan to rest yet?”

“I’m thinking about a very serious problem.” Su Yu swatted Round Ball away.

The little ball swayed a bit but steadied itself. “What problem? Tell me, maybe I can help?”

“What’s the relationship between Qi Chen and Chu Chengyan?” Su Yu replied very co-operatively. .

Round Ball really regretted asking, because it really didn’t know the answer to this question ah!

“Or, are Qi Chen and Chu Chengyan the same person?” Su Yu slowly closed his eyes, and there seemed to be something hidden in his gentle voice. “They don’t look the same, have different identities, and even live in different worlds. But they have unique similarities. Is there some way for me to find the answer?”

Su Yu had always felt that he was a decisive person, that no matter what, as long as he can pick it up, he can also put it down.

He had also always believed that his strength was enough to control everything, that nothing would be beyond his plans.

Even when he had encountered Chu Chengyan in the first world and spent his whole life with him, he had still thought this way. But now, he was beginning to have doubts.

Although he’d never admit it, and he rarely showed it, Su Yu knew that he had been subconsciously remembering a certain time, missing someone, and yearning for his companionship.

And now, he’s met another person who is completely different in looks and status, but in some respects he is damn similar to the one person he misses.

This made Su Yu start to wonder, what is the relationship between these two people? Could it be… that they were actually the same person?

Perhaps it is because they were in two different worlds that this idea could be true, because Su Yu himself was such an example.

But what Su Yu desires is never “possible” or “similar”. What he needs is a certain “yes”.

If he couldn’t find the answer to the question, then Su Yu couldn’t make any moves on Qi Chen no matter how many similarities he shared with Chu Chengyan.

But, no one could tell him the answer to this important question.

For the first time in his life, Su Yu encountered a problem that made him somewhat flustered.

Round Ball who was quietly floating to the side thought for a bit, and then suddenly started flashing lights. “Master Host, I’ve thought of something!”

Su Yu, who was already a bit sleepy, was shocked into awareness by this disruptive ball. He raised a hand and rubbed his eyes, wanting to directly throw this noisy system out of the window.

“Master Host, there is a prop in the system market called ‘Eye of the Soul’ – as long as you buy it and installed it, you can directly see a human’s soul!” The little ball was completely unaware of its host’s thoughts, and continued to yell excitedly. “If Qi Chen and Chu Chengyan are the same person, then even if their bodies are different, their soul should still be the same!”

Hearing this, Su Yu’s fingertips twitched. After a moment of silence, he immediately opened the market interface and found the discussed prop by searching for keywords.

The use and effect of the “Eye of the Soul” was exactly as described by Round Ball. It should be very suitable for Su Yu’s needs, but when he saw the price of the item, his expression suddenly turned frosty.

“This prop needs 20,000 IQ points?” Su Yu’s gaze swept over Round Ball like a sharp knife.

Every time Su Yu completes a world’s main task, he can earn 2,000 IQ points, so 20,000 IQ points was equivalent to him completing a full ten worlds.

By that time, what’s the use of this prop? Take it home to celebrate New Year’s with?

The ball obviously just thought of this problem as well, and its lights dimmed. “Um… it’s just that this prop can also be used for gambling, reading thoughts, etc, the function is similar to that of a cheat, so the price is a bit expensive. It’s just that it also meets the needs of Master Host, so I suggested it. Um, if Master Host thinks…”

“I want to go home.” Su Yu’s cold words interrupted the little ball’s ramblings.

“What?!” The little ball instantly spazzed.

Su Yu coldly glanced at the ball and repeated his words. “I said, I’m going back to reality.”

Round Ball who’d just regained its senses was damaged deeply by this news, and it didn’t even have the energy to flash its lights anymore. “Ying ying ying, Master Host why do you suddenly want to go back to the real world? I beg you, don’t be this capricious, where’s your heart, you’re really okay with leaving me helpless and alone in these three thousand worlds…”

“Shut up.” Su Yu snorted.

Although Round Ball still felt that it couldn’t accept the reality of such cruel and unreasonable demands, it was so used to Su Yu’s oppression that it automatically stopped its crying.

Su Yu sat up from the bed and put on an expression that spelled nothing but trouble. “Give me the prop, or send me back to the real world.”

The first reaction of the little ball who was just experiencing something sadder than death – ironically – was not ‘oh how wonderful, Master Host doesn’t actually want to leave me, he just wants the prop, I can finally breath a sign of relief’ but rather, it was ‘what the fuck, so the all-impressive heavens-exploding Host has actually mastered the art of whining and tantrum throwing to get what he wants, what is this feeling – it’s so sour and like a dream!”

Host, if you are so unreasonable, societies will collapse okay!

“Are you going to give it to me? If you don’t, then goodbye.” Su Yu raised his eyebrows at Round Ball, as if he didn’t care nor realize that he was ruining his own image.

The ball did a few laps in the air, trying to regain its previous calm – just now it had really felt a million points of fright!

As a principled system, in this case, it should resolutely resist its host’s rogue and unreasonable behavior. With such a thought, the little ball only hesitated for two seconds and then it…….. directly gave in.

Oi oi, really, it’s not because this system is without principles, it’s just that reality and the Host are both too fierce, this system really cannot bear! TT___TT

“Um…” The ball fluttered in the air, feeling that its heart and the rhythm had been shattered into countless pieces, never to be put back together again. “In light of this being Master Host’s first system transaction, I can give…. give a discount of 90% off…. this is the bottom line, definitely no more! And…and this is definitely not precedence for future transactions!”

20,000 points of IQ, a discount is 90% off is 2,000 IQ points – this discount was obviously very rarely seen.

Su Yu nodded, the corners of his mouth slowly curving into a smile befitting of a Demon King. “Done.”

The ball seemed to have experienced great hardships of life and death and it fell straight to the ground, crying and pleading: “Master Host, next time you have something to say, please just say it directly. Don’t scare me like this anymore.”

Even if it didn’t have a heart, Round Ball still could not withstand this kind of shock too many times!

“Alright.” Su Yu very happily bought the “Eye of the Soul” from the market, whose price had already changed from 20,000 IQ points to 2,000 points.

Then another problem arose. Although Su Yu now has the “Eye of the Soul”, Chu Chengyan is a person who existed in the previous world…… how could he determine whether Qi Chen and Chu Chengyan were the same person?

Roamer @LoneWolfTranslations

Pfffffttt who else thinks it’s kind of satisfying when Su Yu encounters troubles hahahaa

See ya next week~

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Omg, this entire chapter was just too hilarious. I always thought that Chinese novels have the best metaphors ever, like the line, “By that time, what’s the use of this prop? Take it home to celebrate New Year’s with?”

    And the poor system, being bullied into giving a 99% discount, haha!

    I thought that was the end of it, but that last sentence… I’m dying from laughter because Su Yu is always so smart, but he was so distracted this time he forgot about such a major problem.

    Liked by 11 people

    1. Honestly as long as you’re Asian it’s kind of easy to understand the metaphors and cusses, I’m Arabian and we have metaphors that are very similar to the Chinese ones, and our cusses are mainly directed at the family of the person. There is also the fact that being called an animal/dog/donkey is actually highly disrespectful… it’s very similar to my culture personally.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmmm or maybe I just translated wrong hahaha, thank you for math-ing it out! I’ll go change it to 90% off now~

      [Edit: Kay I translated wrong. Thanks for noticing Jess Duckin!]
      [Further Edit: To anyone reading this who wants a Chinese lesson on discounts hahaha so you don’t make the same mistake I did, Chinese people don’t say ‘x percent off’ when giving discounts, we say ‘give x zhé (zhe meaning slash)’ in which the x is the actual percent you’re paying. So ’80 slash’ means a 20% discount where you pay 80% off the original price. HOWEVER, while ’95 zhe’ = ‘you pay 95%’, anything that ends in 0 so 90, 80, etc gets the 0 omitted so it becomes ‘9 zhe’ = you pay 90% = 10% off discount. ‘8 zhe’ = you pay 80%, and etc. But everything else (91 zhe, 92 zhe, 93 zhe, 87 zhe, 74 zhe, etc) you say the whole number. So when I saw ‘1 zhe’ I assumed ‘you pay 1%’ and ‘99% discount, but it actually meant 10%. Though I must say I’ve never ever seen or heard this in real life hahaaha if anyone finds anything that’s 90% discount, let this wolf know. Kay, chinese economics/bargaining lesson over. Hope y’all learned something haaha (about how confusing Chinese is) ]

      ^ above took me a long time to understand, and many headshakes from my mother over many years, and look I still get it wrong lol

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  2. “Pfffffttt who else thinks it’s kind of satisfying when Su Yu encounters troubles hahahaa”

    -It was funny. Su Yu’s solution to every problem is *extortion*. 😀😀😀😀😀😀
    Was he, in the real world, part of the triad?
    Thank you Roamer.

    Liked by 7 people

  3. *raises hand* I also think it’s satisfying, he’s just too perfect and OP most of the time xD how did he not think of the problem of verifying the ML’s soul of the first world beforehand though, isn’t the prop useless in the worst case? xD
    Thanks for the chapter 😀

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  4. Poor little ball! If I were in MC shoes, I would actually do that too because I would be so curious if he’s actually the hubby or not. But don’t worry Little ball! Maybe you’ll get another host that’s not a Bully in the next millenia.

    Thank you for the chapter♡

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Thank you for the chapter!

    I’m kinda hating on the MC in this arc. His cockiness is too much for me. Idk, I just feel that he takes all the credit for how well his plans work without giving credit to system. Having system is like the biggest cheat. Please appreciate him, even just a little. He does his work well.


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