Scattering IQ 67 [4.11]

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Chapter 67 | Arc 4.

When Ling Tian woke up the next day, he was keenly aware that the two little demons around him seemed to be a little different from before. They bowed down submissively by the cave entrance, even as they prepared the tea and water.

“What’s wrong with you?” Ling Tian asked with a frown.

The two little beast demons looked at each other and then whispered, “The Demon Elder has commanded that we not get too close to you, Ling Tian gongzi.”

Ling Tian’s eyes flashed slightly, and the corners of his mouth slowly curved up. “In this dwelling, naturally Master’s word is the law.”

Having said that, Ling Tian left his room and began wandering around in hopes of coming across his Master. Not long after, the two did indeed meet up. “Ling Tian, you came just at the right time. Master has something to say to you.”

“Master, I’m listening.” Ling Tian looked attentively at Su Yu.

“Master has decided to enter closed door cultivation again for two months. I will leave the affairs of this cave to you.” Su Yu replied very simply.

The reason why he choose to cultivate for two months, rather than one month, was because the unknown third party might not appear immediately once the Soul Assimilation Salve took effect. After all, this individual seemed to be very cautious – they had carried out numerous plots, and yet had not once shown their face.

Su Yu’s presence was the biggest threat to that individual. If he continued to stay by Ling Tian’s side, then that would greatly affect the other’s plans. Although he was a little disappointed he couldn’t continue to flirt with his lover, Su Yu was still rather excited to lure out that mysterious individual. This way, he could get started on the amnesia play sooner.

Imagining the glorious moment when his lover would fall into his arms with a naive, dazed look, Su Yu’s heart gave a thump.

However, Ling Tian’s eyes dimmed. Even though he knew that closed-door cultivation was very important to a practitioner, Ling Tian still did not want to go for that long without seeing his master. Nevertheless, he kept quiet and simply replied, “This disciple understands.”

“Two months will be over soon.” Su Yu smiled to console his lover. In fact, in his heart, he also felt a little sorry, but sometimes sacrifices had to be made. Life cannot be boring!

Besides, it really was as he said. In the cultivation world, two months of time really was nothing. Exhibit A: As Su Yu finished peeking at the beautiful scenery of his lover bathing, he turned around and nonchalantly asked about the time, only to find that a month had already passed.

“It’s been so long,” Su Yu licked his lips and lazily stretched. “Why hasn’t the mysterious person made a move yet?”

Round Ball completely did not dare to look at its host. Fine fox-demon attributes, lazy indulgent facial expressions, and a semi-exposed collarbone…. As a pure and honest system, how could it let this sinful picture invade its white, flawless memory database!

“Well, for the time being, I have not seen any suspicious person. I’m guessing the other side is still observing, and choosing the optimal time to act.” As it talked, the little ball’s line of sight drifted closer and closer to Su Yu, before it wrenched its eyes away. “If Master Host is getting anxious, shall we put out some bait to lure them over?”

Su Yu thought about it, and then replied halfheartedly, “Nevermind. If the other side was dumb, then they would have acted already. Since they haven’t appeared yet, then setting out bait will only make them suspicious.”

“Well, then I’ll keep watching.” Round Ball was very well-behaved.

After two more days, Round Ball’s monitoring finally came to fruition.”Master Host, someone has appeared! He is outside near the vicinity of the cave, and should be coming in soon!”

A glint flashed through Su Yu’s eyes, dragging his attention away from his lover’s sleeping face. “Bring him here. Don’t let him disturb Ling Tian’s rest.”

His lover had a cute smile even in his sleep, the other was probably dreaming of him!! Such a good dream, Su Yu naturally could not let it be so easily destroyed.

Round Ball obliged. 15 minutes later, a black shadow slowly crept in from outside the cave. It was only when his eyes fell on Su Yu’s figure standing in the dark that he realized something might have gone wrong.

This individual’s reaction was very fast. He immediately turned to run out the entrance, but how could Su Yu let him leave so easily? Su Yu quickly dragged the other back and then cuffed him for good measure, lest the ongoing scuffle disrupted Ling Tian’s rest.

The man did not give up and continued to struggle, but he was soon overcome by Su Yu’s spiritual suppression. He could not even move his little finger.

“After more than a month, you’ve finally appeared,” Su Yu looked down at the figure lying on the ground, who had obviously taken a Shape-shifting Pill. “Not planning on telling me who you are? What’s your purpose in coming here?”

The man in black looked around, and then suddenly began loudly begging for mercy, “Asking Demon Elder to take pity on a life! This little one heard there were many treasures hidden here, and so sneaked in at the middle of the night. I beg for mercy!”

Su Yu frowned, directly hitting the other with a lash of spiritual energy and dispersing the effects of the Shape-shifting Pill. In front of him, the common-looking face began to change into a handsome, albeit gloomy, looking man. Su Yu frowned again. “You are…. a Demonic Arts cultivator?”

The man’s entire aura was dark and eerie, rather similar to that of Demonic Arts cultivators.

“How could this little one be a Demonic Arts cultivator?” The man bowed his head, his voice slightly eager, “This little one is just a small beast cultivator. This little one knows that I’ve made a big mistake in entering Demon Elder’s dwelling. I plead that Demon Elder takes mercy on this life.”

Su Yu very much did not enjoy people putting on acts before him. In a cold voice, he spat out, “Soul Assimilation Salve, one month, tiger demon, has this jogged your memory?”

Just a few words, but the other man’s face underwent extreme changes. If at this time he still didn’t understand why Su Yu had appeared, then as the mastermind he would really be a fool.

But he had thought he’d covered his tracks very well. Whether it was the tiger demon from before, or the Soul Assimilation Salve, he had never showed his face. Even the one who had carried the tiger demon away was an underling he had arranged. So how did the Demon Elder know all this?!

“People are stupid, you don’t have to think much about it, ” Su Yu saw the man in black’s carefully considering look, and mercilessly delivered a blow, “What you have to do now is explain your identity and your motive. Otherwise I don’t mind helping you.”

Seeing that his actions had already been exposed, the man clenched his teeth and directly admitted, “Since the Demon Elder already knows, then I don’t need to hide it anymore. I am jealous that an unidentified mortal can obtain your favor and even become your disciple, and so I acted like this.”

Having said this, the man raised his head and looked defiantly at Su Yu, as if to say ‘Even if you kill me, I will still stand by this.’

If Su Yu hadn’t known of the original plot, then he might really have considered believing this person’s words. After all, the other’s performance really was quite good. However, since he knew, Su Yu just acted like he heard a funny joke. “Are you sure there is nothing else you’d liked to say?”

“I’ve already answered Demon Elder’s questions. As for anything else I’d like to say, then it’s to plead that Demon Elder drive out that mortal! That mortal is not worthy of being your apprentice!” The man in black spoke with conviction, as if he really was telling the truth.

Su Yu gave a light scoff. In the next moment, he directly scrapped the other’s cultivation, like he had done with the tiger demon. However, this person’s reaction was very different – not only did he not scream, he also managed out through gritted teeth, “Since I broke into the Demon Elder’s home late at night, then a wasted cultivation is the least that I deserve. I thank Demon Elder for sparing this life!”

Su Yu felt this kind of shameless person was very eye-opening. He has the good looks, has good acting skills, has IQ, and yet his heart was not in the right place. Su Yu stated slowly, “If you think that this Elder is content with merely dispersing your cultivation, then you are too naive. This Elder has a hundred ways to make your life worth than death.”

The man lowered his head and did not speak, but a flash of fear appeared on his face.

“But before that, this Elder asks you again, what is your purpose? Who is the power behind you?”  Su Yu sat on the jade platform, staring at the other with cold, indifferent eyes.

The man in black looked up, his IQ and acting skills completely online and in full force, “What does Demon Elder mean by this? Didn’t I already say earlier why I acted like this? Does Demon Elder not believe me? Asking me such a question, I really do not know how to respond. I am just a lowly beast demon, and that mortal is one I’ve never met before. Other than jealousy, I have no other reason to harm him?”

“Because your goal in the end is me, and not to harm him.” Su Yu coldly exposed the other man’s schemes.

But even so, the other man’s expression did not undergo the slightest change. Rather, he looked up in bewilderment, “Demon Elder, what are you talking about? You are the high and mighty Demon Elder. Even if I had ten times the courage, I would still not dare!”

It seems that talking was of no use. Su Yu brushed up his sleeves and decided to take action instead.

Torturing people with spiritual energy has one major benefit – one does not have to worry about where to start. Spiritual energy was very mysterious; whether it was the flesh or the soul, or the visceral five, it could effortlessly penetrate and cause pain endlessly.

To endure such pain without one’s cultivation to act as a buffer really was more terrible than death. However, even though he howled miserably, the man in black still did not say what Su Yu wanted to hear.

To these kinds of people who has good looks, has good acting skills, has IQ, and has endurance, and yet his heart was not in the right place, Su Yu decided to just directly crush the other’s demonic spirit bead.

But beast demons and humans are inherently different. Even if they didn’t have a spirit bead, they would not die – rather, they would just revert back to their original form. Just as Su Yu was about to kill the dying leopard lying on the ground, a burst of grey-black smoke suddenly arose from the body.

Round Ball burst out into loud screams and shouts, “Oh heavens, this beast was actually subjected to the Soul Assimilation Technique!”

Translator: Lone Wolf Translations

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