Scattering IQ 65 [4.9]

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Chapter 65 | Arc 4.

When Su Yu and Ling Tian’s attention finally moved back to Mo Han, Mo Han had almost died from anger. For some people, being ignored was far more infuriating that being beaten up.

He grudgingly pressed down the rage in his heart and gritted out, “Demon Elder, my Senior Brother really did already acknowledge another master before. Therefore, no matter what, you cannot accept him as an apprentice!”

When his eyes fell on Mo Han, Su Yu’s gaze instantly changed from a warm spring breeze to a thousand feet of cold ice, “Whether this Elder wants to accept Ling Tian as an apprentice or not has nothing to do with his past. What’s more, it has nothing to do with you, a nameless brat. In fact, I am more concerned with what you have to do with my apprentice losing all his cultivation instead.”

Having just dealt with an apprentice that moves for the killing blow without a second word, and now facing a master that didn’t play cards by the rules, Mo Han only felt that his heart was extremely bitter. If he had known earlier that his enemies were so capricious, then he wouldn’t have come here to seek abuse!

Also, hadn’t he already changed the topic? Why did it come back to this again?!

“I don’t know why my Senior Brother lost his cultivation, or how he lost his memory, it really had nothing to do with me!” Mo Han tried to defend himself, almost to the point of tears, “Think about it – if this really had something to do with me, then why would I come knocking on your doors? That’s not logical at all!”

Su Yu was completely unmoved, and directly stated the truth with an indifferent face. “Perhaps you are only worried that once Ling Tian regains his the memory, your actions will be exposed to the public. Or perhaps you thought that the present Ling Tian has no cultivation and is therefore completely not your match, so you decided to take this chance to remove him. Aren’t these reasons very logical?”

Although these words were indeed the truth, Mo Han actually felt more of a sense of astonishment than panic. This Demon Elder, how are you saying all this so confidently without any evidence?

Do conclusions not needs evidence now, and can be based on pure speculation??

Mo Han felt like his breath was stuck in his chest, uncomfortable to the point that he wanted to explode, but he didn’t dare in front of these two evil devils before him. “Demon Elder, accusations require evidence, how can you so indiscriminately pin me with such a huge crime?”

“If This Elder wants to convict anyone, then I indeed do not need evidence, ” Su Yu greatly enjoyed acting this way, self-willed and obstinate, and no one could do anything about it since he was more powerful than them. “Since you won’t admit it, then This Elder will act now.”

Mo Han was choked to the point that he was unable to speak, His body was shaking all over, though whether it was out of pain or out of anger was unknown. “You can’t do anything to me! I am Ling Tian’s Junior Brother! You can’t kill me!”

Now he finally knew the advantage of being on good terms with Ling Tian, but alas it was too late.

Su Yu gave a cold smile and was about to make his move when Ling Tian caught his wrist. Su Yu turned with slight surprise to look at his lover, “Ling Tian, did you have a change of heart?”

Mo Han instantly turned his helpless and fearful eyes to Ling Tian, exclaiming, “Senior Brother, I really did not harm you, you must believe me!”

But Ling Tian did not even hesitate to shake his head, “I just don’t want Master to dirty your hands for me. After all, this is a private matter between myself and this person.”

Su Yu placed his other hand on the back of Ling Tian’s arm, smiling and saying slowly, “What silly words are you saying? As your Master, naturally I will protect you, isn’t that what I should do?”

Ling Tian looked carefully at Su Yu, his heart beating rapidly. For a moment, he didn’t know what to say, so filled with warmth and content.

Su Yu slowly moved Ling Tian’s hand away from his wrist and then said in a calm voice, “Well, Master actually hadn’t intended to just simply take this person’s life. Even though that would put an end to things, Master prefers to first let him have a good taste of what losing his cultivation and having his Dantian destroyed feels like.”

Sometimes, the reason one would let an enemy live is so that they could be better tortured down the road.

When Ling Tian heard this, his eyes flashed but he didn’t move to stop Su Yu. “This disciple understands.”

However, to Mo Han, his only hope was suddenly lost and his face instantly paled. Shaking his head in horror, he cried out, “No! You can’t destroy my cultivation! I don’t have anything to do with this, how can you … Ah, ah!”

For a third time, he didn’t have a chance to finish his words. It was replaced by an extreme wail, but even this cry did not last long because Su Yu immediately sealed the other’s voice. Then, Su Yu slowly started to inflict on the man everything he had previously done to his lover.

First, he slowly shredded all of the other’s cultivation, not sparing a single thread. Then, he shattered all of the other’s meridians one by one, and then finally, Su Yu broke the other’s Dantian in one decisive blow.

Of course, after doing all this, Su Yu didn’t forget to send a thread of his own spiritual energy to Mo Han, saving him from dying too fast.

Su Yu slowly retracted his hand, and then turned to face Ling Tian. “Are you satisfied with Master’s actions?”

Ling Tian was so moved by his Master’s actions that his heart was a mush of feelings. His eyes were also so bright that they were slightly scary. “Thank you Master! This disciple is very satisfied.”

“That’s good.” Su Yu also felt that his performance just now demonstrated how he was the perfect boyfriend to the max, and was also very satisfied.

At this time, Mo Han was so battered that he was on the verge of unconsciousness, and completely speechless. Otherwise, he might have leapt up and cursed at the two devils, but he obviously did not have such a chance because he was soon-after thrown out of the cave and left to his own misery.

Having solved the problem of this uninvited guest, Ling Tian asked apologetically, “Did this disciple disturbed Master’s closed-door cultivation?”

“Not so, Master was just about to come find you, and then saw this, ” Su Yu shook his head, glossing over why he happened to appear at this time. “Though, what that little junior said earlier might not be false – he really could be your Junior Brother.”

Upon hearing this, Ling Tian’s mind was indeed pulled to this new topic. Looking somewhat panicked, he asked, “if this disciple really did have another teacher before, will Master cast me away?”

“Have you forgotten what Master said to you before?” Seeing his lover so worried about being abandoned by him, Su Yu’s heart was both happy and slightly pained. “Whether you remember or forget, Master will still say it again. No matter who you are, or what you did, Master will never forsake you. Remember?”

Ling Tian’s eyes slowly lit up, “This disciple will remember.” And never forget.

“Master only raised this issue before if you want to regain your memory, then perhaps it would be best to go back to the Taoist cultivation world. Master would not stop you, after all…” Su Yu began generously, but he didn’t even finish his words when Ling Tian eagerly interrupted.

“I’m not going back!” Ling Tian carefully looked at Su Yu, his tone firm. “no matter what this disciple had before, now, only you are my Master. This disciple will never go back.”

This answer caused Su Yu to feel very satisfied, but he only showed a slight smile on the outside. “Well, alright. Master won’t speak of this matter any more.”

The two chatted a little more, and then each went back to their own chambers to rest.

In fact, Su Yu originally wanted to use Mo Han’s arrival as an excuse to bring Ling Tian on a trip to the Taoist cultivation world. Then, he could stage some scene there and create a chance for his lover to lose his memories again, so that they could play the ‘I’ve forgotten the whole world, but I still remember you” angle.

But since his lover did not want to go to the Taoist cultivation world, then he had to temporarily dispel the idea.

He had already redeemed the props though ah, what a shame.

A few more days past like this. Other than Su Yu’s usual light daily harassment, he didn’t have any more bad thoughts or plan anything else. However, at this time, a small skirmish happened in his cave dwelling.

The two little beast demons who usually served Ling Tian suddenly had a scuffle and came to blows, to the point that one was actually killed by the other.

It happened very strangely, and did indeed seem to have a valid cause and effect and was just an accident. However, Su Yu instantly thought of something.

After delegating this matter to Ling Tian to clean up after, Su Yu went back to his own chambers and consulted Round Ball, “In the original plot, how did that tiger demon start working in my dwelling?”

“The original plot was very brief about this, just a paragraph or so, but I think something happened with the original servants and the tiger demon came to replace one of them.” The little ball checked the original plot and promptly answered.

Su Yu narrowed his eyes, his lips slowly curving into a smirk. “Whoever is behind this will reveal their fox tail at some point. I am very curious about who they are, and what their purpose is.”

Listening to its host act cool and mysterious, Round Ball actually just wanted to curse. You yourself are a fox spirit. Describing your enemies in this way, aren’t you just insulting yourself??

But thinking of its host’s ferociousness, Round Ball obediently closed its mouth and said nothing.

A day after this accident occurred, two new beast demons came to serve at Ling Tian’s side. Su Yu did not pay too much attention to them, leaving them for Round Ball to keep an eye on.

Su Yu thought that these two little beast demons would at least wait until they were familiar with the ongoings of his dwelling before acting, but who knew that on the 5th day after their arrival, things started to happen.

That night, Su Yu was lying on the jade platform and just about to rest, when he suddenly heard Round Ball’s startled cry, “Ma, Ma, Ma- Master Host, what are they doing to the Male Protagonist ah!!”

Translator: Lone Wolf Translations

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  1. It doesn’t matter what they are doing or why. The only thing that matters is that they are fucking dead, even if they haven’t heard about it yet.

    I will light some candles so in their next life they will be less stupid. 🕯️🕯️🕯️

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  2. Another Su- Simp – Yu

    In fact, Su Yu originally wanted to use Mo Han’s arrival as an excuse to bring Ling Tian on a trip to the Taoist cultivation world. Then, he could stage some scene there and create a chance for his lover to lose his memories again, so that they could play the ‘I’ve forgotten the whole world, but I still remember you” angle.

    But since his lover did not want to go to the Taoist cultivation world, then he had to temporarily dispel the idea.


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