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Scattering IQ 63a [4.7]

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Chapter 63 | Arc 4.

With Round Ball’s advanced monitoring system, Su Yu naturally learned of Mo Han’s movement very soon.

Once he learned of Mo Han’s plans, Su Yu let out a scornful smile. Previously, he had wanted to spend some time with his lover slowly getting to know each other and cultivating their feelings before pushing the plot along, but since Mo Han was in a hurry to help them out, then Su Yu would naturally make good use of this opportunity.

“Pass along the news of Ling Tian’s amnesia to Mo Han. I’m sure his next actions won’t disappoint me.” Su Yu gave a smirk and issued Round Ball a new task.

“Got it.” Round Ball was already very familiar with his family’s host’s strange and wicked tastes, especially when it came to abusing scum. Clearly the matter could be easily handled, but his host would rather slowly grind the other side little by little, until they are barely alive and pleading for mercy, just to satisfy his own evil tastes. Wow, doesn’t his host have such a wicked personality?

After issuing this order, Su Yu got up in a good mood and went to supervise his lover’s cultivation. This may sound like a responsible master’s duty, but it was actually another flowery gimmick to harass his lover some more.

“Your body has just recovered so you should be extra careful when you cultivate. If there’s any mishap, it may have dire consequences.” Su Yu found a random excuse to justify his next actions. “Master will help you assess your body’s spiritual strength once more. If anything is wrong, then it’s essential to resolve it as early as possible.”

“Thank you, Master.” Pure little Ling Tian did not notice the sinister intentions of his Master, and gratefully reached a hand out.

Su Yu grasped Ling Tian’s wrist and slowly send a thread of his spiritual energy into the other’s body, travelling along the meridians and the mana circuits. Initially, Ling Tian only felt warm and soft – the feeling was very comfortable, and he almost felt a bit drowsy.

But at some point, he suddenly felt that a little of the spiritual energy seemed to begin moving toward a certain, unspeakable area. Even though it was only a tendril, this spiritual energy still caused his body to react, and his heartbeat to accelerate instantly.

Ling Tian immediately tensed up and secretly glanced at Su Yu, but the other appeared to not have noticed the ongoings, still fully immersed in helping Ling Tian sort out his mana circuits. Seeing this, Ling Tian felt that it wasn’t good to disturb the other about such a little thing, and hence sat there in silence.

Ling Tian originally thought that if he endured a little, this feeling would pass, but who knew that not only did the feeling not pass, it also got stronger with time. In the end, it was so intense that Ling Tian felt like he had a fever – burning up everywhere – and he almost couldn’t control his rapidly accelerating breathing.

If this continues on, then Master will definitely think I’m strange! Ling Tian couldn’t help but panic, but unbeknownst to him, there was a faint hint of excitement in his eyes.

If Master became aware of this…

He knew that he should interrupt his Master’s actions and say something, but Ling Tian was inexplicably hesitant. It was during this hesitation that Su Yu slowly opened his eyes.

Ling Tian’s heart gave a start, and then began to beat faster, “Ma… Master…”

Su Yu gave an indecipherable glance at Ling Tian, but soon looked away. Then, with a gentle voice, he said, “Your body has been completely healed. Because of Master’s spirit bead, most of your cultivation has been restored. As long as you work hard in an upright and proper manner, you will certainly break through the next rank soon.”

Ling Tian vaguely felt that his Master had emphasized the words ‘upright and proper manner,’ and he felt his face become hot. “This disciple will abide by Master’s teachings.”

Su Yu nodded and calmly stood up, “These days, Master will enter closed door cultivation. You must take this chance to cultivate diligently. I will also leave the affairs of this cave to you to take care of.”

At this time, Ling Tian should have gotten up as well in respect, but because somewhere on his body was still stimulated, if he got up then it would directly be embarrassingly exposed, so he could only kneel and look up at Su Yu. “But this disciple doesn’t know the rules of this cave very well.”

Su Yu just gave him a dismissive glance, “Master’s cave has never had much rules. If any, it would be to do whatever you want. Before, it was just me, and now, there’s also you.”

These words made Ling Tian’s heart throb a little, and it also caused an unspeakable area of his body to become a little more excited, “This disciple will remember that.”

Su Yu finally had enough and left very satisfied. Ling Tian, on the other hand, took a lot more effort to repress the urges of his body. As for his heart’s throbbing though, it could probably never be repressed no matter how much effort he exerts.

Ling Tian would never had expected that he would develop feelings for his Master in his amnesiac state. This person was also his life-saving benefactor…. such feelings, should he really have them?

He was just a nameless person who could only live well by relying on his Master. How was he worthy to have these feelings? If Master had known about this…

Ling Tian tightly pinched his brows, his mood suddenly deflating. With his current status and strength, he simply had no qualifications to be with his Master, who was also the Demon Elder of the beast cultivation world…. Therefore, he must become stronger, strong enough to stand side by side with Master!

Having made up his mind, Ling Tian got ready to enter closed-door cultivation as well. At this time, Mo Han was also on his way over, hurrying along and gathering any information he could on Ling Tian’s situation as he travelled.

Soon, a piece of news reached his ears – Ling Tian had amnesia!

It wasn’t because of serious injuries, or because of resentment that he didn’t come back, but because of amnesia!

When Mo Han heard the news, he didn’t know whether to laugh, or to cry. He would have never expected that Ling Tian could fall prey to amnesia!

But didn’t this provide him with a wonderful opportunity? A cultivation-waste who had lost his memory, and could only live while depending on another’s grace…. he should be very easily killed without much effort, right?

Mo Han urgently added some more spiritual energy to his sword as he flew over. He couldn’t wait to get rid of that amnesiac fool of a Senior brother, a complete eyesore!

A few days later, Ling Tian’s cultivation was interrupted midway because the Demon Elder’s cave was graced by a strange visitor.

This man claimed to be a Taoist disciple of the Qi Sect, named Mo Han. Presently, he was here to find his missing senior brother, who went by the name of Ling Tian.

“Is that really what he said?” Ling Tian raised his eyebrows as he looked at the little beast demon who had come to inform him of the guest. There was no surprise or excitement on his face, because no matter if the visitor was being truthful or not, to him who now realized the depth of his feelings towards his Master, any such tie to his past was nothing more than an unwanted burden.

The little beast demon sighed and replied, “Precisely so. He is currently waiting outside, should I drive him away?”

“No, you can invite him in.” Ling Tian gave a sigh as well. Even though he felt that this unannounced appearance was very annoying, he didn’t have a good reason to just send the other away.

When the beast demon retreated, Ling Tian took another moment to adjust his mood, and then got up to greet his guest at the entrance.

Translator: Lone Wolf Translations

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  1. SY really never lets his lover have a day off! I feel sorry for him lol. Also, SY is teasing us, the reader, and not letting things progress! 😡

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  2. SY is such a tease- wonder if ML will figure it out this time around? 😀

    Excited to see how the meeting will go!

    Thanks so much for the chapter! 🙂

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  3. Ling Tian you have a perfectly good reason to just send that a****l away…. simply because you don’t want to meet him~ (^◡^)

    Thanks for the chapter! •ᴗ•

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