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Scattering IQ 61 [4.5]

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Chapter 61 | Arc 4.

Su Yu’s words were like slaps after slaps, falling upon the figure in black’s face. The beast’s face turned purple and white, so angry that he almost spat out blood.

Who even was this mortal, that the Demon Elder was so passionately defending him?!

However, some people’s skin are just too thick. Even though they are face-slapped to this extent, they are still unwilling to give up. “I dare not refute Demon Elder’s words, but I implore Demon Elder to give me a chance. Let me exchange some blows with him! If I lose, then I’ll have no other complaints, but if he were to lose, then how could a mortal who can’t even best me be worthy of studying from you?”

Su Yu stared coldly at the figure in black. In his heart, he couldn’t help but complain, this man really is an idiot ah, the kind that can’t even understand speech.

He had originally wanted to deal with this self-righteous scum later, but since the other was so desperately seeking abuse, then Su Yu would not let him down. “Very well, This Elder accepts your challenge.”

“Demon Elder, many thanks…” The figure in black looked relieved as he gave his thanks, but then suddenly realized that something was perhaps wrong, “Um, Demon Elder, what I said just now was a challenge to that mortal, not a challenge to you…”

Su Yu sneered, looking contemptuously at the figure in black, “I already said earlier, to accept Ling Tian as a disciple is my absolute honour. Since you are determined to be resentful about this matter, then it is naturally me who you should come to about your dissatisfaction. Are you doubting this Honourable Elder’s decision?”

The figure in black opened his mouth to explain, but Su Yu directly sealed the other’s voice. Turning around, he looked at his lover and gently said, “Ling Tian, Master will resolve this matter first, and then we will continue with the ceremony. What do you think?”

Su Yu’s previous actions had already captivated half of Ling Tian’s heart, so at this time when he asked with such a warm and soft voice, Ling Tian naturally did not disagree. “This disciple will listen to Master’s arrangements.”

Su Yu nodded and went outside, dragging the figure in black with him. Ling Tian and the other great demons followed behind.

The atmosphere outside of the cave was very lively – none of the beast demons expected that the Demon Elder would suddenly appear out of no where, and that the great demons would also follow him out. In an instant, the originally noisy scene became silent.

The next moment, an unidentified black object was thrown down in front of the gathered demons.

Su Yu, dressed in white, stood on the high platform in front of the cave and looked down at the crowd, appearing very powerful as he coldly intoned, “This beast demon not only broke in to This Elder’s home, but also rudely interrupted a very important ceremony. He also called into question This Elder’s decision to accept an apprentice. Therefore, This Elder has decided to carry out a duel with him; I wonder if there is anyone else in the audience who feels the same way? If so, please feel free to step up and This Elder will face you too, to save time.”

The crowd which was originally confused looked on in admiration at the figure in black lying on the ground. This beast demon actually voiced their inner thoughts! It’s just that… wasn’t this a little too bold? His outcome was probably going to be very miserable?

Although almost all the beast demons gathered here held great dissatisfaction with this whole process, but in front of Su Yu, who dared to uttered even half a word? After all, this was a matter of life and death!

Seeing no one speak out, Su Yu’s cold gaze swept through the crowd and the corner of his mouth twitched up. “So to speak, you all respect this decision of mine, and are very happy for me to accept a disciple?”

The gathered beast demons shook with fear and nodded desperately. Demon Elder accepting a disciple was such a good idea. Simply too correct, too good, Ah, it’s just that this really wasn’t what their deepest conscience wanted…

Su Yu was very satisfied with the reaction of the beast demons. After another cold sweeping gaze, he turned his attention to the ground where the black figure lay. “So, only this demon wants to stop this honourable ceremony?”

The beast demons continued to nod. They have never had any ideas similar to that of this fool. They definitely did not come here today to see what that pesky mortal looked like.

Wait a minute……

At this time, the eyes of all the beast demons finally settled on the figure of Ling Tian standing behind Su Yu. It’s just that even though this person was right before their eyes now, still no one dared to say anything.

Su Yu brushed his sleeves back and removed his spiritual energy which was confining the figure in black. Without even waiting for the other to even open his mouth, he said, “This duel can now begin.”

“Demon Elder, I really don’t want to challenge you, I’m just…” The beast in black was covered in cold sweat and he rushed to explain, but he was stopped by Su Yu’s voice.

“Since it’s a duel, let’s start now. This Elder does not have that much time to waste on this matter.” Su Yu glanced at Ling Tian behind him, and then flicked his sleeves. “This Elder’s disciple is still waiting for me.”

It was such a simple sentence, and yet Ling Tian felt like his heart was about to beat out of his chest. He felt…. as if he had developed feelings.

The figure in black opened his mouth to say something, but Su Yu pretended he didn’t see. “Since you aren’t willing to make the first move, then This Elder will start.”

And so, Su Yu directly crushed the other’s cultivation like one would easily crush an ant beneath their heel. The whole process was very short, almost over in just a blink of the eyes. Afterward, Su Yu also retracted his spiritual energy which he was using to mute the other.

Almost at the same time, a very pained cry left the other’s mouth, his whole body in pain and writhing on the ground. This ferocity terrified the whole audience, and they didn’t even dare to breath loudly lest the Demon Elder turned his attention to them in a fit of rage.

However, Su Yu only very calmly stated in a cold voice, “In the future, if someone dares to insult This Elder’s apprentice, then their outcome will only be worse. Do you understand?”

How could the gathered demons not understand, they were almost scared to death okay? This was the first time they’d seen such power and ferocity from the Demon Elder, and their spirits were almost broken.

Now that he had dealt with the trouble, Su Yu was about to head back inside to continue his ceremony when he noticed that the figure in black lying on the ground had a trickle of blood slowly flowing out of his mouth. Su Yu frowned, throwing a thread of spiritual energy over and directly sealing the other’s mouth. “Who allowed you to spit blood on This Elder’s day of great happiness?”

“……” The gathering of  demons simply did not know how to react. Yes, the other demon was seeking death, but you also completely decimated his cultivation to waste okay? Not even letting his vomit blood, aren’t you a little too fierce?

Only Ling Tian focused entirely on something else, his entire attention caught on Su Yu’s use of ‘Day of Great Happiness”. On the side, he secretly thought happily in his heart, don’t know how Master would react if he knew what these words mean to the common mortals? [T/N: 大喜的日子 – Day of Great Happiness – aka the day you get married]

The figure in black who had his cultivation trashed couldn’t even spit blood – he could only curl up on the ground, crying silently in despair. Su Yu, on the other hand, had already gone back inside with Ling Tian and the others to complete his Master-Apprentice ceremony.

This time, with no one to interrupt, Ling Tian was able to bow smoothly before his teacher. Su Yu pulled Ling Tian up from the ground, kicked away the long-ago-stunned-blind great demons, and brought his new disciple to his medicinal pool.

Although he had already bathed with his Master before, Ling Tian still felt very uncomfortable. His body experienced bursts of feverish temperature, and he turned his eyes to the side to stare at a stone wall, saying with pretend calm, “Master, just now when you defended this disciple, I felt very grateful.”

Su Yu’s jade-like fingertips ran through his jet-black hair, but to Ling Tian it felt like they were curling around his heart. “You are mine, of course I will protect you. Also, you are the only one who will be by my side – if not you, then who else would I protect?”

Ling Tian was again hit critically by Su Yu’s warm words which contained multiple key terms. He felt like he could hardly breathe, and then a question burst out without thought, “Master has cultivated for more than 100,000 years. Have you ever thought about finding a companion to dual-cultivate with?”

“A companion?” Su Yu blinked, and then after a moment of silence, replied in a blunt tone, “Many have approached This Elder regarding that, but I was not interested in them.”

He wasn’t interested in them, rather than not being interested in a companion at all. Ling Tian inexplicably felt very relieved, “Then has Master thought of what kind of companion you would like?”

Su Yu’s hand froze, and he turned to stare at Ling Tian. Ling Tian also subconsciously looked over, even though he knew that by doing so, he was very likely exposing his own heart and all his thoughts. But as soon as he saw his Master, Ling Tian felt that he could not look away – it was as if those eyes which held a red tint from the water vapour completely ensnared him, hooking him in and not letting him think about anything else.

And those slightly raised red lips, they too seemed to be stained with water vapour. Ling Tian desperately wanted to use a hand to gently wipe away those water droplets.

Just as Ling Tian was about to fall into some sort of uncontrolled reverie, Su Yu suddenly lifted a corner of his mouth, sounding both gentle and playfully authentic, “And if This Elder says that my ideal companion would be someone similar to you, Ling Tian?”

Ling Tian’s eyes grew wide. At that moment, it felt as if his heart had been shot by an arrow, and he was falling the next moment. “Master…”

But before he could express his feelings, Su Yu smiled and waved a hand, “Master is just joking with you. It’s probably because I’ve been alone for so long – I can’t even remember what my ideal companion is like anymore.”

In but a second, his heartbeat which had been rising like a drum fell from its heights, smashing to the ground from its epic high. Ling Tian hurriedly retracted his gaze to conceal his rapidly sinking mood, “Is that so…”

“Speaking of this, has Ling Tian also thought of this before?” Su Yu’s heart gave a wicked smirk, but his expression on the outside was one of tranquility.

Ling Tian felt his heart wrench, but he forced himself to give an answer.  “Master has forgotten, this disciple cannot remember anything.”

Su Yu raised his eyebrows and asked a little apologetically, “This Elder has misspoken. But perhaps you already have a lover, and that person is actually waiting for you to return home?”

“No!” Ling Tian’s voice was full of emotion. Seeing Su Yu’s inexplicable expression, he hurried to add on, “Although this disciple does not remember his past, but if I really did have a lover, then I would not so easily forget them!”

“Oh, is that so?” Su Yu’s eyes flashed, as if the beginnings of a bad idea was forming in his mind.

Ling Tian nodded firmly, “In any case, this disciple would not forget them.”

Su Yu smiled fondly, “Then if there really is such a day, I hope your words remain true.”

When they finished their baths and Su Yu returned to the cave, Round Ball immediately flew out and urgently asked, “Master Host, you’re not planning on letting the Male Protagonist have his second bout of amnesia, are you?

“I can’t?” Su Yu calmly responded as he raised an eyebrow.

“It’s not that… it’s just that with your strength, as long as you keep in mind the plot, then it is very easy to avoid that outcome ah.” Round Ball explained, a little confused.

“Although things like amnesia really are a dog blood nuisance, but don’t you also think it’s quite fun sometimes?” Su Yu’s eyes flashed, revealing a strong aura of wickedness, “Especially if Ling Tian forgets about everything but me.”

Translator: Lone Wolf Translations

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  1. My god Su Yu ah .. your wickedness is over the top 😂 I really pity ML (play with him more 😈)
    These demons are so funny .. they are cute and funny at the same time 😂
    Ling Tian is falling deeper and deeper .. but is getting cuckold by Su Yu’s playfulness 😂
    I’m getting excited about the second bout of amnesia ~ (and to see ML’s punishment 😈)

    Thank you for the chapter! ❤❤❤

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  2. “Although this disciple does not remember his past, but if I really did have a lover, then I would not so easily forget them!”
    “Oh, is that so?”

    You dug your own grave, ML.
    If we look outside of this arc/world how many times did this actually already happen?
    3 times if i’m not mistaken. Before you guys defend the ML, ask yourself, is the MC so forgiving, that he will let those (+next ones) slide? NOPE.

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  3. I clearly love straight and fluffy stories with not much conflicts but….I can’t refuse the appeal of a bullied gong 🤣🤣

    Lighting a candle for you ML. Hahaha

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  4. If your husband really forget about you, you really gonna be “crazy” and “desperately” try to make your husband remember about you again.

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  5. Anyone felt sad for that black demon who interrupted the ceremony? 🤧 I did, ah. He just wanted to be Yao zun’s disciple but his mouth and action were just too stupid. Sigh


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