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Scattering IQ 60 [4.4]

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Chapter 60 | Arc 4.

On the big day, almost all who were qualified in the beast demon cultivation world hurried over, crowding around the outside of the cave. However, the only ones who were allowed inside this honourable elder’s cave were but a scant dozen or so who were on the cusp of forming their own spirit bead.

The beast demon cultivation world differed from Taoist cultivation in that there were no major sects, and nobody cared about the so-called interpersonal etiquette, so even though the majority of beast demons were left standing outside, nobody dared to complain.

It’s just that being unable to see that slutty mortal who had seduced away their Demon Elder after coming all this way… they were filled with teeth-gritting regret and reluctance!

Contrary to the lively noisy scene outside, the inner chamber where the grand ceremony was to be held actually seemed somewhat quiet and cold. For the 10 or so great demons that sat there, even though they were used to being praised and revered by the mass population outside, here under the Demon Elder’s territory, they could only sit with their tails tucked between their legs, not daring to let out a single unnecessary peep.

In fact, the mood of these much-envied and respected beast demons was not easy. They were completely different from those outside who blindly worship the Demon Elder, because they had personally experienced being abused to no end by him.

Back in the days when they were younger, these demons had gotten drunk on the praise that they were the rising geniuses of the generation, and truly believed that they could be number 1 in the beast demon cultivation world. They had taken the initiative to come find Yao Zun for a fight, and the result was naturally self-evident. From then on, none of them dared to come close to this outwardly noble and indifferent, and yet hot-tempered and ruthless elder.

And this time… They really hadn’t expected to receive such an invitation from him!

If the Demon Elder was taking a disciple, what did that have to do with them?! It wasn’t like he was accepting any of them to be his student…. didn’t he know that inviting them like this will bring out the psychological shadows in their hearts?

And, despite not wanting to come at all, this was definitely one invitation they dared not to refuse. In the end, they were forced to appear – with courage even smaller than that of a mouse demon – and they could only hope the Demon Elder wouldn’t bring up the embarrassing incidents of the past!

These 10 or so great demons waited anxiously for nearly half an hour, and then the star of the show finally showed up. Su Yu wore a snow-white robe, his knee-length silky black hair pinned up by a jade headpiece, appearing very handsome and domineering.

The various great demons were so scared that they couldn’t even speak, but seeing that Su Yu had no intentions of speaking first, they could only bite the bullet and offer up their congratulations.

A snake demon nervously swallowed, and took the lead in saying, “This little demon respectfully congratulates Demon Elder on taking in a disciple, this is a joyous event for the whole demon world!”

A bird demon chirped in, “Precisely! That mortal is so blessed, actually becoming the disciple of Demon Elder!”

The others were about to follow suite and open their mouths, but Su Yu look on coldly and flung his sleeves out, “All of you, sit quietly. Stop with the unnecessary chatter.”

“……” The group of great demons were simply nearing tears. Since you have such disdain for us, why did you invite us over here just to be bullied?

But since the Demon Elder didn’t continue to speak, they also did not dare to speak. They could only turn into stone one by one, sitting there as if they were cultivating.

Su Yu sat still on a jade platform carved from Millennium Year Ice, his cold eyes falling on the entrance of the cave. A moment later, a handsome male also dressed in white slowly approached. The other man’s eyes held a hint of nervousness, and when they lifted, he slowly met Su Yu’s cold gaze.

In but a second, that pair of cold eyes softened, holding a gentle glow that was warm enough to melt all who saw it. Ling Tian felt his heart skip a beat – not out of tensed nerves, but because of the deep longing that strongly arose from his heart.

If any of those other beast demons saw Su Yu’s instant change in expression, they might have been so startled that they would have instantly created heart demons, but at the moment nobody noticed this. Everyone was too focused on the figure that was slowly approaching them.

This was the mortal that Demon Elder was accepting as his personal student? He doesn’t look like much! His cultivation was only around the Nascent Soul stage, that wasn’t too impressive…. but wait! What was this familiar, chilling aura they felt emanate from this mortal?!

The gathering of great demons stared wide-eyed, their minds so baffled by the conclusion they gathered. Demon Elder actually gave his Spirit Bead to this person?!

Just as this idea flashed by, the expression on these demons instantly twisted, as if they had swallowed a fly. This was terribly scary, truly terrible!

Just as the great demons did not notice the changes in Su Yu’s expression, Ling Tian also did not notice the scared expressions of these beast demons. All he had eyes for at this moment was his master, the person before him – Su Yu – who was smiling gently.

After today’s ceremony, this individual will be his master. And only his master, no one else’s.

Ling Tian took a deep breath and finally stopped at the center of the cave. The Beast Demon traditional master-apprentice ceremony was very simple. All Ling Tian had to do was bow down, and then Su Yu would help him up, and that was it.

Ling Tian had just adjusted his roused emotions and was about to kneel down when a little beast demon suddenly ran in anxiously.

But how could such a grand and important scene be so easily destroyed? Su Yu didn’t even wait for the little beast demon to open his mouth, and instead directly glared at him, frightening the little demon so much that he swallowed the words on the tip of his tongue.

“Wait for the end of this ceremony and I will deal with it. ” Su Yu flicked his finger, sending the little beast demon out of the cave. Then, he looked back at Ling Tian, signalling for him to continue.

Although Ling Tian had some concerns as to why the little beast demon seemed so alarmed, he also did not want to delay this important ceremony any longer so he quickly threw this to the back of his mind. It’s just that as soon as he was about to kneel down again, these scene was once again interrupted.

From the outside of the cave came a loud noise, and suddenly, a figure flew in and slammed against the wall, making another loud noise. It was that little beast demon who had entered earlier!

Su Yu glanced down at the little beast demon who was covered in blood, and quickly threw a bottle of medicinal pills at him. Then, he slowly turned his gaze to the entrance, pinning the figure in black slowly walking in with a cold stare.

“Demon Elder accepting a disciple, the outside is really lively and noisy! But hmm, the inside here seems a little cold… Hn!” The beast’s disrespectful and bold words came to a sudden halt because Su Yu used his spiritual energy to strangle the other’s neck.

“Ignorant commoner, you dare to disturb this Honourable Elder’s ceremony, even your life is not enough to repay this insult!” Su Yu narrowed his eyes. Without even lifting a finger, he already held the other’s life in the palm of his hands.

This individual actually dared to interrupt this warm, heartfelt, master-apprentice ceremony with his lover – he was definitely seeking death!

The figure in black struggled desperately, but he could not break free from the grip on his neck. As his face began to turn purple, he could only beg intermittently “Demon Elder… Please forgive this one, I… I didn’t mean to disturb, it’s just that …”

“Noisy!” Su Yu simply had no interest in listening to this beast’s pig-like voice. With his next move, he directly sealed the other’s voice. Then, he turned to Ling Tian and asked, “Ling Tian, this uninvited individual hurt this Honourable Elder’s servant, and also interrupted our master-apprentice ceremony. Tell me, how do you want to deal with this?”

The beast in black who was strangled near death adopted a more ugly expression. The demon elder actually handed the matters of his life and death to this abominable mortal!

Ling Tian did not expect to be asked this question, and slightly raised his eyebrows in surprise. “This disciple will listen to Master’s arrangement.”

On the contrary, the great demons gathered on the side weren’t surprised by this turn of events at all. After all, Yao Zun had already given his Spirit Bead to the mortal…. what was a simple inquiry of opinion?

“Today is the day that you and I officially become Master and Apprentice. Although this Honourable Elder does not care, but in the Taoist world, it seems to be bad luck if blood is spilled on the day of auspicious events. So, because of this, I will temporarily spare his life. What do you think?” Su Yu nodded and then asked.

Su Yu’s words and sentences all revealed the importance with which he valued Ling Tian. The great demons all looked at each other, and vaguely felt they understood why the Demon Elder had invited them here today. The purpose was to tell them how much he valued this mortal! The mortal was under his protection, nobody else could touch him. If any beast demons got any ideas, then these invited great demons were expected to step in and put a stop to it.

The great demons couldn’t help but sigh – they never realized that the respected Demon Elder also had this side to him!

Ling Tian didn’t think as deeply as the great demons; he just felt a warmth spread through his heart. Somewhat flattered, he replied “Yes, thank you Master.”

At this, Su Yu withdrew his spiritual energy. Towards the beast cowering on the floor clutching his neck, he stated “Although this Honourable Elder will not take your life today, the fact that you broke into my dwelling and interrupted this ceremony is unforgivable. Once this is over, I will deal with you.”

Having said this, Su Yu made move to usher the other out. Seeing this, the figure in black bellowed out angrily, “Demon Elder, why must you accept this lowly mortal as your apprentice? He simply does not deserve this honour!”

Su Yu’s eyes became cold. He has always been extremely protective of his people, and Ling Tian was even his lover! His lover, he can bully; however, nobody else can even think of trying to bully.

“Whether Ling Tian deserves or not to be this Honourable Elder’s apprentice, that has nothing to do with you. But seeing your ugly face, I actually feel that with such a face, you completely do not deserve to point any fingers at Ling Tian. Just looking at your face makes people disgusted.” Su Yu displayed his venomous tongue with a cold face, and without any mercy.

The figure in black’s face was already red, but it turned redder with Su Yu’s every word. “Demon Elder, I do not know why you are so enamoured with this mortal, but his cultivation can’t even compare with mine. What qualifications does he have to become your sole disciple? You accepting him as an apprentice is simply insulting your own reputation, I plead with Demon Elder to consider this again!”

These words appeared genuine, as if it were really said out of selfless consideration of Su Yu’s own good, but Su Yu only responded with a cold sneer. “How could this Honourable Elder not have considered everything before accepting a student? Who are you to point fingers at my disciple? In my eyes, the difference between you and Ling Tian truly is big – you’re not even worthy of being his servant! So where did you get this earth-shattering confidence from, actually daring to say such words in front of this Honourable Elder?”

When someone with a high and cool attribute starts to very seriously verbally lash at another, this is the equivalent of adding a 10x Damage buff to this skill. This definitely is not a joke – all the onlookers can attest to this.

The figure in black was stunned into silence, and instantly received 10 000 points of damage. He didn’t even know how to respond.

“The most important thing is, there is one thing you’ve misunderstood.” Su Yu raised his chin, adopting a haughty and cold face like a ruler that despised all living beings. “It’s not Ling Tian who needs to have me as a teacher, but rather, I who need to have him as a disciple. Today’s ceremony is a great honour to me, do you even understand?”

Translator: Lone Wolf Translations

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  1. Thanks so much for the chapter! Hopefully they’ll eventually get through the ceremony! 🙂

    Also, very sorry to hear you are feeling sad and stressed- I hope life and work get better soon and grad applications will be done soon as well! Good luck! 🙂

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