Scattering IQ 59 [4.3]

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Chapter 59 | Arc 3.

In the original plot, the Original had only conducted a small ceremony to received Ling Tian as his disciple – even his servants didn’t know much about the matter.

But when it came to Su Yu, this matter was no longer that simple.

Su Yu thought about it and then decided to summoned a little beast demon, commanding in a cold and indifferent voice, “In three days time, this one will hold a ceremony to accept a new disciple. Go out and spread the word to the whole Beast Demon cultivation world.”

The little beast demon hurriedly bowed, but the shock in its heart wasn’t small. Oh heavens, the Demon Elder was actually going to accept a human as his apprentice!

Ling Tian was also startled, and stated hesitantly but with some happiness, “Isn’t Ah’-Y… Master’s arrangement a little too grand? After all, I’m just a mortal.”

“And so what?” Once the little beast demon retreated, Su Yu put away the air of noble indifference and smiled at Ling Tian. “Since I am becoming your Master, then naturally the whole beast demon world must know about this. This way, they won’t bully you in the future.”

Ling Tian felt a warmth begin to spread in his heart, and he did not know what to say. This benefactor had saved his life, and was now accepting him as a disciple so that he could stay here without fear. Such kindness, he could probably never repay it.

And as long as his thoughts drifted to being Ah’Yu’s apprentice, Ling Tian’s heart would throb with unspeakable happiness. Since he was the other’s only disciple, then he should also be a special existence to Ah’Yu, right?

The only dissatisfaction he had at all this was that now, he couldn’t call him Ah’Yu anymore. Instead, he needed to address the other with respect as ‘Master.’

But what this naive and ‘pure as white paper’ Ling Tian did not know, was that in some special occasions, this address of “Master” could actually be more intimate than a nickname, and can bring about a truly unique flavour.

“This one thanks Master.” Ling Tian was very grateful and looked at Su Yu with heartfelt admiration.

Su Yu smiled and nodded, “You are my only disciple, naturally I will take good care of you. Although the ceremony has not been held yet, since you have already called me ‘Master’, then from today on, you will move over and live with me. This way, it will be more convenient for me to teach you.”

“Move in… with Master? Will this not disturb Master?” Ling Tian’s ears silently became very red.

“In Master’s cave, there is only one place to cultivate.” Su Yu glanced calmly at Ling Tian, and then continued with bad intentions, “The place you and I are now sitting on, this is a jade platform for the purpose of cultivation. Everyday, after Master bathes, I sit here to cultivate.”

Ling Tian’s mind instantly brought up the image of his Master slowly walking out of the water, dripping glistening crystal droplets of water, and making his way to this platform to meditate. Those tickling, non-stop water beads, the jet-black hair that would casually fall onto the jade platform, the…

“Ling Tian, are you okay? Are you uncomfortable somewhere?” Su Yu looked at Ling Tian with concern. In his heart though, he was laughing out loud. His lover of this world really was too pure – just a little bit of stimulation and the other would have a burning red face.

Ling Tian regained his senses and then hurriedly shook his head, “No… I’m okay, I’m just… Suddenly it felt a little hot.”

How can I… How can I have such thoughts about Master! I am being so disgraceful! Although his heart continued to admonished himself, Ling Tian’s mind still uncontrollably flashed with some ambiguous pictures from before… This really was a sweet torture for him.

“If it’s nothing, then that’s good. You are still not fully recovered so you must rest well. If there is anything wrong, you must tell Master.” Su Yu looked at Ling Tian, speaking softly. “Your body should have adapted to Master’s spirit bead. Tomorrow I will help you repair your spirit veins, and then you’ll be able to start cultivating again.”

Ling Tian did not dare to look up at Su Yu – he could only bow his head and say quickly, “This disciple understand. Thank you, Master. If Master has no other commands, then this disciple will leave first.”

“Okay, you head back and rest.” Su Yu continued to smile softly. When Ling Tian fled in panic, the expression on his face slowly became playful.

On the next day, when Ling Tian finally adjusted his mood and was able to come see Su Yu again, the news about the Demon Elder accepting an apprentice had already spread throughout the beast demon world. Many beast cultivators were so stunned shocked by the news that they couldn’t even cultivate peacefully.

Demon Elder was accepting a disciple!

The disciple is actually a human of unknown origins!

The blow from this news was akin to that of thunder and lightning. One must understand, in this beast demon cultivation world, the number of little beast demons who wanted to become Yao Zun disciple was more than half the population! However, no matter how much they pleaded, they were all without exception ruthlessly rejected.

Originally, because everyone was rejected, no one felt too disappointed or shamed. But now! That the Demon Elder actually accepted an ordinary mortal was a shocking blow!

Innocent Ling Tian had no idea that without doing anything, he had already become the number 1 enemy of the beast demon world. At this time, many of the little beast demons silently made a pact together.

Two days later, they must go and see for themselves what this stinky mortal (little slut!!) that seduced their Demon Elder away really looked like!

Ling ‘little slut who’s the No 1 public enemy’ Tian knew nothing of all this, and currently had his hands held by Su Yu. Su Yu guided his spiritual energy into his lover’s body, slowly healing the originally completely broken meridians and paths. Under the spiritual nourishment, they were gradually repaired and even became bigger than before.

It’s just that this kind of cultivation also brought bursts of unbearable pain to Ling Tian, the kind that seems to permeate one’s bones. There was no where to hide or shrink away, and Ling Tian felt that he might directly go crazy from the intense pain.

Whoever the hell it was that… that so ruthlessly destroyed his cultivation and broke his meridians, broke his Dantian, if he finds them one day, then he will….

Such thoughts generated one after another, causing Ling Tian immense difficulty in concentrating properly.

“You must calm down, lest you risk creating heart demons.” Su Yu saw that Ling Tian’s forehead was covered in layers of cold sweat, and that the other’s face had completely distorted in distress, and so he gave a soft reminder.

Ling Tian quickly regained control of his thoughts, gritting his teeth in pain. After a full half-hour, the procedure finally finished and the pain of his body gradually subsided. Ling Tian’s clothes were completely drenched in sweat, and his face was terribly pale.

He slowly opened his eyes, but when he went to move his limbs, he found that he could only feel weakness. The next thing he knew, Ling Tian was falling backwards, and nothing he did could stop the descent. Suddenly, he felt a cold hand stabilize him, and then he was pulled into Su Yu’s arms.

“This disciple is being disrespectful.” Ling Tian’s heart jumped, but his words were weak. Just now, all his strength had been consumed and even though he knew it was not appropriate, he could only rest his head weakly on Su Yu’s shoulder.

“No worries,” Su Yu gently dabbed at Ling Tian’s sweat covered brow with his wide sleeves, his voice soft and honest, “The pain of connecting broken paths and meridians is very difficult to bear. Even if it was Master, I would also be pained half to death. Moreover, you had just experienced such serious injuries too.”

Ling Tian looked up but all he could see was Su Yu’s slender and pale neck, and for a moment, he forgot everything else. The pain of his body, his fatigue, all were non-existent. He only saw the beauty before him, and he swallowed uncontrollably, his heartbeat also speeding up. They were so close, if he just raise his head slightly, he could kiss that attractive skin, that taste must be very…

His thoughts were interrupted by Su Yu’s clear voice.

Ling Tian consciously retracted his gaze and hurriedly responded, “Thank you Master for the consolation. Please allow this disciple to rest a moment longer.”

Although the strength of his body had slowly recovered, Ling Tian really did not want to get up. He could not help but become aware of the two layers of thin cloth that separated them, subtly smelling his Master’s faint scent, and felt his own heart throb and pulse stronger and louder with every move.

But he could only fantasize, because after all, this man was his master, his benefactor, and the elder of the beast demon world ah.

With these thoughts, Ling Tian’s heart could not help but well up in despair and unwillingness. He secretly took another deep breath, and then finally slowly sat up straight, “Thank you Master for the help.”

“You’re being too respectful, I am after all your Master, ” Su Yu retracted his hand, smiling. “Your meridians have now been repaired. The Dantian’s damage is irreversible, but as long as my demonic spirit bead is there, then there shouldn’t be a problem. You can start cultivating again.”

“This disciple will cultivate earnestly, Master’s efforts will not be in vain!” When he was reminded that his Master’s precious spirit bead still rested in his body, Ling Tian felt his sense of loss mitigate a little.

Su Yu nodded and then slowly stood up. “In the future, this is where you will cultivate. However, since we just repaired your meridians, you shouldn’t cultivate just yet. Today, you can bathe in Master’s medicinal pond – there will be some benefits to your body.”

Ling Tian’s eyes flashed slightly. That medicinal pond… it should be Master’s private bathing area. Usually, Master would be the only one who was allowed to use it. Ling Tian immediately looked down and nodded, “This one thanks Master very much.”

As Ling Tian shed his clothes and walked into the medicinal pool, his mind suddenly and uncontrollably brought up some unspeakable, amorous pictures, and he felt his body become more and more hot. A certain part of his body also became filled with energy and started rising.

This sudden situation caused Ling Tian to panic, but even though he had lost his memory, this mood and ambiance was still vaguely familiar to him. It’s just that when he was about to place his hand over top, the figure that consumed his thoughts suddenly appeared in front of him.

Ling Tian was so startled by Su Yu’s sudden appearance that some thoughts and physical areas were also scared back.

“Master, you… What are you…” Ling Tian could not even form a complete sentence.

Su Yu only responded with a slight smile. “Master usually bathes at this time everyday. Ling Tian, you wouldn’t mind if Master joins you, right?”

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  1. The cock-awakener is also the cock-blocker. I don’t think I’ve ever read a series where the ML was tormented this much by the MC.

    It’d be interesting if they switched bedroom roles, and the bottom became the top for a little while.

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  2. The teasing continues!!!


    I feel pith for ML who kept having a raging boner because of his wifey’s seductive teasing.

    I can very much relate. It’s kinda like the feeling of being really hungry and a delicious food is right in front of you, but you can’t obtain it.

    RIP, MC’s chrysanthemum and ML’s sense of reason.

    Thank you for the chapter!


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