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Scattering IQ 58a [4.2]

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Chapter 58 Part 1 | Arc 4.

“He’s still in a coma? Then let’s go wake up this prince charming together.” Su Yu tossed his sleeves away from the water mirror and got up, heading for the place where his lover of this world laid.

Although it was the cave dwelling of a demon, the decor inside was very thoughtful and deliberate, not too different from that of a human residence. Especially since a beast elder lived here, it was especially distinguished. Along the cave walls, condensed light orbs lit the way, appearing both luxurious and stylish.

Su Yu stepped leisurely into the cave where the Male Protagonist laid. A small beast demon child who was guarding the door hurriedly bowed respectfully, “This one greets Demon Elder.”

Su Yu flicked his sleeves and delicately walked inside. This cave was rather simple compared to his own chamber, with only a simple table, a mahogany bed, and a white jade platform for cultivation.

At this time, the Male Protagonist was lying on that mahogany bed. Su Yu approached and swept away the curtains of the bed, revealing a pale but handsome-looking face.

“My beloved, I’ve come for you, ” Su Yu – half-sitting and half-leaning on the bed – muttered softly.

As if the unconscious Ling Tian understood this, he frowned and furrowed his brows, gradually showing signs of wakening. Su Yu brushed a white fingertip gently against the other’s brows, smoothing out the wrinkle and at the same time sending a thread of spiritual energy into the other man’s body.

And when Ling Tian finally rid himself of the cloudy fogginess of unconsciousness, he slowly opened his eyes to see an ethereal and yet cold visage staring down at him. At this moment, Ling Tian’s heart inexplicably ached with a strong sense of familiarity. This person… should be someone he knows?

But…… When had he seen the other before?

Ling Tian tried hard to think of the answer to his questions, but it was as it his mind was covered by a thick fog, and he couldn’t think of anything useful at all.

“You’re awake?” Su Yu’s voice was clear and cold, delivering a harsh, awakening knock to Ling Tian’s heart. “Is there any discomfort?”

Ling Tian dazedly shook his head. His mind was blank and he didn’t even know his own name. Normally, this would have been cause for great concern, but with this person by his side, he actually felt very much at ease.

“When I found you earlier, you had been seriously injured. Even the Dantian in your body is…” Su Yu trailed off, slowly retracting his hand. However, his hand was suddenly caught by Ling Tian. Su Yu could not help but jerk slightly, “What’s the matter? Do you have something to say to me?”

“No, nothing.” Ling Tian’s actions scared himself. What was he doing, so boldly grabbing a stranger’s hand?!

Even though he had lost his memory, Ling Tian still subconsciously sensed that this action was very much inconsistent with his personality and sexuality. However, when his eyes landed on that delicate, jade hand wrapped in his palms, he found that he did not want to let go.

Su Yu didn’t spare Ling Tian’s sudden move another thought and instead asked with a slight smile, “Do you know what happened to your Dantian? When I found you, your Dantian had already been destroyed, and your cultivation was completely gone. You seemed so pitiful at the time that I decided to bring you back with me.”

The Original would have guiltily assumed that this man’s tragic end was brought upon by his lightning tribulations, but Su Yu was not like this. It wasn’t his pot, so why should he carry it?

Not only will he not carry this pot, he will also stand on the moral high ground right from the beginning, painting a picture of himself as an altruistic, benevolent saint in the eyes of his lover!

Ling Tian’s eyes fell on Su Yu’s face, all his attention captivated by that smile. With a tiny quirk of his mouth, it was like a refreshing spring rain melted away all the cold ice of winter, revealing a hidden beauty to the delicate looking face. Ling Tian was so intoxicated he could not move his eyes away.

It was just a slight smile, and yet it had such a tremendous effect.

“What’s the matter?” Seeing Ling Tian fail to respond, Su Yu raised his eyebrows.

Ling Tian only regained his senses at this. Holding onto Su Yu’s hand, he slowly sat up and began to think. Although he had no memory of what had happened, his body had already subconsciously begun to feel for his Dantian and cultivation.

After realizing that his cultivation really had disappeared, Ling Tian’s face immediately darkened. When he sensed that in the place of his Dantian now sat something else, Ling Tian instantly looked up in surprise, “Where my Dantian was supposed to be…”

“Ah, you don’t have to worry. That’s my demonic Spirit Bead.” Su Yu smiled, happy to ease Ling Tian’s doubts. Although the Original usually appeared cold and aloof, this was his lover ah – keeping this smile was of no hardship. “When I found you, your body was so badly damaged that no Pills could have healed you. In order to save your life, I had to place my Spirit Bead inside. You can rest assured that this will not cause you any negative side effects.”

Ling Tian’s eyes flashed slightly, but it was not out of concern that this demonic Spirit Bead would harm him. Rather, it was because this individual before him had sacrificed his own Spirit Bead in order to save him!

One must understand, for Beast Demon cultivators, their Spirit Bead was of utmost importance, on par with one’s own life.

Thinking to this, Ling Tian’s heart uncontrollably sped up, and his face became a little red. “I’m not worried about anything, I just… Well, thank you for your life-saving grace. Such a grace, I will definitely do my best to repay.”

“You don’t need to repay me. It’s just, I’m curious. Who are you? And why are you in the realm of beast demons?” Su Yu gave a faint smile and committed the memory of his blushing lover firmly to memory. This pure, naive, side of his lover was very rarely seen ah!

Brought back to the matter at hand, Ling Tian’s mood was suddenly tinged with helplessness, “I’m not trying to hide from you, but I really do not know who I am or what I have experienced before. I can’t even remember my name…”

“So, you have amnesia?” Su Yu’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. Inside his heart though, he could not help but curse, Amnesia ah, what a dog blood cliche!

Ling Tian nodded solemnly. “It probably is so. I’m afraid that these days, I will have to trouble you to take me in. I will forever remember this kindness in my heart.”

“Since I have saved you, then naturally I will not kick you out. You can live here with peace of mind, ” Su Yu generously expressed his thought towards this current situation, casually pulling his hands out of Ling Tian’s grip. “You are still weak so you should rest more. Wait until your body is recovered before you make further plans.”

Ling Tian stared forlornly at his empty hands, and then nodded. “And what should I address you by?”

“I am the elder of the Beast Demon cultivation world. My name is….” Su Yu paused for a dramatic moment, and then slowly stated two words. “Su Yu.”

“Su Yu,” Ling Tian drawled out the two words, savouring them on his tongue. “This is a wonderful name. Can I call you Ah’Yu?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Ling Tian realized that he was being improperly forward. He was about to say take back what he had said when he saw Su Yu’s face show a happy, content smile. “Of course you can.”

Ling Tian’s heart gave a jump, and then a warm feeling spread out to fill his entire body. A extremely refreshing smile made an appearance a moment later. “Ah’Yu.”

Translator: Lone Wolf Translations

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