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Scattering IQ 57a [4.1]

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Chapter 57 Part 1 | Arc 4.

When Su Yu once again accompanied his lover to the end of their lives and sent Gan Qi off while gently holding him and humming a soothing lullaby, he had Round Ball directly transfer him to the system’s personal virtual space.

The first time he had watched his lover die, his body had felt cold. The second time, it was intense heartache. This third time, Su Yu really did not want to analyze his feelings any deeper. Therefore, he had chosen to leave straight away.

“Master Host, don’t be sad. Soon you’ll be able to see him again.” Round Ball floated over to Su Yu’s shoulder and gently comforted.

Su Yu patted the little ball’s head twice and suddenly asked, “Round Ball, in the original world, did Gan Shen and Qin Yiran really live happily ever after?”

After learning of Gan Shen’s previous life experiences, Su Yu had given this considerable thought. Even though Qin Yiran in the original plot did help Gan Shen usurp the crown, and remained loyal to him, was Gan Shen really the type of person to let bygones be bygones? Could he really live happily with Qin Yiran, someone who had previously betrayed him?

Round Ball reacted with bafflement at this question, and then replied somewhat guiltily, “Um, because the [I’m Scattering IQ to the Protagonist] system is designed to cater to the Male Protagonist, the plotline starts when the Male Protagonist appears, and ends when the Male Protagonist dies. Therefore, the plot of the original world ended when Gan Qi was poisoned by Qin Yiran…. I added on the part of them living happily together in order to give the story a nice ending. But I only did it after taking into account the theme and overall flow of the story, and did it to enhance the experience!”

In reaction to Round Ball’s dumb and needless actions, Su Yu only wanted to ‘heh heh’ and scoff at it. “You must have lots of these fairy tales stored in your database, right?”

And that’s why you’re this silly, this naive, thinking that no matter who they are, they could live happily together.

“Master Host you’re so smart! You even guessed this ah, I really adore fairy tales!” Now that the topic was on one of its favourite things, Round Ball’s flashing lights accelerated in speed. “Um… Master Host, what do you think about choosing a fairy tale world next? I think that a fairy tale world would be really interesting.”

“Sorry, I’m not interested. Also, I hope you don’t do these kinds of useless things in the future, because this behavior seems really stupid,” Su Yu relentlessly damaged the little ball’s maiden heart. “For the next world, let’s go to a Xianxia one.” [T/N: (taken from NU) Xianxia is fictional martial art stories where the main goal of the population is cultivating to Immortality, seeking eternal life and the pinnacle of strength. Cultivation path in xianxia involves taoism/daoism elements]

“I… I understand,” Although the little ball felt very wronged and disappointed, it still accepted the reality because it had a good understanding of its host’s preferences. “Master Host, did you choose a Xianxia world because people in there tend to be more mighty and powerful?”

However, Su Yu slowly shook his head. His eyes sparkled with the light of a thousand stars, but the words he uttered were said through gnashed teeth, “I heard that in Xianxia worlds, dual cultivation not only increases one’s power, but it also makes the process comfortable and without the pain afterwards in one’s back and legs, isn’t that right?”

“……” The little ball which had fallen to the ground from its hosts words once again re-evaluated its world views. This life really was too difficult! How could it have this kind of person for a host?!

“What? I’m wrong?” Su Yu gave the little ball a light and dismissive glance as it arduously climbed up from the ground.

“No, no… you’re correct,” Under the intense stimulation from its host, Round Ball began emitting a pink glow. It quickly found a Xianxia world and after glancing at the optional side tasks, it presented everything to Su Yu. “Master Host, you can choose your role now.”

Su Yu glanced at the displayed interface and then his face became full of black lines. The three listed options were:

Option A: A ‘cold on the outside but emotional on the inside’ Fox Spirit.

Option B: A cruel and coldhearted Spider Spirit.

Option C: A greedy and avaricious Toad Spirit.

“……” Su Yu’s eyebrows twitched uncontrollably, and in his heart, a herd of a thousand Round Balls thundered by. “Are you sure this background is that of a mighty and powerful Xianxia world? [T/N: this is a play on the popular phrase ‘A herd of a thousand grass-mud horses thundered by. Look up grass mud horse if you don’t know what that is.]

Round Ball also trembled a little – it really did not know why the corresponding roles of each side task are like this ah! Just as it was about to give an explanation, Su Yu raised his hand and said, “Actually, you’d better not talk. Knowing your IQ, you’ll probably say something like ‘the task is selected by the system after extremely careful calculations based on the background and plot of the mission world. The resulting task is definitely the best choice there is’ or other nonsense like that.”

“……” Round Ball fell silent. It really had been intending to say that.

Once the next world has been selected, it cannot be changed. If it weren’t for the fact that he knew his beloved was waiting for him there, Su Yu really wanted to just give up and go back to his real world.

He looked over the three options multiple times, and finally made a decision with a sense of having lost all hope and love for the world, “The fox spirit with a burning passion inside but cold exterior. Let’s go with that.”

“Okay! Then let’s happily start on the fourth main task!” Round Ball, with a big flourish, transported Su Yu into the next world and brought up the original plotline for Su Yu’s inspection. “Master Host, please take a look!”

Su Yu narrowed his eyes. What kind of trouble would his IQ-lacking beloved be caught up in this time?

In this Xianxia world, cultivation was split into three types. There was Toaist cultivation, Beast Demon cultivation, and Demonic cultivation. At the start of the plot, these three groups appeared to be in a state of peace – at least on the surface.

The plot for this world begins with the Male Protagonist’s first bout of amnesia. That’s correct – in this drama-filled world, the Male Protagonist not only gets amnesia, but he also gets it more than once.

The Male Protagonist, Ling Tian, was the chief disciple of the Qi Sect, one of the leading sects of the Taoist cultivation world.  His natural talent was excellent, and his temper was calm and steady. In but a short 100 years, he had already crossed into the realms of being a late-stage core formation cultivator.

This was testament to his great talent, but just as he was forming his Nascent Soul, he fell under calculations of his junior brother of the same teacher –  Mo Han. Not only did he fail to form a Nascent Soul, his meridians were also destroyed and he fell into the realm of demons.

It was precisely at this crucial moment of the Male Protagonist’s first bout of amnesia that Su Yu’s character made his shiny debut.

Translator: Lone Wolf Translations

Wolf Translator:

Alright – new arc! Argh cultivation. So many new terms. I will be referring to the cultivation stages of this handy chart I found online, since I myself do not understand the stages that well. Also, common forms of address: people will be referred to ‘Senior Brother; Junior Brother, Senior Sister, Junior Sister, etc’ and that is for other disciples in their sect. They aren’t blood related. As more cultivation terms pop up, I’ll add more notes. Wish this wolf luck lol I don’t read many cultivation novels.

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  1. Ah….cultivation novels…authors usually have their own rankings for the power levels so I usually don’t really pay attention to them lol because I read so many…

    MC is a fox demon…? Oh boy, fox demons are really lascivious lol….they’re practically made for dual cultivating, as that’s how they primarily get their energy! In same stories I’ve read they’re like an omega bc of the self lubricating part…! MC probably won’t have to go through all the back pain this world, but ML will probably be even thirstier this world, lol.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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    1. Tos tos… es verdad, los demonios zorros espirituales… encenderé una vela por SY, aunque también puede ocurrir que sea su ML el que sufra y tenga que subir de niveles para, tos tos, alimentar a su amado.

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  2. New arc, good luck Su Yu!
    I was kinda hoping he would choose the spider soul one.. and what kind of stupidity the ML will done today? 🤣
    Thanks for the update wolf translator 🙏

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  3. Time to pray hard to our Wolf translator so they wouldn’t fry their brain with so much cultivation terms.

    Jiayou, Wolf translator!

    Thank you for the chapter!

    I don’t really mind the cultivation theme but the amnesia trope? I freaking dislike them with passion, and not only does the Protag gets amnesia, he also doesn’t stop with just one amnesia! Wow! Identity crisis coming to hit up Protag!


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  4. Yey it’s a cultivation arc!
    Best of luck to Su Yu who needs to give his man some IQ.
    Also, goodluck to Wolf translator for translating this arc 👍 .. terminologies in this genre really makes your headache 😅

    Thank you for the chapter! ❤❤❤

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  5. I’m so hyped for this arc! I generally don’t like cultivation novels, but when our Su Yu is in it I love everything lol! Thank you so so sooo much for translating, I really like reading this novel! Have a nice day!

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  6. Good luck, Wolf! Cultivation arcs often make translators cry… I’ll pray for you!

    Lol…. The MC chickened out and chose the fox. Most of these demonic cultivation arcs feature the MC as a demonic fox, which is, I guess, because they’re so lustful in Chinese myth. It’d totally be awesome if he shook up the odds and chose a toad or spider form, though! That’d be really hilarious.

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  7. It’s really a pity he did not choose the spider option. I mean, fox is common enough, so it would have been really refreshing to see something different~ Ah MC why could you not be a little more adventurous~~

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  8. I’m butting in here, but if you perhaps want an alternative, you can also use senior/junior brother & sister for those under the same master (if you don’t wanna keep them in pinyin)

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    1. I totally forgot that other translators use senior/junior brother and sister. I think that’s what I was thinking of, but I thought it was elder/little!! Thanks for the reminder! Yah I’ll use senior/junior


  9. Ahhhhh it’s really too bad that he didn’t choose spider spirit. Spiders are scary but I’ve never read one in a cultivation novel before! I am feeling very nostalgic because of this arc; cultivation stories are how I got addicted to online novels… Ah, it really takes me back… What am I, a grandpa?

    Thank you for the chapters! ♡ Your translation is excellent.

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  10. Esta compañera cultivadora comprende que para la maestra de secta será difícil, comprender los caminos del Dao, pero no se preocupe, puede contar con sus hermanas mayores y Senior para esta etapa, con la cual alcanzará mayores alturas en el cultivo.

    tos tos tos.. cultivo dual y espíritu de zorro.

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  11. It hasn’t even started and I already pity the ML. I can see MC is playinh his character settings to the max and frustrating the life out of him. Poor guy. 😂😂😂

    Thanks for the chapter!

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